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Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best lawn sweeper? Read on for our full reviews of all the top options available with Pros & Cons.
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It’s Saturday morning, and the weather is fine. The sun’s starting to heat up, lighting up your yard. It’s the middle of the fall, and there are leaves all over your lawn, creating a red and gold blanket that’s beautiful in the morning light.

However, you’re going to have to pick up all that mess eventually. Pull the rake out of the garage, and you’ll finish the job in an hour or two – what a great way to start the weekend. If you want to make your sweeping chores easier around the yard, you need to get your hands on a lawn sweeper.

Think of a lawn sweeper like an automated rake. It’s a yard tool that looks sort of like a lawnmower. However, instead of cutting your grass, it collects debris off your lawn. There’s no more need for a rake or a broom around your yard. With a lawn sweeper, you get the ultimate clean-up tool for grass, the patio, walkways around the house, and driveway.

The lawn sweeper is a handy tool to have around, and it can save you hours of back-breaking labor sweeping your yard each week. Why go to the hassle of sweeping and raking your lawn when you can get a tool that helps you with the task?

In this post, we’ll review the best lawn sweeper models, and give you our advice on the best lawn sweeper for your yard.

Our Top Picks


If you want to get started in the garden as soon as possible and don’t have the time to read through the entire review, we made things easy for you. Here are our top three picks for the best lawn sweeper. Each of these models has a unique point that makes it suitable for the size of your yard and your budget.

The Best Overall Lawn Sweeper – Sun Joe AJ801E

Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher w/Collection Bag, Green
  • Powerful: 12-amp motor rakes a 13" wide path to get your job done faster
  • Adjustable deck: tailor raking depth with 5-position depth control
  • Scarified: use the Scarified function to cut grass roots for thicker growth, healthier lawns
  • Air boost technology: spring Steel tines for maximum thatch pickup
  • Accessories: detachable thatch collection bag for easy disposal

Sun Joe makes some of the best home maintenance products available. This lawn sweeper model is a great option and the winner of the best overall lawn sweeper in this review. If you want a reliable machine that leaves your lawn clean, this model is our top choice.

The 12-amp motor has plenty of power, a 13-inch sweeping deck, and adjustable 5-position height control. There are a detachable thatching bag and a scarifying function for dethatching your lawn.

The Best Premium Lawn Sweeper – Agri-Fab 45-0320

Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper,Black
  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 67.0" x 51.0" x 24.0" | Wheel Dimensions: 11.0" x 2.5" | Weight: 68 lbs
  • HOPPER SIZE: 12 cu ft. hopper capacity
  • BRUSH to WHEEL RATIO: 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel wheel turning ratio
  • ASSEMBLY: Quick and easy assembly; a video instruction guide is available to assist with the assembly process
  • DUMPING: Empty the hopper from the seat of your tractor

If you’re a professional landscaper or estate manager, this model offers you the best tow-hitch lawn sweeper. This model suits the largest lawns, clearing them in a fraction of the time it takes to sweep or rake a large property.

This model attaches to the tow hitch on your tractor or ATV, giving you a 12-cubic-foot hopper, with plenty of capacity. It comes with an easy dump release so you can empty it without dismounting your vehicle. This model is the best choice for regular maintenance on large lawns.

The Best Budget Lawn Sweeper – Scotts LSW70026S

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, with 3.6 Bushel Rear Collection Bag
  • Scotts Lawn Sweeper with 26" sweeping width
  • Push sweeper with spinning rake-like action to clean your lawn, patio, yard, sidewalk, and driveway
  • Tow-behind sweeper that is lightweight, maneuverable and easy to use with 80% pick up on the first pass; Durable steel handle with scratch-resistant coating
  • Leaf collecting lawn sweeper with height adjustment to effectively collect more debris in various surfaces; Push mower bag is made of durable fabric
  • Push lawn rake is not ideal for collecting rocks, nuts, pinecones, or wet debris

If you’re looking for the best budget buy in this review, then we recommend the Scotts model. This lawn sweeper has plenty of functionality at an affordable price. The Scotts lawn sweeper features a spinning, rake-like action, brushing the debris from your lawn into the collection bag.

The impressive 26-inch sweeping deck is height adjustable and user-friendly. This lawn sweeper offers the best value in this review.

Lawn Sweeper Reviews

Sun Joe AJ801E – The Best Overall Lawn Sweeper

The Sun Joe wins our award for the best overall lawn sweeper in this review. With this model, you get a 12-amp motor powering your sweeper, with a 12.6-inch sweeping width and 5-hight adjustment settings.

With the Sun Joe, you get dual-functionality from your sweeper, with the built-in scarifying bar. This part of the machine features tines that maximize thatch collection, featuring spring steel construction for extra durability and long service life.

You also get an instant start function, allowing you to start the sweeper at the touch of the button. There are no cords to pull-start or carburetor to flood, trying to turn over the motor. This model is easy to move around, and an excellent choice for small to medium-size gardens, you get a sweeping width that makes it easy to get into tight areas in the yard, without damaging flowerbeds.

This lawn sweeper comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Electric operation with a powerful 12-amp motor
  • Adjustable sweeping deck height
  • Scarifying function for dethatching
  • Air-boost technology
  • 13-inch cutting deck
  • Scarifying option adds to the cost of the machine

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Agri-Fab 45-0320 – The Best Premium Lawn Sweeper

If you’re a contractor looking for the best premium model tow-behind lawn sweeper, we recommend the Agri-Fab 45-0320. This model features a 12-cubic foot hopper capacity, allowing for large collections. It hooks up to the tow bar of your ATV or tractor, with quick and easy assembly.

You get large, 11-inch air-filled tires, and adjustable height settings for the sweeping deck. The 42-inch sweeping deck is ideal for large estates and properties. The four brushes offer efficient operation, with a dumping rope to help you offload without getting up from your seat.

  • Tow-behind action
  • Large hopper capacity
  • Rubber tires with plenty of traction
  • Suitable for the largest estates
  • Universal tow hitch
  • Easy dumping
  • 3-year warranty
  • More expensive than push versions

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Scotts LSW70026S – The Best Budget Lawn Sweeper

The Scotts lawn sweeper is one of our favorites in this review. If you’re a homeowner looking for an affordable and functional machine, we recommend the Scotts lawn sweeper. This model features a wide 26-inch sweeping deck, making it suitable for clearing medium-sized to large gardens.

The Scotts lawn sweeper features a spinning rake-like action, with a lightweight plastic body and wheels. You get a large collection bag, and this model collects 80% of lawn debris in a single pass.

The adjustable handle gives you customization to your height to reduce fatigue, and the large collection bag ensures you don’t have to keep going to the compost heap to offload. This model comes with height adjustment for the sweeping deck.

This model offers an excellent balance of performance and affordability, making it the best budget model in this review.

  • Suitable for medium to large lawns
  • Push operation with large wheels for easy movement
  • Large collection bag
  • Adjustable sweeping deck height
  • 80% pickup rate on the first pass
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • The manual operation could be easier with electric fitting

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Agri-Fab 45-0218

The 26-inch sweeping deck on this model makes it a solid competitor to the Scotts lawn sweeper. You get a 4.5:1 push ratio for the tines, making for easy collection with an 80% collection rate on the first pass.

You get a 7-cubic foot hopper bag included, and five adjustable height settings for the sweeping deck. The Agri-fab comes with an easy dump lever for the hopper, and you get four sweeping brushes for efficient operation.

  • Suitable for the largest backyards
  • 7-cubic-foot hopper bag
  • Large 9.75-inch plastic wheels with tread
  • 4.5:1 brush to wheel ratio
  • Adjustable height cutting deck
  • Large collection bag
  • Manual operation

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Earthwise LSW70021

The Earthwise lawn sweeper is a great choice for medium-sized gardens. This model Has a 21-inch sweeping deck, with spinning rake-like action. The lightweight body is easy to move, and the sweeper folds up for easy hanging storage that’s out of the way.

You get a steel handle with adjustable length and adjustable sweeping deck height. The Earthwise is affordable and great value for money.

  • Affordable price point
  • Large collection bag
  • Large 21-inch sweeping width
  • Spinning rake action
  • Large collection bag
  • Adjustable sweeping deck height
  • 80% pickup rate on the first pass
  • Manual operation

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Karcher Sweeper Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best sweeper for your driveway or paths around the home, we recommend this model by Karcher. Karcher makes some of the best pressure washers, and the brand’s reputation delivers with this sweeper.

This sweeper operates at speeds up to 5X faster than sweeping with a traditional broom. You push it along effortlessly, and it cleans up the debris from your driveway, porch, or walkways.

The 4.2-gallon onboard waste container is easy to remove and empty for fast disposal of debris like leaves, twigs, and pebbles.

  • A good choice for driveways, porches, and paths around the home.
  • Karcher is a top brand for home DIY equipment
  • Cleans up 5X faster than using a broom (19,000-sq-ft per hour)
  • Easy push with a collapsible handle
  • 4.2-gallon onboard waste container
  • Easy disposal
  • Not the best choice for sweeping grass

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Hoover L1405 SpinSweep

The Hoover is the runner-up to the Karcher model in our review on the best driveway and path sweeper for your home.

This model is the better choice for double-driveways, large porches and patios, and walkways around the home. This model comes with a powerful sweeping head and a 6.6-gallon onboard debris collection bin.

The ergonomic handles on the Hoover and adjustable height settings for the sweeping deck give you total control over the machine for a user-friendly operating experience.

  • Large 6.6-gallon collection bin onboard
  • Easy dumping
  • Suitable for cleaning driveways, paths, and porches around the home
  • Easy sweeping action
  • Not the best choice for sweeping grass

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Other Best Selling Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch
  • Your purchase includes One Agri-Fab 44-Inch Lawn Sweeper, 45-0492 model
  • Lawn Sweeper dimensions: 78” L x 55” W x 52” H | Carton Dimensions: 54.1” L x 18” W x 19.5” H | Brush to Wheel ratio: 5.6:1 | Hooper Capacity: 25 Cu. Ft. | Wheel dimensions: 12” x 3” | Wheel type: Semi-pneumatic | Pallet Qty.: 8 | Weight: 95 lbs
  • Height adjustment lever with easy to use indicator will never slip and assures optimum performance
  • Improved dump lever can operate without leaving the tractor seat. Entire sweeper folds up without tools saving on storage space
  • Brushes should only move during forward rotation. If brushes rotate in both directions, means that the drive pin is jamming the ratchet gear. Disassemble and make sure drive Pin moves freely
SaleBestseller No. 2
Agri-Fab Inc 45-0546 52" Lawn Sweeper, Black
  • Versatile, easily and quickly attaches to all brands of tractors
  • Infinite brush height adjustment
  • (6) 10" diameter brushes
  • Extra-large flow through hopper bag
SaleBestseller No. 3
Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper,Black
  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 67.0" x 51.0" x 24.0" | Wheel Dimensions: 11.0" x 2.5" | Weight: 68 lbs
  • HOPPER SIZE: 12 cu ft. hopper capacity
  • BRUSH to WHEEL RATIO: 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel wheel turning ratio
  • ASSEMBLY: Quick and easy assembly; a video instruction guide is available to assist with the assembly process
  • DUMPING: Empty the hopper from the seat of your tractor
SaleBestseller No. 4
Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, 26 Inches, Black
  • Hopper bag: 7 cu. Ft. Capacity; collapsible hopper bag for easy storage
  • WHEELS: 9. 75" x 2. 25" plastic wheels
  • Assembly: some assembly required; a video instruction Guide is available to assist with the assembly process
  • Brush: wheel ratio: 4. 5 to 1 Brush to wheel ratio
  • Height adjustment: easy to use brush height adjustment
Bestseller No. 5
Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper, Width, Black
  • 21" brush width yard sweeper
  • Leaf Sweeper with spinning rake-like action
  • Sturdy and lightweight push leaf sweeper with grass catcher design with superb maneuverability
  • Adjustable leaf sweeper rake height for easy and efficient collection of debris
  • Leaf sweeper with 80% pick-up on the first pass; Not ideal for collecting rocks, nuts, pinecones, or wet debris

Lawn Sweeper Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have an idea of the best lawn sweepers available, it’s time to help you choose the model that’s right for your yard.

In this section, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about lawn sweepers. Read through the information and check out the FAQ section that flows this guide. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know which model suits your yard.

A Multi-Purpose Tool that Saves You Money

The lawn sweeper belongs in every garage or tool shed. If you don’t have a lawn sweeper, you’re making your gardening chores harder than they need to be. Why add the extra effort to your weekly tasks?

With a lawn sweeper, you get your yard work done early on a Saturday morning, leaving you with an extra hour free during the day. We bet that time is what you value most in life. With all the time a lawn sweeper saves you on maintaining your yard, think about where you could apply that energy and effort elsewhere in your life.

No-one likes doing yard work. Sure, the first ten minutes or so of sweeping or raking up your leaves is somewhat therapeutic. After you start to build up a sweat and your heart rate kicks up a notch, suddenly, the chore doesn’t seem like fun anymore.

Why go to the hassle of doing things manually., when you can pick up a lawn sweeper for less than $100, and never worry about sweeping or raking again. A lawn sweeper saves you time, and its almost 5-times quicker at picking up your leaves that doing it manually.

Lawn sweepers are versatile machines. With a lawn sweeper, you can collect clippings, broken branches, berries, and pebbles. Most models give you a 70% to 80% collection rate on a single pass, meaning you spend less time cleaning up.

The sweeper collects all the debris in the hopper ort collection bag attached to the machine. You get easy emptying into your compost heap or green-waste dump. With a lawn sweeper, you can start to build your compost pile, making nutrition for your garden from your sweeping debris.

What is the Difference Between a Residential or Commercial Lawn Sweeper?

When selecting your lawn sweeper, you need to decide on a model that offers you the best operation for your yard. Choosing an undersized model will end up defeating the purpose of buying the machine. If you’re a contractor or estate manager, you need a sweeper that’s up to the task.

A commercial-grade lawn sweeper comes with a tow-hitch and large wheels, with a high-capacity hopper. A residential model will have a manual or electric operation, with electric models costing more. Residential lawn sweepers have a lower capacity than commercial machines, but it’s sufficient for clearing your lawn quickly.

Lawn sweepers are suitable for clearing lawn debris, and some models also offer functionality for clearing driveways, walkways, and your porch. Look for the right model to suit your lawn’s size and your needs for electric or manual operation.

How Does a Lawn Sweeper Operate?

Lawn sweepers come with different configurations, but they all offer the same function – clearing your yard of debris. The sweeper can feature electric or manual operation, and it can come with additional features, such as dethatching.

Select the model that suits your budget and your yard duties.

The Types of Lawn Sweepers

As mentioned, there are several lawn sweepers to choose from when selecting your ideal lawn sweeper. Here are the types of lawn sweepers you’ll find online, and the benefits of each model for your garden work.

Gas-Power Lawn Sweeper

A gas-powered lawn sweeper is a commercial-grade machine meant for clearing large public parks, golf courses, and football fields. If you have a large area to clear, then the gas-powered model is your best option.

These models hook up to tractors or ATVs using a tow-hitch. The sweeping deck can be as wide as 6 to 12-feet, depending on the model. We left these sweepers out of this review, as we imagine you’re most likely a homeowner or a landscaper looking for models that clear small to large gardens, or estate properties.

In this case, you’ll need a lighter, more user-friendly model for your clearing tasks. A gas-powered or “power-sweeper” is too much machine for the job.

The Electric Lawn Sweeper

We recommend going with an electric model if you’re looking to clear your lawn as fast as possible, with the least effort. An electric model features design and construction with an electric motor, with an output between 8-Amps to 12-Amps, depending on the model.

We recommend looking for models with a high-power output. The stronger the motor, the better the operation, and the fewer passes needed to clear the lawn. Electric lawn sweepers come with cable operation. We couldn’t find any models with battery packs.

The cable can get in the way when sweeping, and you’ll have to continually direct and control it to prevent the machine from running over it while operating.

However, the electric operation makes it easy to clear your lawn fast. Some models come with the ride-along operation included in the package. This function allows for the smooth movement of the machine; the sweeper comes with a gearbox that drives the wheels.

Electric models are the best option if you have a larger yard, and they make your yard work so much easier. However, they do cost more. You can expect to pay 20% to 30% more for an electric model over a manual version.

Push Lawn Sweeper

The push lawn sweeper offers manual operation. There’s no motor powering the sweeper, so you might find it’s a little less efficient at clearing than an electric model. However, most manual versions collect about 80% of the debris in its path on the first pass.

Manual push sweepers are an excellent choice for small to medium-sized yards. They have a more affordable price tag than electric models, and they’re a great choice for cluster homes or townhouse gardens. With a manual push sweeper, you don’t have to worry about electrics.

Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

The last model is the tow-behind sweeper. With this machine, you attach the hitch to the tow bar on your ATV or tractor and drag the tool behind you. The wheels attach to a manual gearbox that drives the sweeper blades to collect the debris from your lawn.

These tow-behind models have the same type of operation as push sweepers, but they drag instead of push. Tow-behind models are the best choice for large lawns and estates. If you’re a contractor looking for a lawn sweeper, then a tow-behind is your best option.

What to Look for in a Lawn Sweeper for your Yard?

Now that you understand the different types of lawn sweepers let’s unpack what you need to look for in a good-quality machine.

Sweeping Deck Width

The sweeping deck width on your lawn sweeper determines how much surface area you can cover while pushing. For small to medium-size yards, we recommend looking for deck widths between 12-inches to 16-inches. If you have a large garden, you’ll find sweeping decks up to 26-inches in width.

Tow-behind sweepers can have cutting decks up to 48-inches in width. The wider the deck, the more debris it collects with each pass. However, larger sweeping decks make the machine harder to handle. Wide sweeping decks make it challenging to get into tight corners.

If you have a small garden, and a large deck will make it challenging to manage all the nooks and crannies around flowerbeds and pot plants. However, if you have a large garden and the cutting deck width is less than 20-inches, it’s going to take you a lot longer to finish the task than with a 26-inch model.

Adjustable Sweeping Height

Look for a lawn sweeper that offers an adjustable height sweeping deck. By adjusting the height, you can customize the sweeper to suit the length of your lawn and lawn conditions. By lifting the deck, you don’t damage longer grass when sweeping.

The adjustment is also handy for models with built-in scarifying functions, allowing you to dig deep into the thatching layers to remove the dead grass.

Collapsible Handles

Your lawn sweeper should come with adjustable handles. Look for telescopic or hand-adjustment handles that customize the length to suit your height, reducing operator fatigue in use.

Large Wheels

Tow-sweepers will feature large 8-inch to 10-inch air-filled tires, allowing you to tow the machine with ease. Residential push or electric sweepers come with rubber tires or plastic wheels. Whichever you choose, make sure the wheels or tires have plenty of tread for traction.

Dethatcher and Scarifying Attachments

If you want a dual-tool functionality from your machine, look for lawn sweepers that offer dethatching functionality and sweeping. The dethatcher scarifies your lawn, removing the dead thatching. As a result, you get more air to the roots of your grass, increasing your lawn’s health and growth rate.

Hopper Size or Collection Bag

The size of your hopper or collection bag is essential. The bigger it is, the less often you have to empty.

Good Warranty and Minimal Maintenance

Make sure you’re buying a machine that comes with some form of the manufacturer’s warranty. The best models feature a three to five-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects. However, you need to understand that the warranty won’t cover the normal wear and tear of parts in the sweeper.

Efficient Operation

If you’re buying a push sweeper, look for models that offer smooth movement with efficient operation.

Sweeper Accessories and Attachments

Look for the following options included with your lawn sweeper. The accessories can add multi-function use to your machine, allowing you to get more value out of your purchase.

Lawn Aerator – An aerator either punches thin holes into your lawn or pulls out thin plugs. This operation allows air to enter the soil around the roots of the grass, improving airflow. As a result, your lawn experiences a rapid jump in growth rate. The aeration allows it to absorb more water and air to the roots, and you’ll notice a considerable difference in the color and health of your lawn after aerating.

The Load Dump – If you’re buying a tow-behind model, look for a load dump feature that allows you to dump the debris without getting out of your seat on the tractor or ATV.

Tips for Using Your Lawn Sweeper

Follow these tips to get the most out of your lawn sweeper.

Preferably Sweep Dry Lawn

While you can use the sweeper to pick up the grass after mowing, we recommend you wait until it has some time to dry in the sun. Cut the lawn in the morning, and leave them to dry through the day, use the sweeper to collect the lawn trimmings later in the afternoon after the heat of the day starts to subside.

If you try to collect the fresh trimmings after mowing, the wet grass sticks to the sweeper blades or tines, clogging the sweeper. As a result, you’ll have to keep clearing the clogged sweeper, and that will get frustrating.

Empty the Sweeper Hopper Often

When using the sweeper, the trimmings and debris collect in the hopper of the collection bag. Make sure you don’t wait until the bag is bursting at the seams before dumping the trimmings. Clean the bag out after each use. If you leave grass and debris in the bag, it could cause mold growth.

Mulch Your Garden Waste

Start a compost site in your garden if you have space. Use the debris and trimmings you collect to create nutritious compost for your garden.

Safety First

When using your lawn sweeper, make sure you’re wearing some form of eye protection. Whether its sunglasses or safety goggles – keep your eyes protected from flying debris that could blind you.

Lawn Sweeper FAQs

Which lawn sweeper Brand is the right choice for me?

All the brands in this review are solid choices. We took the time to research dozens of models to make our list of the best lawn sweepers.

What’s better – a lawn sweeper or a bagger?

Baggers tend to clog easily, and they don’t work with fresh-cut grass. Sweepers are the best option. This machine has a purpose-built design, making it easy to collect grass trimmings, broken branches, fallen berries, and other lawn debris types.

Should I leave my lawn clippings on the lawn?

Sure, you can leave your grass clippings on your lawn if they aren’t too long. Leaving the trimmings on the garden provides a layer of mulch that leaves the nutrients in the soil as it dries. However, we don’t recommend leaving long grass clippings on your lawn as it can attract pests.

Can I use my lawn sweeper when mowing?

If your mower doesn’t have a collection bag, then the sweeper can collect the clippings for you after you finish mowing. However, most gardeners use the sweeper before they mow to collect the debris on the lawn.

Running your lawnmower over pebbles could cause ricochets that break windows. Mowing over broken branches and fallen berries can damage the blades on your mower.

How long can your grass get before it needs cutting?

We recommend you start mowing your lawn in the early spring and make your first cut when the grass gets 2-inches long. After that, let the grass grow to a max height of 3 to 3.5-inches before cutting again.

How to Mow Your Lawn
How to Mow Your Lawn: Complete Guide

Lawn Sweepers – The Verdict

By now, you should have a good idea of the right lawn sweeper to suit your needs. We hope the information in the buyer’s guide and FAQ helps you make an informed purchase decision on your new sweeper.

However, if you’re still on the fence, trying to decide which sweeper is best for you, why not go with one of our top picks?

The Sun Joe AJ801E wins our award for the best overall lawn sweeper in this review. It has everything you need to maintain small to medium-sized lawns. This model comes with an adjustable height sweeping deck, and a dethatching option, with cuttings bag included.

The Agri-Fab 45-0320 is our top choice for the best premium model in this review. This lawn sweeper is suitable for the largest estate lawns. If you’re a professional landscaper or estate manager, this model is your top choice. Its universal tow hitch allows mounting to tractors and ATVs, allowing easy sweeping of the lawn.

Homeowners looking for the best budget buy in this review can benefit from purchasing the Scotts LSW70026S. This model comes with everything you need to sweep the largest lawns. You get a wide cutting deck, collection bag included, and adjustable sweeping heights.


Robin owns his own Landscape Gardening company based in the UK and has over 10 years professional experience working outdoors, creating beautiful landscapes for his clients in the UK. He is also a keen garden-grower and maintains his own fruit and vegetable gardens. He also has a level 3 Certificate in Practical Horticulture from The Royal Horticultural Society and is currently working on his first book about gardening. Contact him at

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