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Best Snow Shovel & Snow Pusher Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best snow shovel? Read on for our full review of all the top options available with Pros & Cons of each one.
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It’s Saturday morning, and you look out at your snow-covered driveway. It’s time to clear the snow and salt the sidewalk before the next round of snowstorms decides to come through and ruin your work.

Clearing snow is a relaxing experience – it allows you to connect your mind with nature as you shovel away. Who are we kidding? – shoveling snow is back-breaking labor, and all of us would rather be doing something else with our time.

Still, it’s a necessity. If you want to get to work on Monday and avoid a lawsuit from someone slipping on your sidewalk, it’s time to clear the snow. There’s no reason to struggle with clearing the snow around your yard this winter.

We’ll let tools make our snow-clearing chores easier. In this review, we’ll look at the best snow shovels.

Our Top Picks

For those homeowners that have to go pick up the kids and don’t have time to get through the entire review, you can rely on our top picks. We went through dozens of models to pick out the best snow shovels for this review. Choose one of the following three models to suit your needs.

Best Pick: Ivation Dual Angle Snow Pusher

Ivation Dual Angle Snow Pusher – Manual Push Plow for Walkways, Sidewalks, Stoops, Decks, Patios & More - Patented Design
  • UNIQUE DUAL PUSH INNOVATION – Patented 2-Sided Pusher Helps You Plow Snow to the Left & Right Sides of Walkways, Alleyways, Sidewalks & Other Narrow Paths
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Perfectly Sized Device Glides Effortlessly Around Tight Turns, Spaces & Edges on Your Property; Stows Discreetly in Shed or on Garage Wall
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE – Custom Crafted Pusher Features a Comfy Hand Grip & Ideal Angle to Avoid Back or Neck Strain; Adjust Length to Suit User’s Height
  • HEAVY DUTY TRACTION – Durable Wheels Easily Maneuver Through Freshly Fallen or Heavy, Wet, Compacted Snow; Made of Tough Material to Last Many Seasons
  • HIGH VOLUME PERFORMANCE – Pioneering Double Plow Design Helps You Handle Large Amounts of Snow Without the Time of Shovels or Hassle of a Snow Blower

This snow shovel is the ultimate in convenience, allowing you to shovel your driveway and sidewalk in minutes effortlessly. Featuring a unique snowplow design with V-blade scoop, you move through the snow without the need to lift and strain to lift the scoop. The ergonomic design and high-volume performance make it our top choice in this review.

Premium Pick: Ivation Snow Pusher Scoop, Shovel with Wheels

Ivation Snow Pusher Scoop, Shovel with Wheels for Driveway, Sidewalk, 25” Extra Large Capacity, Adjustable Heights & Easy Setup
  • SNOW REMOVAL DONE SMART | Manual Pusher Allows You to Quickly & Easily Push, Plow & Scoop Up Snow Without Heavy Lifting or Shoveling | Great for Clearing Driveways, Walkways, Sidewalks, Patios, Decks, Pavers, Stoops & More
  • MAXIMUM SNOW PER PUSH | Oversized Scoop Allows You to Guide & Gather Large Amounts of Snow with Minimal Effort | Lightweight Yet Durable Design Features Wide Opening & Blade with Wear Strip for Long-Lasting Performance Scoop Measurements: L 25” W 23” H 9”
  • HEAVY-DUTY UPRIGHT HANDLE | No More Painful Bending! An Ergonomic Comfort-Grip Handle Sits Up High So You Can Stand Up Straight & Push to Plow | Durable Aluminum Construction for Enhanced Stability & Superior Control
  • SMOOTH SCOOPING ACTION | Let the Scoop Do the Hard Work! Body Glides Effortlessly Across Any Flat Surface Including Concrete & Asphalt| Exert Less Energy When Dealing with Wet Slush & Heavy, Dense, Compacted Snow
  • NO LIFTING NECESSARY! | Traditional Shoveling is Hard on Your Heart & Stressful on Your Lower Back | Now, You Can Plow Away Without Breaking a Sweat | Manual Scoop Also Saves Money on Gas for Snow Blower, Truck Plow, Etc.

The Ivation snow scoop is an excellent choice for shoveling snow and scraping driveways clear of ice. This model comes with pre-installed wheels and ergonomic handles. It easy to move snow around and clear your drive in minutes. The wide cutting deck and easy movement of the tool make it a top choice for homeowners that need to clear large areas.

Runner Up Pick: SnowPlow Shovel Pusher with Wheels

Snow Plow Shovel Pusher with Wheels – Snow Removal Tools for Driveway as a Heavy Duty Wheeled Rolling Snow Pusher to Clear the Snow on Driveway Sidewalk or Slippery Roads Effortlessly
  • ❄️TAKES THE STRESS OFF YOUR BACK, ELIMINATES LIFTING, SAVES TIME, ENERGY AND EFFORT – This snow plow shovel clears away snow up to 5” deep in single pass. Our model of snow pusher with wheels has grooves specially designed that help directing the flow of snow outward and off your clearing path, simple and easy and without the old backaches, being a few times more efficient than traditional snow shovels.
  • ❄️ADJUSTABLE HANDLE HELPS YOU FROM BENDING, BREAKING YOUR BACK FROM LIFTING HEAVY, WET SNOW – This rolling light weighted snow shovel can be adjusted from 45", 48.75", 52.5"or 56" to fit almost every person height and offers you a comfortable hand grip with a handle that is wrapped in soft foam, allowing you to stand upright while shoveling without bending or straining, allowing to move tremendous amount of snow with ease!
  • ❄️HEAVY DUTY TRACTION CLEARS SNOW UP TO 25" WIDE AND UP TO 5” DEEP IN A SINGLE PASS – This perfectly sized universal rolling snow pusher glides easily around tight turns, small spaces and edges in your driveway & sideway with minimum effort, by simply pushing the pusher forward. This telescoping shovel on wheels doesn’t break easy, being extremely durable, made to last many seansons!
  • ❄️EASY INSTALLATION AND STORAGE, REQUIRES SIMPLE ASSEMBLY WITH INCLUDED INSTRUCTIONS – You can easily deposit the collapsible wheeled snowshovel push tool in your shed or garage wall, untill next time use. This snow pusher metal shovel can be assembled in minutes, so you takes the stress off your back and save precious time comparing to classic shovelling!

The sturdy frame, solid treaded rear wheels, and the large scoop make short work of your snowplowing chores this winter.

Snow Shovel Reviews

Ivation Dual Angle Snow Pusher – The Best Overall Snow Shovel

Waking up early to clear the snow off the drive before you go to work is a mission. The hassle of the work involved has you cursing at the white stuff falling from the sky. However, someones got to do the job, and that someone is you.

So, you might as well use the best tool for the job. We looked at dozens of snow shovels when compiling the review, and we feel confident in awarding the Ivation dual-angle snow pusher the title of the best overall snow shovel in this review. The Ivation is the best option for medium to large driveways, where you have to move high volumes of snow.

The patented V-shaped dual plow at the front of the machine clears away the snow, funneling it to the sides as you push.

This compact pusher features an ergonomic handle for comfortable pushing, as well as a cushion grip handlebar. You get high-traction treaded wheels and total control over the machine, thanks to the ergonomic design.

  • Unique V-shaped plow design
  • 6-inch pivot wheels
  • Adjustable handle with ergonomic design
  • High-volume snowplow performance
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Some assembly required

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Ivation Snow Pusher Scoop, Shovel with Wheels – The Best Premium Snow Shovel

Ivation makes it back into our review with the best premium choice for a snow shovel. If you have a large driveway and need the best push-power snow shovel – this model is for you. The Ivation Snow Pusher Scoop allows for high-performance shoveling, without the effort.

The ergonomic design of the shovel allows you to push it effortlessly through the heaviest drifts, removing the snow without putting tension on your back. This model is an excellent choice for clearing driveways, paths, walkways, sidewalks, decks, patios, and any other places around the home.

The pre-installed wheels in the rear of the snow shovel make it easy to push and turn this model, even with a full load. The adjustable handle comes with two height positions, up to 36.5-inches.

The anti-wear strip on the front of the blade ensures long service life and efficient performance for years of use. The upright handle keeps your back straight during the plow, allowing you to avoid the back pains that come with trying to hunch over the tool while working.

This model comes with a smooth scooping action, and there is no lifting necessary with this model. It’s the ideal choice for seniors that don’t have the strength to move heavy snowdrifts around.

  • No lifting necessary with smooth scoop action
  • Upright, adjustable, heavy-duty handle
  • Pre-installed wheels
  • High volume performance
  • Cushioned control bar for user comfort
  • Plastic scoop design might crack

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SnowPlow Shovel Pusher with Wheels – The Best Budget Snow Shovel

A runner up in our tests for the best snow shovel is this model. It’s the ideal balance between performance and value. If you’re looking for a snow shovel with all the performance benefits of a top brand, and a reasonable price tag, this is your go-to model in this review.

This model has a large 25-inch wide scoop at the front of the tool, clearing away snow as deep as 5-inches in one pass. The ergonomic design of the shovel takes the stress out of your knees, hips, and lower back during operation. The upright action means that you reduce operator fatigue and stress your shoulders and upper back when plowing.

The foot of the shovel comes with a razor-sharp polypropylene cutting blade riveted into the edge. This blade allows you to scrape the ice away from your sidewalk, preventing accidents.

The design of the wheel s allows the plow to push away the snow, and the wheels won’t drag it back towards your feet. This model features an adjustable handle, allowing for operating heights of 45″, 48.75″, and 50″. The adjustment is telescopic, allowing you to twist the handle into the right position.

The handle of the plow features a soft, ergonomic grip providing total control over the snowplow during use. The plow is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move and round and simple to store. Assemble and disassemble this tool in minutes, and pack it away for use next season.

It has excellent functionality for the price, and it’s a real win for homeowners with medium to large driveways and sidewalks.

  • The best budget option
  • Great value for money
  • 6-inch pivot wheels
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large front scoop with a scraper
  • Padded handle for user comfort
  • Some assemble required
  • May come with loose bolts that require tightening

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Micbox Snow Shovel

This three-piece manual snow shovel is our top choice for a manual snow shovel with compact design, user-friendly operation, and high-efficiency for moving large amounts of snow. The Mic box comes with a 45-inch adjustable handle. The telescopic design allows you to stretch it out from 34-inches to 46-inches, giving you plenty of leverage for your height.

The high-quality aluminum alloy used in the design and manufacture of the shovel makes for a sturdy tool. The shat locks into the handle and the shovel head using a pin-locking system with spring buckle design.

Whether you’re shoveling snow in your driveway, or from around your campsite, the MicBox is an excellent choice to take with you anywhere you go. The large capacity shovel head lifts large snowfalls out of your way in minutes. At the front of the shovelhead, you have a polypropylene blade to help with scraping.

The ergonomic design of the shovels D-handle is easy to grip. As a result, you have plenty of control over the shaft and the shovel head during use. This shovel is an excellent choice for anyone that needs a shovel for small areas around the home.

It might take you a bit too long to dig out your driveway using this snow shovel. If you’re looking for larger volumes, then we recommend going with a plow instead.

  • An affordable manual option for light snow removal and ice scraping
  • Telescopic handle
  • Deep snow scoop
  • Ergonomic grip on the handle
  • Durable design and materials
  • Manual action requires more work

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IPSXP Folding Emergency Snow Shovel

If you’re going camping or want an emergency shovel for your car, the IPSXP is a good choice. This snow shovel is compact, lightweight, and folds out of the way when you don’t need it. The shovel comes with a stylish carry case for storage in your car. Use it to dig your vehicle out of bogged-down situations or dig out a campfire site.

Weighing less than 2-lbs, the shovel features a unique twist-design on the shaft of the shovel. By rotating the clasp, you loosen the shovel, allowing you to fold it for compact storage. The foldable design and rotatable lock make for user-friendly design, and the aluminum head adds to the lightweight and durable design of this compact snow shovel.

The ergonomic D-shaped grip on the shovel gives you total control over the tool during use, with no chance of it collapsing under your weight. Use this shovel to dig your car out of the snow, or take it to the beach to dig out a camping hole.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • A good choice for camping
  • Sturdy and lightweight, easy to stow
  • A good tool for emergencies
  • Folds up and stores in a pouch in your trunk
  • Manual action requires more work

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Other Best Selling Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
ErgieShovel ERG-SNSH18 18-Inch Impact Resistant Blade Push/Scoop Combination Snow, Polycarbonate Shovel
  • Added handle: allows you to scoop more with less effort while reducing strain on your back
  • Large blade: 18" Blade
  • Lightweight: durable design weighs only 4 lbs
SaleBestseller No. 2
Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel | 18-Inch | Spring Assisted Handle
  • Shovel: made of a durable, impact-resistant blade
  • Handle: the spring-assist handle acts as a fulcrum – changes mechanics of shoveling, reduces strain
  • Easy to use: gives lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease
  • Ergonomic: design improves posture, reduces the need to bend.Handle Length:41.3 inches
  • Material Type: Steel
SaleBestseller No. 1
The Snowplow "the Original Snow Pusher" 36" Wide Model 50536
  • Wide blade shovel: Snow shovel with a 36-inch wide UHMW poly blade to remove snow
  • Comfortable and operational control: Features ergonomic, fiberglass handle with D style grip handle
  • Strong construction: Tuff brace support system provides blade support; Simple bolt-together design
  • Chip packed snow and ice: Flip over to use cutting angle to separate packed snow or chip away at ice
  • Gentle on surfaces: Use on all surfaces, including concrete, blacktop, pavers, decks, roofs and more
Bestseller No. 2
Kapler Rolling Snow Pusher,29" X19" Large Push Snow Shovel with Wheels Driveway, Hand Push Pavement Snow Removal Tool
  • Large Snow Push Area: 30x18 inch snow pusher steel plate area, effectively remove snow, save time and effort, great push snow shovel with wheel driveway or pavement backyard snow remove.
  • Adjustable Handle: The rolling snow pusher handle has 5 gears to adjust, you can adjust the snow shovel push plate angle by turning different gears, find a most comfortable angle for yourself to more easily push the snow shovel with wheels. Snow pusher handle lenghth adjustable as well,you can easily adjust the handle length according to different height requirements.
  • Anti-skid Wheels:10in rolling snow pusher wheels,wear resistant rubber material and snow anti-skid texture. With wheels rolling, easily push snow shovel for snow removal more smoothly and easily.
  • Heavy-duty Materials: The snow pusher plate is made up of galvanized iron sheet, which make the snow shovel heavy-duty and durable without deformation; Wear-resistant adhesive tape is used to contact the ground to prevent scratches, protect the ground and reduce wear, better for push the snow shovel with wheels.
  • Not Just For Snow Remove: The rolling snow pusher can be for driveway or pavement snow movement, airport snow clearing, factory building, yard snow cleaning. The snow shovel with wheels also can be used for shoveling grain in the harvest season

Snow Shovel – Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we’re going to give you everything you need to know about selecting the right snow shovel for your yard. We have the right model to meet your application’s needs, regardless of whether you need a shovel for heavy snowfalls in the northern states or something to keep light snowfalls back this winter.

Read through this buyer’s guide and the FAQ, and you should have a good idea of the right model to suit your yard.

What to Look for in a Snow Shovel?

When choosing the ideal snow shovel for your yard, there are a few factors you need to consider in a prospective model.

There are standard and pusher models, each with different clearing widths, plow designs, and user-action. Here are the top functions and features you need to look for in the best snow shovel.

Snow Shovel Types

There are two types of snow shovels – The traditional manual type looks like a spade with a large payload on the blade. Push types look like mini-snow plows. Both models have different uses and suit various applications, and you need to know which one suits use around your yard.

  • Push Type Snow Shovels – These snow shovels are ideal for clearing areas like your driveway. They clear snow and scrape ice quickly, allowing you to do the driveway and the sidewalk in minutes. However, they aren’t the best choice for digging out large snowfalls around tricky objects, like staircases.
  • Traditional Show Shovels – Traditional snow shovels have a large r head than a regular dirt shovel. You can use the shovel to dig out more specific regions of your yard, like corners and staircases. The tip of the shovel blade should also feature a reinforced tip for easier scraping of ice.


There are different types of handles for snow shovels, depending on whether you choose a traditional or push model.

  • Telescopic handles – These handles feature a twist-lock in the stock of the handle, usually at the mid-point, where you can adjust the length to suit your height. These handles are easy to use and lock together with a twist. This operation makes them user-friendly, but there’s a chance that the efficacy of the twist-locks fades over time. As a result, the lock loses its grip, providing a frustrating shoveling experience.
  • Adjustable handles – Some handles might have a manual adjustment that allows you to lock in the height setting using nuts and bolts. These handles are less convenient to use, but they last longer, and there’s no chance of them slipping out of place – unless you don’t tighten the nuts occasionally.
  • Fixed handles – These handles are the best option for durability. However, they have no customization for height, and they typically don’t have much in the way of ergonomic design either.

Blade Material

When assessing any snow shovel – the blade is the most critical component. You’ll find that most snow shovels have a metal design. However, some push-models feature a plastic “plow” with a metal-lined edge on the bottom jaw.

The metal edge provides efficient clearing action on tar, tiles, and concrete, without snapping or cracking the plow. The plastic plow makes the overall design of the plow lightweight and easy to maneuver around the hard.

Most models feature a replaceable aluminum edge, allowing you to attach a new cutting edge after each season, keeping your equipment ready for the next snowfall.

Steel is sturdier than aluminum, but it weighs considerably more. The more the tool weighs, the faster it will wear you out, and you might not get through the whole job in one session.

Wheels or Casters

Most push-type snow shovels come with casters or pre-installed wheels. Look for models that offer larger diameter wheels with plenty of treads. The tread needs to grip in the snow, producing traction to help you maneuver the shovel.

Blade Size

Stick to the following guidelines when selecting the best blade size for your snow shovel. We recommend you follow these guidelines for choosing the shovel-width of the blade.

  • 18-inch – The largest width of the shovel blade, reducing the strain on your back. Use a shovel with a square nose for scraping—ideal for small homes and clusters.
  • 24-inch – The best shovel blade option for manual use. Large shoveling width is useful for moving snow quickly.
  • 30-inch – This model suits pushing snow shovels for large driveways, paths, and sidewalks. Look for models with large wheels featuring plenty of tread for traction.


The weight of the shovel makes a significant difference when it comes to operator fatigue. It could take you up to 30-minutes to shovel and scrape your drive and sidewalks. That’s a considerable workout, especially if it’s cold outside.

The weight of the tool combined with the snow, can drain your muscles dry in a matter of minutes, especially if you’re not feeling up to the task.

Therefore, stick to a lightweight tool and fits fell in your hands. Ergonomic design can help you leverage more weight with the shovel, without putting out your back.


The capacity of your snow shovel plays a deciding role in how much snow you can move with each pass. Larger snow shovels featuring bigger capacities can move more snow.

However, more snow means more weight, and you must ensure that you have the strength to handle the shovel when fully loaded.

Manufacturing Materials

Most snow shovels feature aluminum frames with plastic handles and plows or shovelheads. These lightweight materials reduce operator fatigue when digging out the cars or clearing the driveway.

Aluminum frames also provide excellent strength, and you don’t have to worry about overloading the tool’s capacity.

Frame Design

An ergonomic frame design on a traditional-style snow shovel can reduce operator fatigue. Models that offer a curved design give you more leverage over the snow, allowing you to move more with each load.

Choose a frame that suits your height. Push-style snow shovels have adjustable handles, allowing you to customize your setup.

Snow Shovels FAQ

What happens if you don’t clear the snow around your home?

In most states that have snow in the wintertime, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the sidewalk and driveway. If someone slips and falls on your sidewalk, they could end up suing you for negligence.

When do I salt my driveway?

You can put down rock salt directly after plowing and clearing your driveway and sidewalk. Leaving salt on fresh snow won’t do anything to melt it. If you live in regions of the United States that experience temperatures under 15-degrees, consider using a synthetic chemical salt.

What’s the best technique for shoveling snow?

Always remember to lift with your legs and not your back when shoveling snow manually. Lifting with your back can herniate a disc and leave you on the couch for the rest of the winter. An excellent residential snowplow will allow you to move more snow, without throwing out your back.

How do I choose the right snow shovel for my property?

First, choose a shovel that matches the snowfall in your area. Next, look at the size of your driveway and sidewalk, and then ask yourself if you need multi-0fiunctional capability out of the tool. Choose a shovel that matches your height and strength requirements, as well as your budget.


If you’re having some trouble with selecting the best snow shovel for your application, why not rely on our top choices?

The Ivation dual-angle snowplow is a great option for homeowners that want to clear large volumes of snow fast. The unique v-shaped design of the plow moves more snow, without the need to empty the plow.

The Ivation Snowpusher model is another excellent choice for homeowners looking to move large volumes of snow from the driveway and sidewalks. This plow is easy to work with, with ergonomic handles and no-lift functionality. The pre-installed wheels make it easy to move around the yard.

The Snow Plow shovel pusher wins our top spot for the best budget model in this review, and it’s a solid value buy for homeowners. This shovel is kind on your back and your bank account.


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