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Best Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Which is the best Karcher Pressure Washer? Read on as we unpack each of the key features and functionality of these electric pressure washers in our buyer's guide

Are you thinking about cleaning out your gutters? Maybe you’re planning on washing your car this weekend? Instead of battling with doing these types of tasks manually, why not use technology to lighten your load?

A pressure washer is a handy machine to have in your garage, and it’s got plenty of uses around the home. Karcher is the leading brand in pressure washers, and they have a range of models to suit home or industrial use.

Regardless of your experience with a pressure washer, you’ll find that Karcher machines are easy to operate and very effective at cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. From degreasing your driveway to washing down walls before painting, there are so many applications for these machines.

Let’s take a look at the best Karcher pressure washer models available. We’ll unpack each of the key features and functionality of these machines in this review.

Our Top Picks

In case you don’t have the time to read through this entire review, you can rely on your top picks if you’re looking for the best Karcher pressure washers available. We took the models in this review and picked our top models representing the best overall model, the best premium pressure washer, and the best model to buy if you’re working with a budget.

Best Pick: Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

Karcher 13246440 K 5 Premium Full Control Plus Electric Pressure Washer, Yellow
  • 2000 psi, 1.4 GPM electric pressure washer
  • Pressure control at your finger tips using +/- buttons for maximum control
  • 3-In-1 multi-jet making spray Type easy to adjust by simply rotating lance
  • Integrated hose reel for easy storage – 25Ft high pressure hose
  • Water cooled induction motor – increases life by up to 5x

The K5 model from Karcher is the best overall pressure washer for your home. This unit comes with a 25-foot hose, a Vario power-spray wand, and an onboard tank for detergent. The performance of the machine is excellent, and it’s all you need for jobs around the home and yard.

Premium Pick: Karcher G3000XK Gas Pressure Washer

Karcher 11073860 G3000 XK Gas Pressure Washer, 2.4 GPM Tank Size Oversized 12 in, Flat-Free Wheels for Easy maneuvering, Gray/Yellow
  • 3000 psi, 2. 4 GPM gas pressure washer
  • Powered by Kohler RH 265 with easy-pull ergonomic handle that makes starting easy
  • 2 Year limited
  • Folding handle for compact storage, takes up less garage space.Cylinder capacity (CC):196
  • Removable ½ Gallon detergent tank for easy use and filling/Cleaning

For contractors that need more power from their pressure washer, we recommend the G3000XK model. This machine has plenty of power, producing pressures of up to 3,000-psi. Its gas-powered operation means that it’s easy to start, and you don’t have to worry about electrical cables getting in the way while you work.

Budget Pick: Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer

Karcher 1.602-224.0 K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM, Pack of 1, Yellow
  • The Karcher Promise: cleaner. Quicker.
  • 1600 psi, 1.25 GPM electric pressure washer with 20 foot high pressure hose
  • Includes two spray wands. The Vario spray wand allows for quick adjustment between low and high pressure. The dirt blaster spray wand tackles the hardest jobs in half the time
  • Tall handle design reduces bending and strain
  • N-Cor pump is durable, non-corrosive.

For those homeowners on a budget, the K2 Plus model has everything you need in a pressure washer. The lightweight construction and design make it easy to move around, and the 20-foot hose allows for sufficient user control during operation. The K2 Plus comes at an affordable price point for homeowners looking for an entry-level machine.

Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews

Now that you have an introduction to the top models in this review, let’s unpack the offerings in greater detail. We’ll take an in-depth look at our top choices, and break down the other Karcher pressure washers in detail.

If you find yourself unsure of which model is the right choice for you, then we suggest reading through our buyer’s guide section for helpful tips with selecting your ideal Karcher pressure washer.

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer – The Best Overall Model

The Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer wins our top spot for the best overall Karcher system. This model is a great choice for larger jobs around the home, and can even suit some contract work or landscaping situations as well.

The water-cooled induction motor produces pressures of up to 2,000-psi, offering flowrates of 1.4-gallons per minute. Those figures equate to 40-times the pressure of a standard garden hose, providing a powerful deep-cleaning effect that blasts away stubborn dirt and grime from any surface.

Karcher state that the induction motor lasts up to 5-times longer than those in other pressure washers, providing you with an extended service life for the machine. This versatile pressure washer offers powerful user performance, as well as effective and efficient cleaning in the most demanding situations.

  • 25-foot hose
  • “Vario” power-spraying wand
  • Detergent tank
  • Induction motor
  • Produces 2,000-psi
  • Weighs 32-lbs
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use

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Karcher G3000XK Gas Pressure Washer – The Best Premium Model

If you’re a contractor or landscaper, then you need a powerful machine that operates at very high pressures. The Karcher G3000XK Gas Pressure Washer is a gas-powered model, and suitable for use in the most demanding cleaning jobs.

The gas-powered operation means that no cables are limiting the range of the machine. Its easy-start motor jumps to life straight away, allowing you to take the machine around your job site to clean any area with ease.

The powerful motor in this model produces operating pressures of 3,000-psi, with a flow rate of up to 2.4-gallons per minute, making it the most powerful machine in this review. With the right nozzle, you can even strip paint with this machine.

The gas-powered motor gives this model plenty of versatility around the job site or the home. However, due to the pricing on this model, we think that most homeowners will prefer a less-powerful model that still suits all the cleaning tasks they undertake around the home.

  • Suitable for contractors and landscapers
  • Gas-powered
  • Quick-start motor
  • Produces 3,000-psi
  • Flowrates of up to 2.4-gallons per minute
  • Removable onboard detergent tank
  • Ergonomic handle and trigger
  • Folding handle for compact storage
  • Weighs 63-lbs
  • Pricey

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Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer – The Best Budget Model

If you’re looking for a pressure washer, and you’re working with a budget, then the Karcher K2 Plus is your best option., This machine has the best balance of functionality and affordability in any of the systems in the Karcher range. This machine is by no means cheap, but it does offer you incredible value for money.

The compact and lightweight body of the machine makes it easy to move around, and transport and the handle folds for easy storage in your tool shed or garage. Karcher also includes both the Vario Power-spray wand and the Dirtblaster wand with this model, increasing the versatility of the machine.

The induction-cooled motor produces 1,600-psi, with a flow rate of 1.25-gallons per minute, making it more than suitable for most of the cleaning tasks around your home. However, this machine may struggle with intensive cleaning jobs, such as degreasing driveways.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, effective, and affordable pressure cleaning, then this model from Karcher is your best option.

  • Good choice for occasional use around the home
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 20-foot hose
  • Produces 1,600-psi
  • Flowrates of up to 1.25-gallons per minute
  • “Vario” and “Dirtblaster” spray wands included
  • Weighs 16.8-lbs
  • Not suitable for every day or heavy-duty use

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Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer

This Karcher model is another great choice for a pressure washer around the home. If you only require a pressure washer for cleaning your car, clearing the gutters, and smaller jobs, then this unit produces more than enough power.

The induction-cooled motor produces 1,700-psi, with a flow rate of 1.2-gallons per minute. That’s not a heavy-duty output by any means, but it will suffice for most minor cleaning around the home, such as your car.

The Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer kit includes three interchangeable nozzles that attach to the spray wand, giving you more versatility for a broader range of cleaning jobs.

The turbo cleaning nozzle produces the best power for cleaning tough stains and dirt. The all-purpose cleaning nozzle provides balanced performance across a range of cleaning applications, and the foaming nozzle is ideal for creating a rich foam before washing your car.

The compact size of the machine makes it easy to transport and store. Overall, this model is versatile and compact, allowing for the perfect balance between convenience and power. It’s the ideal Karcher pressure washer for your home, especially if you don’t use one very often.

  • 20-foot hose included
  • Features three different spray nozzles
  • Produces 1,700-psi
  • Flowrates of up to 1,2-gallons per minute
  • Auto accessory storage compartment
  • Easy setup
  • Weighs 20.7-lbs
  • Lacks power for tough tasks like cleaning walls

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Karcher K4 Electric Power Pressure Washer

For those homeowners demanding a bit more power from their machine, the Karcher K4 Electric Power Pressure Washer is what you need for tougher cleaning jobs. This model produces 1,900-psi from its induction-cooled motor, providing you with flowrates of 1.5-gallons per minute.

This machine is a step up from the K3 model, and it’s sure to have enough power to clean oil stains off of driveways and garage floors.

The K4 is not an industrial machine, and it lacks the same poser as the gas-powered model. However, it still has plenty of pressure to clean most domestic surfaces around the home.

This model acts as a bridge between the high-powered models, and the entry-level machines, and it’s suitable for frequent use around the home.

  • 25-foot hose
  • Induction motor
  • Produces 1,900-psi
  • Flowrates of up to 1.5-gallons per minute
  • Includes “Vario” power-spray wand
  • Detergent tank onboard
  • Weighs 27.3-lbs
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use

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Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure

We love this model for use around the home and the workshop. The Karcher K3 Follow Me Electric Power Pressure Washer offers you a lightweight machine, mounted on wheels. As a result, you can drag the machine along with you while you work, making it a great choice for cleaning cards or workshop floors.

Attach the Karcher K3 to a cleaning broom accessory, and you have the perfect power cleaner for your workshop. The 4-large, treaded wheels offer easy mobility and movement of the machine, allowing you to traverse it over driveway bricks and rough surfaces without any hang-ups.

The induction cooled motor provides you with 1,800-psi, and flow rates of 1.3-gallons per minute. While this may be a small and compact machine, it still packs a powerful cleaning punch to suit most jobs around the home.

The follow-me K3 from Karcher includes the Vario power-spray wand, giving you greater cleaning control during operation, and the lightweight nature of the machine makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

The K3 Follow-me is the best model for homeowners that want a lightweight and flexible machine with plenty of versatility in its operation. The unit also includes a detergent tank, allowing you to add chemicals to your water for foaming before cleaning.

  • Useful for reaching tight spaces
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Four durable wheels for smooth movement
  • Produces 1,800-psi
  • Flowrates of up to 1.3-gallons per minute
  • Comes with the “Vario” power-spray wand
  • Detergent tank onboard
  • Lightweight
  • Weighs 16.3-lbs
  • Wheels might get caught

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Karcher K1700 Cube Electric Power Pressure Washer

At only 12-inches tall, the Karcher K1700 Cube Electric Power Pressure Washer is the most compact machine in this review. When you take a look at the size of the machine compared to the other in this review, you might tend to think that it’s not as powerful as the others.

However, this model produces 1,700-psi, with flow rates of up to 1.2-gallons per minute – That’s pretty impressive performance if you ask us. You get a high level of flexibility and versatility with this pressure washer, and the kit includes three wand nozzles for different cleaning tasks.

The turbo nozzle is the ideal option for heavy-duty cleaning, while the all-purpose nozzle works well for general use. The foaming nozzle produces a rich foam for coating your car or boat before cleaning.

The lightweight construction and compact design of the Karcher K1700 Cube make it the ideal choice for homeowners that don’t have much storage space around the home. Pack this machine into a cupboard, and pull it out when you need to use it.,

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ideal for smaller homes and washing cars
  • Produces 1,700-psi
  • Flowrates of up to 1.2-gallons per minute
  • Comes with three interchangeable nozzles
  • User-friendly setup
  • Three interchangeable nozzles included
  • Weight 15.5-lbs
  • Underpowered for landscaping and contractor use

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Karcher K2 Car & Home Kit Power Pressure Washer

Cleaning your car is one of the most common tasks that can benefit from the use of a pressure washer. If you want a cleaning system to keep your vehicle in showroom condition, then the Karcher K2 Car and Home Kit Power Pressure Washer offer you everything you need to detail your vehicle to perfection.

This lightweight and compact machine are ideal for use around the home, and it suits plenty of other tasks other than cleaning your car.

The induction-cooled motor produces 1,600-psi, with flow rates of up to 1.25-gallons per minute. You also get a full range of accessories for the machine, as well as cleaning and foaming tips.

The Karcher K2 Car and Home Kit Power Pressure Washer is a compact and versatile machine, offering the homeowner a pressure cleaner that can handle most cleaning and clearing tasks.

  • The best choice for washing cars, motorbikes, and boats
  • An excellent choice for other household tasks as well
  • Produces 1,600-psi
  • Flowrates of 1.25-gallons per minute
  • 20-foot hose
  • Comes with “Vario” power-spray wand and “Dirtblaster” wand
  • Telescopic wand handle
  • Weight 20-lbs
  • Underpowered for professional landscapers and contractors

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Other Best Selling Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer, Yellow
  • Convenient Design: Designed for convenience, our electric power washer requires no tools to assemble and includes 3 quick-connect nozzles: turbo nozzle, 15-degree all-purpose nozzle, and detergent nozzle
  • On/Off Foot Switch: Equipped with an on/off foot switch, our pressure washer surface cleaner is exceptionally easy to operate and delivers 1700 PSI of TruPressure cleaning power
  • Integrated Storage Bin: Our power washer surface cleaner features a built-in removable storage bin designed to neatly store all your pressure washer accessories
  • Onboard Detergent Tank: Capable of holding up to a half-gallon of detergent, our water pressure washer allows for quick, easy, and convenient application of detergents
SaleBestseller No. 2
Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM
  • Cleaner. Quicker. NOTE: Refer to the manual for troubleshooting steps
  • 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM electric pressure washer
  • Integrated hose reel for easy storage – 25ft high pressure hose
  • Vario Power Spray wand – easily adjust spray right from the wand
  • Dirtblaster spray wand – tackles the hardest jobs in half the time
SaleBestseller No. 3
Karcher K2 Car & Home Kit Electric Power Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM
  • Power supply (V/Hz): 120 / 60
  • Cleaner. Quicker.
  • 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM Electric Pressure Washer
  • 5 piece car and home kit included!
  • Telescopic handle design – reduces bending and strain
SaleBestseller No. 4
Karcher 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment, 3200 PSI Rating
  • The Karcher Promise: Cleaner. Quicker. Delivers professional level cleaning over an area 15” wide with two spinning nozzles
  • Cleans flat surfaces up to 4x faster than standard spray nozzles
  • Compatible with gas power washers (up to 3200 PSI) with ¼” quick-connect fitting. Product dimensions(L x W x H): 15 x 15 x 6.7 inches
  • Compatible machines g2700, g2700r, g2900x, g3000, g3000k, g3000 x, g3000 xk, g3100 xh, g3200 x, g3200 xk, g2200, g2600 vh, g3000 oh, g3050 ohc, g3200 oc, g3200 oct, g3200 oh, g3200 xc and g3200 xh
  • Eliminates streaks by keeping the nozzles at a fixed height from the surface
SaleBestseller No. 5
Karcher 13246440 K 5 Premium Full Control Plus Electric Pressure Washer, Yellow
  • 2000 psi, 1.4 GPM electric pressure washer
  • Pressure control at your finger tips using +/- buttons for maximum control
  • 3-In-1 multi-jet making spray Type easy to adjust by simply rotating lance
  • Integrated hose reel for easy storage – 25Ft high pressure hose
  • Water cooled induction motor – increases life by up to 5x

Karcher Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

Now that you have an idea of the best Karcher pressure washers, it’s time to narrow down your choices. Our buyer’s guide gives you everything you need to know for selecting the right Karcher pressure washer to meet your needs.

Why Do You Need a Pressure Washer?

Start the selection process by identifying the tasks you do around the home that benefit from the assistance of a pressure washer. For instance, if you wash your car on the weekends, but don’t have any other needs for a pressure washer, then go with the specialized K2 model designed for this purpose.

However, if you think you could use a washer to clean out your gutters, spray down your walls, or degrease your driveway, you’re going to need a powerful, multi-functional machine. If you’re a homeowner, you could benefit from one of these multi-use models as well, but if you rent your place, you might not have to do that type of maintenance to your home.

Write down a list of chores you do around the house that can benefit from the use of a pressure washer, and then cross-reference the tasks to the choices on this list to find the model that’s right for you.

Karcher make some of the best pressure washers

Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure washers are versatile tools offering you plenty of user functionality for a variety of tasks. Whether you’re a contractor, landscaper, or homeowner, there’s a pressure washing system from Karcher to suit your needs.

One of the reasons why pressure washers offer so much multi-functional use is due to the full range of accessories that alter the performance of the machine under different working conditions. Here is a quick look at the top accessories available with Karcher pressure washing kits.

Surface Cleaners

This accessory helps you clean flat surfaces fast. The tip fits onto your pressure washer wand, providing consistent coverage and removal of dirt and debris from flat surfaces.

The nozzle features an internal rotating bar that distributes the pressure evenly, and the round enclosure holds back any overspray from damaging surrounding objects like flowerbeds.


The brush attachment for Karcher pressure washers operates on the same principle as the surface cleaner. The brush helps to drive away dirt and debris while the water cleans the surface.

Brushes are an essential accessory for cleaning cars and boats, as well as patio furniture and trash bins. Choose a model with a rotating brush for the best performance.

Wand Washer Tips

A rotary turbo washing nozzle rotates the water stream at 0-degrees and 3,000-rpm, providing a pulsing action through the wand that washes away the toughest grit and grime.

The stream rotates so quickly as it exits the nozzle, that it appears as a standard cone stream to the user during operation.

This accessory helps to remove hardened grease, grime, and oil marks from driveways, garage floors, and walls.

Wands and Lances

When selecting your machine, look at the wand. The “Vario” power-spray wand and the “Dirtblaster” wand both offer individual functionality, and some models come with both types attached.

Look for a telescopic model if you need to clean gutters, as this feature helps you reach further during your cleaning.

Perfect for cleaning decking
Perfect for cleaning decking


The broom accessory is a combination of a rotating power brush and a surface cleaner in one tool. It’s a powerful accessory for cleaning cars, boats, and tougher areas like floors and driveways. The broom operates by connecting to the pressure washer wand.

The wand then connects to two or three ports in the broom, broadening the coverage area for easy work cleaning larger flat surfaces, like shop floors. Some models come with rollers on the broom for smooth movement.

Contractors will benefit the most from using this accessory, and there aren’t many uses for it around the home.

Foamer Wands and Tips

Most Karcher models come with onboard detergent tanks. If you’re washing down your car, boat, or a wall, and you want to create a rich foam that eats away debris and dirt from the surface you’re cleaning, use a foamer.

The foamer attaches to the tip of your power-wand, mixing the detergent with the water stream. The Karcher K2 car cleaning kit includes a foamer that provides your car with a deep clean, keeping it in showroom condition.

The Difference Between Gas-Powered and Electric Pressure Washers

If you look at the top three models of Karcher pressure washers in this review, you’ll notice there are two electric models and one gas-powered model. So, which one suits your needs? If you need a pressure washer for use around the home, then an electric model is fine. The unit comes with a power cord that long enough to reach any electrical outlet. You also have the option of connecting it to an extension cord to improve the range of the machine.

An electric model produces a powerful enough water stream to handle most jobs around the home, from cleaning your driveway to washing your car. However, if you’re a contractor or a landscaper, you need a more robust, portable machine.

A gas-powered Karcher pressure washer is the ideal choice for contractors that need more power and portability from their pressure washer system. Gas-powered models have no electrical cord limiting your range, and they produce higher operating pressures for tougher jobs.

Karcher Pressure Washer FAQs

In case you’re still sitting on the fence with your purchase decision, check out this list of frequently asked questions.

What does psi mean when referring to a pressure washer?

PSI is a term that refers to the Pounds Per Square Inch produced by the water jet, leaving the nozzle of the spray wand. The higher the psi rating on the machine, the more suitable it is for tough cleaning jobs.

If you’re cleaning your car, you only need low psi ratings in your machine. However, if you need a pressure washer for degreasing driveways of shop floors, or cleaning walls, then choose a pressure washer with a high psi rating.

What tips suit which jobs with a pressure washer?

When using your pressure washer, the type of tip you use alters the water jet produced by the wand. Follow this as a quick-reference guide for selecting the right tip for your application.

  • 0° – For the toughest cleaning jobs
  • 15° – For stripping paint and grease from surfaces
  • 25° – For flushing dirt from sidewalks and gutters
  • 40° – For cleaning large areas and vehicles

Will a pressure washer damage my car?

There are specific nozzles that mitigate the pressure produced by the water stream. If you wash your car with the wrong nozzle attached to the pressure washer, it could damage your paint or dent your bodywork. Always work with the vehicle cleaning nozzle when cleaning your car or boat.

Why do the spray nozzles clog?

Nozzles will clog when debris enters the system. You need to ensure you remove all clogs immediately to prevent over-pressurizing the machine, causing it to fail.

Can I leave the washer on when not in use?

Never leave your pressure washer running while not in use. When you don’t pull the trigger, and the motor is running on the pump, then the water cycles through the pump, causing it to heat up. The hot water causes the melting of internal components and the eventual failure of the pressure washer.

Can I run hot water through the pressure washer?

No, running hot water through the machine will damage the internal components. There are hot-water pressure washers available, but there are none of these machines in the Karcher range above.


Karcher makes the best premium-brand pressure washing equipment, hands down. There’s a model on this list to suit any need for a pressure washer around the home. If you’re still battling to narrow down your selection, you can rely on our top choices for guidance.

Our top choices include models for professional and home use, as well as the best budget buy. One of these models is sure to find a place in your tool shed or on your contracting crew.

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