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Best Roof Rake for Snow Removal Reviews: Complete Guide

Are you looking for the best roof rake to remove the snow from your roof? Read on for our reviews of the top options available with Pros & Cons.
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You wake up on a Sunday morning to a beautiful winter landscape. It snowed last night, and there must be at least a three to four-foot drift lying on your lawn, trees, and shrubs around your yard. It’s a picturesque scene, but you know that there’s more to the story.

All that snowfall landed on your roof as well. There’s probably a few hundred pounds of pressure on your roof, destabilizing the structure. Most roofs have the design and strength to hold a few thousand pounds of snow, but eventually, they’ll give out, and the snow will collapse the structure.

Leaving snow on your roof becomes an issue. Ice dams start forming around your gutters and damage the roof. To stop all these issues, you need to start shoveling the snow from your roof. However, it’s not like you can climb on the roof with a regular shovel and begin removing the snow.

It would help if you had a specialized snow rake for your roof that lets you work from ground level to remove the powder. With a snow rake, you can remove the snow quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of roof collapse and ice dam formation.

In this review, we’ll look at the best roof rake for snow removal.

Our Top Picks

Right now, you might have other chores to do around the house or yard. If you don’t have the time to go through all the models in this review, you can rely on our top picks for your choice. We have a model available for every application and household budget.

Best Pick: Avalanche! Original 500 Snow Roof Rake

Snow Roof Rake by Avalanche! Original 750 with Slide Material: Easy Snow Removal for Metal, Cedar Shake, Tile, Architectural Shingled Roofs and Solar Panels. 17 Inch Wide, 16 Feet Long, 3 Inch Wheels
  • LESS TIME & LESS STRENUOUS THAN STANDARD SNOW ROOF RAKES- Avalanche! snow removal systems require 1/3 the amount of time to clear off snow and are less strenuous on the body, when compared to traditional snow roof rakes. Gently push the pole up your roof and watch heavy snow slide down the blue snow slide with the help of gravity. It's like a slip and slide for the snow.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED - JUST SNAP PARTS TOGETHER AND WATCH SNOW SLIDE OFF YOUR ROOF: Snap together assembly is fast and efficient so that you can start removing snow from your roof right away. Easy to store and use year after year.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SNOW ROOF RAKE REMOVES HEAVY SNOW FROM ROOF AND IS EASY TO USE: Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake Systems are lightweight at roughly 10 pounds, and are designed for anyone to use. Avalanche! products are PROUDLY MADE IN USA!
  • PREVENTS ICE DAMS FROM FORMING AND PREVENTS DAMAGE TO ROOF AND HOME: Regular removal of snow from your roof after snow storms prevents ice dams from forming on the edge of your roof. It is recommended to clear the first 4-8 feet of your roof to prevent ice daming problems, preventing damage to your shingles and house.
  • DESIGNED FOR METAL OR TILE ROOFS, CEDAR SHAKE OR ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLED ROOFS, OR SOLAR PANELS: The Original 750 is designed with 3-inch wheels to gently and safely remove heavy snow while protecting your metal, tile, cedar shake or architectural shingles, and solar panel roof designs.

Featuring patented “shingle-saver” technology, the Avalanche! Original 500 wins our award for the top roof rake for snow in this review. The blade will never touch the roof’s surface, ensuring you never scrape off anything but snow.

Premium Pick: MinnSnowta Dynamo Razor Roof Snow Rake

MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Roof Rake Snow Rake
  • The easiest, fastest and safest way to remove problem roof snow all while standing on the ground.

If you’re looking for the best heavy-duty roof rake for snow, this model is your top choice. It’s somewhat expensive, but if you want your roof done in the fastest possible way, this rake offers you the high-volume performance you can’t beat.

Budget Pick: Garant GPRR24U Yukon Snow Roof Rake 24-Inch Poly Blade

Garant GPRR24 Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake
  • 24-inch blade
  • Polyethylene blade wont damage roof top
  • Wide angled head for easy snow removal
  • 3 sections of 5-feet ultra-light aluminum handles
  • Anti-slip grip

This model features a poly-blade with a 24-inch cutting width. It’s the best budget option in this review and an excellent balance between quality and affordability. The telescopic handles feature five adjustable settings and a wide-angle head for easier snow removal.

Roof Rake Reviews

Avalanche! Original 500 Snow Roof Rake – The Best Overall Roof Rake for Snow

The Avalanche! Original 500 is our top choice for the best snow roof rake in this review. If the snow was heavy last night, and you have to stop those ice dams from forming – use this model.

The Avalanche! Original 500 features lightweight and portable design that helps you remove the snow from your roof without much effort. The 1.5-inch wheels navigate the rake over your roof shingles, preventing any damage.

Weighing only 9-pounds, and featuring ergonomic design, the Avalanche! Original 500 snow rake is easy to use and comes with easy assembly. The 20-foot length of the rake makes it suitable for most homes, without the need to use a ladder.

  • A 20-foot reach with four easy-snap sections
  • The aluminum blade won’t damage your shingles
  • 24-inch clearance with a single pass
  • The shave rollers prevent the cutting blade from touching your roof
  • Lightweight for reduced operator fatigue during use
  • Comes with a conditional lifetime guarantee
  • Vinyl grips for additional stability
  • The rake feels flimsy at the full extension when raking the snow

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MinnSnowta Dynamo Razor Roof Snow Rake – The Best Premium Roof Rake for Snow

If you’re looking for the best snow roof rake available, the MinnSnowta Dynamo Razor Roof Snow Rake is the best option. This rake has an extended reach of 24-feet.

The extendable systems feel sturdy, even when the entire rake stretches out to its limit. You still have plenty of control from the ground, and there’s no need to use a ladder. There’s almost no sag in the shaft when fully extended, and it won’t dislodge any shingles.

This model is an expensive and heavy snow rake, but it’s the best choice for regions of the United States that experience heavy snowfalls.

The frame of this model features design and construction with aircraft-grade aluminum. The sturdy materials ensure that the rake doesn’t flex when you extend it, and you can get to the ridgeline of the roof with ease.

The cutting blade on this model clears 2-feet of width with each pass, making it the highest capacity snow rake in this review. It’s our choice for the best premium model if you have the budget. The MinnSnowta Dynamo Razor Roof Snow Rake is a good choice for contractors that need a rake that lasts for years.

  • Featuring design and construction with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Poly-wheels protect roof shingles from the cutting blade
  • The thick blade cuts through snow effortlessly
  • The 24-foot cutting range makes it easy to clean your roof without the need for a ladder
  • Can deal with the deepest snowfalls
  • An excellent choice for contractors
  • Premium price

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Garant GPRR24U Yukon Snow Roof Rake 24-Inch Poly Blade – The Best Budget Roof Rake for Snow

The Garant GPRR24U is a lightweight rake system and extremely easy to handle. You get a 24-inch clearing width thanks to the durable polyethylene blade. The handle comes in three, five-foot telescopic sections, stretching for a maximum distance of 16-inches.

The Garant GPRR24U has the shortest clearing range on this list. However, it’s a good choice for smaller cluster homes and townhouses, where the distance from the ridge to the eaves is shorter than other larger homes. It’s also a good choice for houses with lower-hanging roofs, like A-frames and cabins.

The anti-slip grip on the handle ensures you always have complete control over this tool. The Garant oval-handle system ensures less sag between the sections. We like the multi-push button release and lock for the telescopic system, with the convenience being a nice touch.

The head of this scraper features a durable polyethylene rake dish with two struts on either side for additional support. This model is a good choice for assisting with the clearing of snow and ice from your gutters.

There are some reports that the kit comes with missing assembly pins. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in most instances, and Amazon offers you a money-back guarantee on the rake if you receive and unfulfilled kit.

  • The best budget option for homeowners this winter
  • Polyethylene blade ensures no damage to your roof
  • Easy snow removal with wide-angle head
  • Telescoping blade with several extensions to 16-feet
  • Aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable
  • 24-inch cutting blade makes short work of clearing snow from your roof
  • The 16-foot cutting length might be a bit short for some roofs

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Midwest Rake 96022

If you’re looking for a no-frills roof rake for your home, then the Midwest is the ideal model. This rake comes with three manually-assembled sections, featuring pin-locking adjustments. The three lengths snap together to give you a total length of 16-feet for this rake.

At the head of the rake, you have a polyethylene scraping blade, with enough room to help you clean snow out of the gutters. The galvanized steel frame of this model is somewhat weather resistant. While this model is the cheapest in this review, we think the Garant is the best budget option because it has better features for a few bucks.

However, if you’re looking for a roof rake at a rock bottom price, you’re not going to do much better than this Midwest model. The aluminum body of this rake weighs less than 6-pounds, making it easy to maneuver. However, the lack of grip in the hands makes it challenging to control in some situations.

  • Weather-resistant sturdy aluminum blade
  • Telescoping handle reaches up to 16-feet
  • 22-inch cutting width
  • Ergonomic non-slip grip for improved control over the rake
  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for cluster homes and townhouses
  • The 16-foot length might be too short for some homes

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True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

This True Temper snow rake makes our list as the final contender for the best snow roof rake. This model is almost identical to the Garant rake we looked at in the best budget model in this review. This rake also features a telescopic handle, using button-operated locking systems to extend the three 5-foot sections of this model.

AMES Inc Uses a plastic collection dish to scoop out snow from your gutters, and the re-enforced scraping strip at the bottom is good for scraping ice and stopping the formation of ice dams in your gutters.

The 24-inch wide cutting width on the blade is a good choice for townhouse and smaller clusters. Larger homes may need a rake with 20-inches of length or more.

You get a poly-grip handle that allows you to control the rake at all angles, ensuring that you can scrape in corners. The end grip also features a hole for hanging and easy storage off the floor in your garage

  • Lightweight poly blade for reduced operator fatigue
  • Wear strip included on blade for extended service life
  • The poly grip handle features a hole for easy storage
  • Non-slip handle for improved control when clearing
  • Push-button telescopic handle
  • 17-foot handle length
  • The design of the rake feels a bit flimsy when fully extended

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
Extreme Max 5600.3207 Shingle-Saver 21' Roof Snow Rake with 24" Blade
  • Angled blade offers more use in less space and is effective on low pitched roofs and two-story houses
  • 21' reach with 7" x 24" blade provides superior snow removal
  • Blade rollers protect your shingles while still providing a close shave
  • Lightweight aluminum makes it easy to maneuver and corrosion resistant
  • Easy snap-button handle assembly and disassembly
Bestseller No. 2
Ohuhu 21 FT Adjustable Telescoping Snow Roof Rake, Twist-N-Lock Snow Rake for Roof with 6" X 25" Poly Blade, Snow Shovel for Cleaning Roof Snow, Blue
  • Extendable Snow Shovel: Remove snow, wet leaves and other debris from your roof with your feet still standing safely on solid ground, so you won’t have to risk crawling on the roof and injuring yourself or having moments where the snow comes crashing down on you
  • Telescopic Structure: Boasts an innovative Twist-n-Lock telescoping pole that easily adjusts to a whopping 21 feet for even greater overhead reach
  • Lightweight and Solid: At only 4.8lbs, this Ohuhu roof snow rake is both and lightweight, meaning you won’t need wrestler arms to keep your home looking at its best
  • Large Poly Blade: Measuring 6*25 inches, it scoops away sizeable amount of snow at each shove, so you can get cleanup done in no time at all
  • Non-slip Pole: The anti-skid pole keeps you safe and sound when clearing away the snow
Bestseller No. 3
Garant GPRR24 Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake
  • 24-inch blade
  • Polyethylene blade wont damage roof top
  • Wide angled head for easy snow removal
  • 3 sections of 5-feet ultra-light aluminum handles
  • Anti-slip grip

Roof Rake Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we’ll go over everything you need to know about selecting the right snow rake for your roof. Here’s what you need to Look for in a Roof Rake.

Ergonomic Design

The design of your roof rake is the most crucial aspect of the package. When looking for a roof rake, make sure you opt for a model that features an ergonomic design.

Ergonomic design allows for the better movement of your body when using the tool. The ergonomic design helps to relive operator strain and effort when using the tool.

Rake Sizing

The snow roof rake you need for your home depends on the size of your roof. To get the right sizing for your rake, use a tape measure to get the distance from the ridgeline of the roof to the eaves by the gutter. The rake should cover that distance at a minimum.

Most single-family homes will suit a rake between 16 to 18-feet in length. You’ll need to ensure that the rake has a sturdy frame. The longer the rake gets, the harder it is to control. A sturdy frame gives you more control over your raking and less room for error.

The blade width of the rake also plays a significant role in the clearing of your roof. The wider the rake blade, the more snow it clears with a single pass.

Rake Handles

  • Straight handles – These handles are challenging to work with, with no ergonomic functionality.
  • Bending handles – These handles are useful on models that need to get into tight corners on the roof.
  • Telescopic handles – Telescopic handles allow you to twist a ring-lock on the shaft and extend the handle further. Some telescopic designs can go from 6 to 24-feet. Other models extend with the push of a button on the shaft.

Design and Materials

The rake design should feature a solid frame that doesn’t maneuver or sway when at full extension. Cheaper models have weaker frames and don’t move well at full extension, making your chores both frustrating and dangerous.

Weather Resistance and Service Life

Check that your snow rake comes with design and manufacture with premium materials. We recommend looking for a model with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. This frame is both durable and weather-resistant, giving you a long service life.

There’s no chance of corrosion with this material, and the frame will last for years. The cutting blade on the tool typically features a design with polyethylene blades, allowing them to cut through the snow without sticking.

Casters, Wheels, and Rollers

These components are vital for the successful operation of the snow rake. The caster must be big enough to maneuver over the edges of the shingles or tiles on your roof, without sticking.

Look for models that come with tread to provide better traction moving the tool up and down the roof. The wheels ensure that the cutting blade doesn’t touch any of your shingles or tiles, resulting in damage to your roof.


Most snow rakes come with a one or two-year warranty from the manufacturer. However, this warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear on the tool. The warranty will only cover defects.

Therefore, the chances are that a warranty will be useful for components like the cutting head and rails. It’s important to remember that the manufacturer will only replace your snow rake if they think its due to defect, not fair use or abuse.


Snow rakes can range in price, with a rake costing anywhere between $30 to $200, depending on the model and brand. However, we selected snow roof rakes that are excellent value for money.

All the rakes in the review have excellent functionality and an affordable price tag. When setting your budget for your roof rake, make sure you consider the size and needs of your roof.

Safety Tips for Using a Rake

  • Assess the needs of your roof in the fall before the winter, and the first snowfalls arrive
  • Get a measuring tape and measure the length of the leaning side of the roof from the ridge to the eaves.
  • Use this measurement to find the right length of a snow roof rake to suit your home.
  • After deciding on the right snow rake, finalize your purchase.
  • Before the winter arrives, arrange for a roof inspection with a local roofing company in your area.
  • The inspector will assess your roof for any unseen damage and make recommendations for repairs or restorations.
  • If your roof is in good condition, there will be little chance for malfunction of the snow rake.
  • Wear heavy boots and gloves to stay warm when raking.
  • Tell someone what you are doing, there’s always a chance a drift from the roof could catch you by surprise, trapping you underneath.
  • Never stand on your roof and rake and avoid using a ladder. Rake from the ground and get a tool with a length long enough to reach the ridge of the roof.
  • Remove a few feet of snow at a time. This strategy is kinder on flowers under the roof eaves, and it ensures that you don’t end up under a big pile of snow.
  • When pulling down big slabs of ice, make sure you understand what is underneath and around the area where it will fall.
  • Know where any external cables are on your roof and avoid tangling the tool with these lines.

Roof Rakes FAQ

Do You have a few questions about why you need a snow rake and how to use it? Check out this FAQ for more information on your new roof snow rake.

When do I rake snow off my roof?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend removing the snow after it reaches five to six inches thick. To prevent ice dams, we recommend a maximum thickness of 5-inches of snow on your roof. Use your snow rake to keep the roof clear throughout the winter snow season.

What snow weight can a 4/12 pitch-roof hold?

Most roofs for single-family homes can accommodate snowfalls of around 200-pounds per square foot. That equates to approximately four feet of snow on your roof. Leaving it to get heavier than that will result in structural damage to the roof.

How do you stop ice dams?

You stop an ice dam from growing by eliminating its “fuel source.” In this case, the fuel source is the snow building up on your roof. By keeping your roof clear of snow, you have less risk of ice dam formation.

If icicles are forming, is it a sign of poor insulation?

Yes. In most cases, the heat loss is coming from poor insulation in the attic. The heat escapes and melts the snow on the roof, causing problems like ice dams to develop in your gutters.


By now, you should have a good idea of the best roof rake for snow removal to suit your home. Make sure you know the length of your roof, and match it to the right snow rake, or you’ll end up having to use a ladder when clearing.

If you’re battling with choosing the best snow rake for your roof, why not rely on our top picks? We have a model to suit every application.

If you want the best overall package in a snow rake, buy the Garelick 89421 Aluminum Snow Roof Rake. This model has plenty of length for clearing snowdrifts on your roof. It won’t damage shingles, and the patented shaver gives your roof the closest snow cut possible.

Contractors or homeowners with large roofs and heavy snowfalls will love this model. The MinnSnowta Dynamo Razor Roof Snow Rake is our top pick for a premium model, and it’s easy to see why. The long clearance and wide clearing width make this model a top choice for the pros and the largest homes.

Those homeowners looking for the best budget model in this review can rely on the Garant GPRR24U Yukon Snow Roof Rake. This model comes with a 24-Inch Poly-blade and telescopic handle. It’s a good choice for any homeowner on a budget that wants a reliable snow roof rake.


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