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Best Disc Golf Discs Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Disc golf is a fun game to play - But what are the best Disc Golf discs to use? Take a look at our review where we pick the best options with Pros & Cons
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Nearly half a million people regularly disc golf. This game is the perfect combination of strategy, coordination, and skill. Similar to golf, you start from a “tee” area and use discs to make your way toward the “basket” at the end of the hole. Courses usually have 9 or 18 holes, like golf!

But, disc golf is nothing like your casual game of Frisbee with friends and family in the backyard. You definitely can’t use a regular plastic Frisbee! You need disc golf discs that were made for the game and designed to outlast all types of conditions and courses.

We want to make sure that you’re getting the best products for your new disc golf hobby. So, we’re going to go over some of the best disc golf discs on Amazon today. Then, we’ll spend some time going over what to look for in a good product and answer some of your questions.

Top 3 Picks

Best Pick: Innova Disc Golf Set with 4 Discs and Starter Disc Golf Bag

Innova Disc Golf Set with 4 Discs Starter Disc Golf Bag – DX Distance Driver, Fairway Driver, Mid-Range, Putter and Mini Marker Disc
  • DISC GOLF SET – Includes DX Tee-Bird Fairway Driver, DX Valkyrie Distance Driver, DX ROC Mid-Range Driver, DX Aviar Putter, and Special Edition **Stars** Logo Mini Disc.
  • INNOVA STARTER BAG – The included bag has 6-10 disc capacity, with shoulder strap and bottle holder
  • DX PLASTIC - Discs featured in Innova DX plastic - provides an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations
  • A GREAT DISC GOLF STARTER SET - Open Box. Remove Contents. Locate Disc Golf Course. And Go!
  • All discs are selected in weights ranging from 150-180g to accommodate a wide range of skill sets, disc colors will vary and may duplicate.

This is the perfect disc golf disc set for beginners. You’re getting four discs (putter, mid-range, fairway, and distance) plus a carrying bag for a pretty decent price. These discs are also made of some high-quality plastic designed to last!

Premium Pick: Innova – Champion Discs Mamba Golf Disc

Innova - Champion Discs Mamba Golf Disc, 165-169gm (Colors may vary)
  • Best choice for: Tailwind shots, Turnover shots and Out of the box roller
  • The Mamba was designed to give maximum distance for minimal effort; Is suitable for beginners and pros alike
  • Champion material offers superior durability
  • Speed 11, Glide 6, Turn -5 and Fade 1
  • Colors May Vary

So, you’re definitely paying for the name here, but it’s also considered one of the best individual discs out there. It’s truly the perfect mid-range driver for turnover and finesse shots, but it’s definitely worth the money if you want to boost your playing style.

Best Budget Pick: Innova Disc Golf Starter Set (5 Discs)

INNOVA Disc Golf Starter Set – Colors May Vary 160-180g – DX Putter, Mid-Range, Driver
  • PERFECT BEGINNER SET - Selected by experienced disc golfers at Innova, the leader in Disc Sports, this set is designed for new players. Innova Disc Golf 5 Disc Set and Mini Disc in Beginner-Friendly Easy to Throw Weights (160-180g), Colors Will Vary
  • IMPROVE YOUR GAME - The disc models in this set allow you to hit the course and play your best from the get-go. Keep your drives in the fairway, throw reliable approaches, and make those center chain putts more often. Your scores will show the difference with the right discs in your hands.
  • IDEAL DISC CHOICES - Set Includes: Aviar Putter – The #1 putter in disc golf - A consistent World Champion. The Roc3 - a straight disc for controlled approach shots and mid-range drives. The Leopard – a great first fairway driver. The TeeBird - an accurate stable fairway driver. The Destroyer - offers beginners a faster driver with more distance glide. Ideal for forehand throws and performs well into headwinds.
  • SPECIAL EDITION MINI - Also included is a Special Edition **Stars** Logo Mini Disc for marking your shots before you throw from your lie (where your throw landed), a standard for play out on the course.
  • INNOVA DISC GOLF - Innova offers the most complete line of golf discs. The precision molded discs meet the demands of any shot regardless of the player’s skill level. Innova discs offer the superior ‘feel’ for confident shot making. The discs fly great right out of the package and wear in slowly to become your trusted favorites.

Why spend more money on fewer, low-quality products? This set is perfect for beginners and even includes two drivers. Even though you’re not getting a shoulder bag, you are getting way more quality discs for your hard-earned money.

Top 8 Reviews

Innova Disc Golf Set with 4 Discs and Starter Disc Golf Bag

Our top choice is actually a four-disc set (plus a starter bag) from Innova. There’s no doubt that this set is perfect for anybody just getting into disc golf and looking to play around with the different types of discs.

The first thing we want to note is the quality of the plastic. It’s manufactured with Innova’s own DX plastic, which is designed to provide a much better grip, even in the most unfortunate weather or environment.

It’s also really cool that it comes with a storage bag that can hold up to 10 different discs. That way, you can buy a few more discs in the future and add them to your collection in your bag!

So, what about the performance of the actual discs? Well, you’ll be getting a fairway driver (tee-bird), distance driver (valkyrie), a mid-range driver (ROC), and putter (aviar) as you might expect from any set.

Here’s what we noticed. The speed isn’t all that great, but that won’t be all that significant for beginners. With near-maximal glide, each of these discs will float longer and allow you to get much more distance with each shot.

The higher turn ratings make these discs ideal for beginners with slower throws and the lower fade values mean you’ll get a straight shot at the end. Overall, perfect discs for beginners.

  • 150 to 180 grams
  • Distance: 9, 4, 2, 2
  • Fairway: 7, 5, 0, 2
  • Mid-range: 4, 4, 0, 3
  • Putter: 2, 3, 0, 1
  • The all-inclusive set is great for beginners to disc golf
  • For four discs and a bag, the price is really good
  • The putter produces an extremely straight shot
  • Comes from a reputable company
  • You can start playing as soon as you get it
  • There aren’t too many color variations

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Innova Disc Golf Starter Set (5 Discs)

Even though you won’t be getting a bag like this set like our first choice, you’re getting an extra disc out of the deal. With an extra fairway driver, you have a little more choice over how you play your game.

So, you’ll be getting two fairway drivers (tee-bird and leopard), one distance driver (destroyer), one mid-range driver (ROC 3), and a putter (aviar). You might notice that some of these discs overlap with the previous set we just went over, so there’s a little consistency there.

What’s really great about these discs is that they’re designed to do exactly what they’re supposed to do. The aviar is considered one of the best putters in the game and the ROC 3 provides substantial control with every shot.

The distance driver, the destroyer, produces an incredible glide that allows you to throw the disc further than ever before. This disc is great for building a little confidence during your first few rounds of disc golf.

But, what we like most is the two different fairway drivers, each of which has its own benefits. The leopard is perfect for beginners while the tee-bird is built more for stability. Either way, having a choice allows you to experiment a little during the game.

Both the distance and fairway discs have pretty great speed and the glide ratings are incredibly high and perfect for longer shots, but the variations of turn ratings might be a little tricky for anyone just getting the hang of disc golf.

  • 160 to 180 grams
  • Distance: 12, 5, -1, 3
  • Fairway: 6, 5, -2, 1
  • Fairway: 7, 5, 0, 2
  • Mid-range: 5, 4, 0, 3
  • Putter: 2, 3, 0, 1
  • Comes with two fairway drivers, one for stability and one for beginners
  • Perfect choice for beginners in terms of quality
  • Incredible price for five discs
  • Literally take them out of the box and get to playing
  • The heavier weight is ideal for beginners and greater stability
  • Doesn’t come with a bag like most disc sets tend to do

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Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set (4 Disc and Bag)

The Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set is a solid choice if you want a decent number of discs and a convenient little carrying bag. You’ll be guaranteed two drivers, one mid-range, and one putter with your purchase.

While there’s no doubt that these are quality discs, you don’t know which specific discs you’re getting until you open the package. Since Discraft has plenty of each type of disc, there’s no telling whether you’ll be getting a 145 gram or 170-gram driver.

So, this set might not be the best choice if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Also, the fact that there’s no definitive disc list means that we have no idea what the flight ratings are for any of the discs you might receive.

The good news is, the carrying bag is pretty great. It can actually hold anywhere between six and eight discs and has a water bottle holder on the side for a little extra convenience.

This won’t be the best choice if you’re looking for discs that fit your particular playing style, but it can be a good set if you like surprises. Why not add a few extra discs to your growing collection?

  • 145 to 176 grams
  • Pretty decent price considering you’re getting a bag and four discs
  • The bag has a water bottle pocket too
  • Most people seem impressed with the quality of the discs
  • Ideal for beginners, but some discs are great for pros too
  • One of the more reputable names in disc golf
  • There’s no information about the flight ratings
  • It’s basically a grab bag when it comes to which discs you actually get

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Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set

This set comes with three discs and a small carrying bag. What we find most impressive is the bag, which can carry up to 12 discs at once and is ideal for anyone looking to expand their disc collection.

These are some of the best discs for beginners and anyone looking to play. You’ll get three discs (a driver, mid-range, and putter), but it’s just enough to get you by and figure out how to use each of the discs in different situations.

So, let’s talk about the quality of flight for each disc. The high-speed rating of the driver might be a little much for anyone just starting out, but it’ll start to become more useful once you begin to increase your throwing strength.

However, the discs make up for the speed in terms of turn, glide, and fade. The near-maximum glide levels will keep your discs afloat for longer, the 0 turn ratings will keep the disc following a straighter flight path. The average fade is okay for beginners.

Overall, this is a pretty great set if you’ve never played before and want to give disc golf a go. But, you’ll need more discs in the near future if you do decide to continue playing.

  • 165 to 175 grams
  • Driver: 13, 5, 0, 3
  • Mid-range: 4, 4, 0, 2
  • Putter: 2, 3, 0, 2
  • Perfect if you’re literally just learning how to play
  • Impressive storage space in the shoulder bag
  • The discs are made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Control and stability of the discs are both great
  • Better for distance than for accuracy
  • It only comes with three discs whereas most sets have four or five

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Innova – Champion Discs DX Cobra Golf Disc

The Innova DX Cobra is one of the best mid-range discs out there. What we like best about this disc is that it’s designed in a way that makes it ideal for smaller hands, which is incredible for beginners just learning to throw.

Like most of Innova’s discs, the Cobra is also made of DX plastic, which is some of the most durable and heavy-duty plastic out there. That means it won’t be too detrimental if your disc accidentally bangs into a tree or bush once or twice.

Let’s talk about what makes this disc so great at mid-range. This disc was specifically designed to be ideal for turnover shots. These shots produce a great amount of curve and can help you to get around trees or other obstacles that are standing in your way of the basket.

The glide is perhaps the most significant feature of this mid-range disc. With a glide rating of 5, you can expect this disc to continue to turn as it seamlessly floats toward the air before landing. However, this won’t be all that effective in heavy wind.

Even though you’re only getting one disc with your purchase, you’re definitely getting a disc that’s well worth the money. These discs typically last several years without issue and offer incredibly stable flights.

  • 150 to 180 grams
  • Flight ratings: 4, 5, -2, 2
  • Really allows you to up your game and get off some great shots
  • The user-friendly frame is ideal for newbies
  • Seems to be pretty great at short-distance and long-distance shots
  • It keeps pretty stable while in flight
  • Lasts for years without issue
  • If you get a black disc, it might not be visible in the dark or in water
  • You’re only getting one disc instead of an entire set

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Innova – Champion Discs Mamba Golf Disc

You’re probably hearing about Innova’s products by now, but the Mamba golf discis one of the better distance drivers out there. In fact, it requires extremely little effort to be able to pull off a shot that soars across the course with ease.

What’s most important when it comes to this disc is its weight, at a mere 150 grams. This is incredibly light, which means it’ll take a little bit more practice to get your throws down pat with greater accuracy.

But, the lightweight also makes this disc great for tailwind shots. Just give the disc a nice toss into the wind and the breeze will carry your disc without any extra effort. And, the disc seems to produce the optimal straight shot as well!

What we like most is the impressive speed rating, 11, and how understable this disc really is. Even though this disc is better for advanced players, this is probably one of the best discs out there when it’s a tad windy out.

So, this shouldn’t be your top choice if you’re relatively new to the game. If you’re more experienced and want a durable and heavy-duty plastic, however, this might just be the best disc for your game.

  • 150 to 175 grams
  • Flight ratings: 11, 6, -5, 1
  • Perfect for adding some distance to those long-range shots
  • It’s ready to go as soon as it reaches your door
  • Provides a nice little fade at the end of the shot
  • It comes in a variety of plastics (on the website) with different weights
  • Ideal for tailwind and turnover shots
  • It might take a little while to adapt to this disc

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Discraft Nuke Elite Z Golf Disc

Finally, a new brand, right? The Discraft Nuke Elite Z disc is perfect for really amping up your maximum throwing distance. All it takes is a simple toss and you’ll find yourself sending your disc further than you’ve ever thrown before.

It’s no surprise that this disc nearly maxes out the speed rating at an impressive 13. But, the glide rating of 5 will also help the disc to stay in the air longer as you’re trying for your new long-distance PR!

Even though this is definitely one of the more impressive discs out there, we do have to make it clear that this disc is best for advanced players. Beginners won’t be able to produce enough power in their shot to be able to see the true potential of this disc.

  • 167 to 174 grams
  • Flight ratings: 13, 5, -1, 3
  • Can sometimes double your former maximum distance throws
  • Ideal for advanced players with a little experience
  • Very impressive distance and flying speed
  • Not too hard to control with some practice
  • Made of some pretty heavy-duty plastic that won’t wear and tear
  • Some consumers are disappointed by the color they received
  • Not ideal for beginners

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Dynamic Discs Lucid EMAC Truth Midrange Golf Disc

Last but not least, we have the Lucid EMAC Truth by Dynamic Discs. This is a mid-range disc that’s actually considered one of the top choices for professional disc golf players, so you know it’s a high-quality product.

What’s most notable about this disc is that it’s made of extremely durable plastic. So, you don’t have to be afraid of throwing this disc at full-force out of fear that it might crack or damage if it hits a tree or the ground too hard.

What we like a lot about this disc is that it’s pretty heavy, ranging anywhere between 157 and 180 grams. The heavier you go, the more stable the disc will be mid-flight and the more steady of a shot you can release.

The glide rating of 5 is awesome for keeping it airborne for longer and the high turn rating is even better for beginners just learning to throw at mid-range. The fade of 2 is minimal and won’t produce too much of a hook at the end, so a straight shot is definitely in the cards.

Though you’ll definitely be spending a little more money on this disc, it’s totally worth the few extra dollars. You’ll definitely improve your mid-range game and this disc is rather comfortable to throw too

  • 157 to 180 grams
  • Flight ratings: 5, 5, 0, 2
  • It’s pretty comfortable to throw
  • Great for getting off a relatively straight shot
  • Perfect mid-range disc
  • Not great for those just getting into disc golf

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
Innova Disc Golf Set – Driver, Mid-Range & Putter, Comfortable DX Plastic, Colors May Vary (3 Pack)
  • COMPLETE SET: Includes one driver, one mid-range and one putter
  • BEST FOR BEGINNERS: Made of DX plastic in beginner- weights; Has all the discs you need to get started
  • CERTIFIED QUALITY: Approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)
  • VARIATIONS: Please note that colors and weights will vary slightly
  • DIMENSIONS: 2” high; 8. 5” wide
SaleBestseller No. 2
Dynamic Discs Five Disc Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set | Beginners Frisbee Golf Set | Set Includes Disc Golf Putter, Midrange, Fairway Drivers, and Distance Driver | Colors Will Vary
  • BEST BEGINNER SET - This starter set is perfect for new players. The Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Starter Set comes with everything you need to play disc golf. Inside you will find five of the most popular discs from Dynamic Discs along with a Burst Mini.
  • BECOME A BETTER DISC GOLFER- The disc molds in this set were handpicked by World Champions at Dynamic Discs and are everything you need to head to the course and improve. Improve your scores with the correct disc in your hands.
  • EXEMPLARY DISC CHOICES- Set includes the 2013 disc of the year, the Judge disc golf putter. World Champion's choice EMAC Truth midrange. The Escape fairway driver meant for straight and accurate shots.
  • PERFECT DISC SELECTION- The under-stable fairway driver, the Maverick is great for beginners to achieve a full flight. Finally the maximum distance driver, the Trespass is great for all levels of players.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE- 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this set, return it for a full refund! Weight ranges 170-176g. Colors and Stamp Colors WILL VARY.
SaleBestseller No. 3
MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target
  • 24 HIGH VISIBILITY zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains
  • 12 OUTER AND 12 INNER chains equidistantly oriented for zero weak pockets - reducing cut throughs and pole bounces
  • STURDY - all-metal construction
  • UNIQUELY ENGINEERED - assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute
  • PDGA APPROVED - built to standard PDGA height and size regulation
Bestseller No. 4
Westside Discs 5 Disc Origio Burst Disc Golf Starter Set | Beginners Frisbee Golf Set | Set Includes Disc Golf Putter, Midrange, Fairway Driver, Maximum Distance Drivers | Colors Will Vary
  • GREAT BEGINNER SET - This starter set is perfect for new players. The Westside Discs Origio Burst Starter Set comes with everything you need to play disc golf. Inside you will find five of the most popular discs from Westside Discs along with a Burst Mini.
  • BECOME A BETTER DISC GOLFER- The disc molds in this set were handpicked by professionals at Westside Discs and are everything you need to head to the course and improve. Feel confident with the correct disc in your hand.
  • PERFECT DISC SELECTION- This set includes the stable Crown putter, the straight flying Warship midrange, the under-stable Underworld Fairway driver, and two maximum distance drivers in the King and the Queen.
  • AFFORDABLE PLASTIC- Grip. That was the intention. Make a plastic that feels great and is easy to throw. Designed to get new players affordable discs to try out!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE- 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this set, return it for a full refund! Weight ranges 170-176g. Colors and Stamp Colors WILL VARY.
Bestseller No. 5
Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack | Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with 18+ Disc Capacity | Introductory Disc Golf Backpack | Lightweight and Durable (Midnight Blue)
  • 18 DISC MAIN COMPARTMENT- The Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag provides suitable space to handle all of your disc golf needs. The Trooper can hold 18+ discs in its main compartment as well as a featured upper compartment that can hold anything from more discs to articles of clothing.
  • EXTRA STORAGE- The Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag features three additional pockets, handling all accessories needed for a full disc golf round. On one side of the disc golf bag, a drawstring-enclosed water bottle holder is featured, while sporting a valuables pocket above
  • PADDED STRAPS- The Dynamic Discs Trooper comes equipped with a padded set of straps as well as a padded back panel creating a very comfortable fit that is easy to carry for multiple rounds of disc golf. Engineered with a low center of gravity, the Trooper is certain to keep your discs and other belongings upright.
  • VALUABLES POCKETS- Three external pockets for keys, wallet, phone, mini, scorecard, etc.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE- 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product, return it for a refund! Discs and water bottle are NOT included.

Disc Golf Discs Buyer’s Guide

Before you go ahead and buy disc golf discs on Amazon, we want to make sure that you know what to look for. So, we’re going to go over the key terms related to disc golf discs and how to pick the best discs for your game and style.

Types of Discs

Just like in regular golf, there are different discs for each situation. Some are better for long-distance throws while others are better for shorter, more accurate throws. So, let’s talk about the four major types of discs.

  • Putters. These discs are designed to be the most accurate, as they’re meant to be used when you’re pretty close to the basket. A quick fling with a putter is guaranteed to get your disc in the basket without hesitation.
  • Mid-range discs. These discs provide some of the most controlled and stable shots in disc golf. Mid-range discs are much easier to grip for beginners and can be ideal in both long-distance and short-distance situations.
  • Fairway discs. These discs aren’t quite as fast as distance drivers, but they’re definitely more accurate. The fairway disc is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a semi-long distance through with a greater sense of control.
  • Distance drivers. These discs are exactly what you need to get your disc from one end of the course to the other. Some are capable of zooming 150 yards toward the basket. Distance drivers tend to be a little thinner, which makes them aerodynamic.

Simply put, the best way to up your disc golf game is by having all four types of discs. For example, only depending on a distance driver would leave your last few attempts toward the basket a little erratic.

Flight Ratings System

Understanding the different types of discs sounds easy enough, right? Well, if you spend a little time researching some decent discs on Amazon, you might notice that discs usually have four numbers printed on them as well.

The first number is the speed. Speed is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. This number actually describes how quickly you have to throw the disc to get a good shot, not how quickly the disc will move in general.

Each type of disc is generally classified in a specific number range when it comes to speed. So, putters would have a speed of anywhere between 1 and 3 while distance drivers are usually 9 and above. Mid-range and fairway discs would be somewhere in between.

The second number is the glide. Glide is measured on a scale of 1 to 7. This number describes how smoothly the disc floats in the air mid-throw. The higher the glide, the longer the disc will stay in the air, meaning it’s much better for distance shots.

The third number is the turn. Turn is measured on a scale of -5 to +1. When you throw a disc backhand, it’s really common for the disc to continue going into the direction of your throw (so, toward the right if you throw right-handed).

This number actually measures how resistant the disc is to this turning. So, the lower the number (more negative), the more likely the disc is to turn mid-flight.

But, it might not mean what you think it means. It takes into consideration that you’re able to throw the disc at full speed. That means that a higher turn would be better for a beginner while a lower turn would be better for someone who’s more experienced.

The fourth number is the fade. Fade is measured on a scale of 0 to 5. If you’ve ever thrown a disc before, you might have noticed that the disc tends to hook in the opposite direction as its landing (right if you’re throwing lefty).

Fade makes sure that the extra hook at the end is minimized. So, a lower fade rating is ideal for a straight shot while higher fade ratings are better if you want a little extra hook.


Along with different types of discs comes different weights as well. After all, you wouldn’t expect the thin distance driver to be as heavy as a bulky putter, right?

The weight of your discs can make a huge difference in your game. Yet, it can be a little confusing when you’re trying to pick out a product when you see some discs listed at 120 grams with others at 180 grams.

Heavier discs are generally seen as more stable. That means a more controlled and accurate shot. So, heavier discs are definitely better for adults who are looking for a more reliable disc that’ll end up somewhere near the basket.

Sets vs. Individual Discs

If you’ve never played disc golf before, it’s best that you buy a full set. Plenty of sets on Amazon come with at least one of each type of disc, meaning you have everything you need to get a game going immediately.

Sets are also a great choice because they’re made by the same manufacturer. That’s great because each disc will have a rather similar design and be quite similar to throw.

Also pretty cool is that a lot of sets on Amazon also come with a carrying bag. With a carrying bag, you can easily keep all of your discs together and quickly switch between discs when you head over to the next hole.

Obviously, you can also buy your discs individually too. This will definitely be a little harder on the wallet and might take some time to get used to each of your discs. But, more advanced players want the best discs, even if they come from different manufacturers!

Colors & Designs

The colors of discs don’t usually mean anything special. But, you will notice that each of the discs in a set is a different color so you can easily tell them apart and know which is which when you’re in a game.

Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple all seem to be the most common colors on Amazon right now. A few sets have orange and pink, but they’re not as popular. And then, some have pretty neat designs like tye-dye, skulls, and American flags.

At the end of the day, value quality over the design. That skull disc might look pretty cool right now, but it won’t help your game out any better than a solid purpose disc might.

The Best Brands

Even though Amazon is flooded with low-cost options, the best way to get a high-quality product is to go with the reputable brands that have been around for years. So, here are three of the top brands when it comes to discs.

  • Innova Discs
  • Discraft
  • Dynamic Discs

Remember that it’s okay to spend a little bit more money on discs from these brands. It’s better to have a high-quality disc set that lasts for years rather than cheap flimsy discs that crack every time they make it into the basket.

Other Equipment?

Newbies to disc golf just want a set of discs and to get out there. However, you want to make sure that you have all the equipment that you could possibly need. So, here’s what else you might want to look into.

  • A bag. There’s nothing that says you need a bag, but it’s a great way to keep all your discs in one place and easily transport them from hole to hole. They usually come with shoulder straps and, if you’re lucky, you might even get one with a water bottle holder.
  • A basket. You might have plans to play at the local park, but what happens when your friends are all busy? You can simply set a basket up in your backyard and get some practice shots in from the comfort of your own home.

These extra pieces of equipment are more about convenience, but they’re great if you’re serious about disc golf. If you’re not ready to make that much of an investment, just buy the discs for now and get extra equipment in the future if you decide it’s worth it.


So, you want to know what you’ll be paying for your new hobby. Here’s a breakdown of some of the average prices you should be expecting to spend.

Disc sets are usually between $20 and $100. The cheaper options are simply starter sets with three discs. When you head toward the upper end of the price range, you’re probably getting at least five discs and a fancy storage bag.

Individual discs are usually between $10 and $25 each. Remember: Brand name, color, and design might all impact how much you’ll be spending, so lean toward the more simple designs if you want to save a few bucks.

Baskets are usually between $50 and $200. Keep in mind that there’s no need for you to buy your own basket if you’re planning to use local facilities to play. Though, baskets might be a good idea if you want to practice on your own time.

Bags are usually $20 and above. Some bags can hold well over 20 discs and have a stable base so the bag stays upright at all times. The more money you’re spending, the more convenience and storage you’re getting.

Disc Golf FAQ

How many discs do you need for disc golf?

You should be good to go with a putter, a mid-range, and a driver. But, it’s always better to have more than one of each. Try to pack doubles in case there’s some sort of mishap while playing (like a broken disc or a disc stuck in the water or trees).

Do heavier discs fly farther?

A: Heavier discs don’t necessarily fly farther, but they are definitely more stable and controlled mid-throw. It all depends on how powerfully you can get a throw off. A heavy disc thrown forcefully will probably go a similar distance to a lighter disc thrown gently.

What size disc should I get?

If you’re a beginner, you’re going to want to start with some lighter discs. They’re much easier to throw and will allow you to get used to the motion of throwing a disc. Once you spend a little more time playing, increase the size and weight and adapt to the new discs.

What are the best shoes for disc golf?

The best shoes for disc golf would probably be some sort of outdoor trail shoes. Many courses at local parks tend to require you to maneuver walking trails and work your way through some gnarly terrain, so you want to make sure you have shoes built specifically for that.

What are disc golf discs made of?

They’re made very similarly to how Frisbees are made, so plastic! Though all are made of plastic, the actual type of plastic that’s used might affect your game. So, make sure you’re choosing a high-quality product that isn’t flimsy or easily breakable.

Can you use a regular Frisbee for disc golf?

You can, but it won’t do much for you if you’re looking to ramp up your game. Since Frisbees are all a consistent weight and size, you won’t be able to nail a long-distance shot and also get a close shot into the basket. However, you can use a Frisbee as an introduction to the game.

Can you break in a disc golf disc?

There’s no need to break in your disc. Throwing it into an endless number of trees or fences will only wear away at its integrity and make the disc weaker overall. Breaking in your disc will have very little, if any, impact on its performance.

Where do you play disc golf?

So, you’ve got the set. Now what? Unless you purposely are looking for them, you probably never even noticed the disc golf baskets at your local park. You can easily search online for local disc golf courses or even set up your own basket in your backyard.

Does it cost anything to play disc golf?

Unless you’re entering into some form of tournament with an entry fee, you can play disc golf for free. The only costs you’ll incur are paying for your own equipment, like discs and a carrying bag for your discs.


Using quality disc golf discs can be the difference between setting a new PR at the local course and having three cracked discs by the end of the game. So, put that Frisbee aside and start your search for real discs!

The most important thing to think about is your current skill level. Discs have different weights and flight rating systems, so make sure you’re choosing discs that are meant for your experience and your throwing style.

Most importantly, choose a reputable brand (like Innova or Dynamic Discs). Even though you might want to save a few dollars right now, it’ll save you money in the long run and won’t require disc replacements.

So, make that first purchase and start playing disc golf today!

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