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Best Outdoor Christmas Lights Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best outdoor Christmas lights for the festive season? Read on as we review all the top options with pros & Cons.
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Are you day-dreaming about the festive season already? With the winter on its way, Xmas is around the corner, and it’s time to ramp up your efforts at bringing the yuletide cheer.

There are so many elements about the Xmas season that come to mind. The taste of fresh eggnog, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, and the tree is sparkling away in the corner. However, what are you doing for the lighting this year?

Lighting sets the tone of the room, enhancing your family’s Xmas spirit. By dressing up the tree and decorating the room, you get a festive theme the whole family can enjoy. Most family’s on the east coast have to deal with a brutal winter season. The heavy snowfall creates opportunities for kids to enjoy playing around in the falling snowflakes.

Spending Xmas indoors is just how things are on the Eastern seaboard. However, if you live in Florida, the Sun-belt states, or on the west coast, your Xmas experience is completely different. You have the option of enjoying the outdoor weather, with evening temperatures never dropping far enough to make things unpleasant for entertaining outdoors.

Regardless of whether you’re spending Xmas indoors or outdoors this year, outdoor Xmas lights can lift your spirits. Dressing up your outdoor space can help extend the Xmas theme throughout your home. This post will look at the best outdoor Xmas lights to add to your seasonal planning.

Our Top Picks

If you have a pumpkin pie baking in the oven and don’t have the time to go through all the Xmas lights in this review, this section is for you. From the hundreds of lighting arrangements available, we narrowed it down to ten choices for this review.

These three systems represent our picks for the best-of-the-best in outdoor Xmas lights. We selected a model to suit the needs of every homeowner. Choose the lights you need for your home, and start planning your festive season!

Best Pick: Diojilad Multicolor LED Christmas Lights

Diojilad Multicolor LED Christmas Lights Outdoor Indoor Christmas Decoration Lights 105Ft 300LED UL Certified(4 Sets Connectable), 8 Modes Waterproof Fairy Lights for Christmas Tree, Wedding, Party
  • UL CERTIFICATED & LOW VOLTAGE: Strictly tested and meets the requirements of string lights UL safety standards. 29V output voltage make it safe enough for children. Perfect for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Wedding, Party, Festival, Holiday decorations.
  • 8 LIGHTING MODES With MEMORY FUNCTION: These Christmas string lights with 8 different lighting modes, different lighting effects are controlled by the button on the plug, intelligent memory function design make the string lights will recover from the previous setting mode when you restart the string lights next time.
  • END TO END EXPANDABLE: Each Christmas light has end-to-end connection that allows up to 4 strands connected together to illuminate a larger range. They will brighten up the dark corner for happiness atmosphere inside or outside. What's more, with our upgraded Stay-On Bulbs design: each bulb Is Individual, if one of the bulbs burned out, the rest bulbs will Stay On.
  • IP55 WATERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR: Highly Waterproof designed starry lights perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations. The strong construction makes it tough and sturdy, not easy to break apart and overheat after long hours of usage. They are strong enough to provide years of high quality lighting.
  • IP55 WATERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR: Highly Waterproof designed starry lights perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations. The strong construction makes it tough and sturdy, not easy to break apart and overheat after long hours of usage. They are strong enough to provide years of high quality lighting.

With this Xmas lighting set, you get 300 LEDs in multiple colors for some festive cheer around your home’s exterior. There’s a 105-foot cable for extra length, and you can connect up to four sets to extend the Xmas theme around your home. This waterproof Xmas lighting system features UL certification, including eight lighting modes and memory function. It’s our top pick for the best overall outdoor Xmas lights.

Premium Pick: ZOIC 500 LED Christmas Fairy String Lights

ZOIC 500 LED Christmas Fairy String Lights for Wedding Party Patio Holiday Decoration 100 Meters (328 feet) 8 Modes Memory Function 29V (Multi-Color)
  • Energy efficient: comes with 500 leds, total power 6w, with high electric energy convert rate, no heat energy consumption. Energy saving and safe for using.
  • Easy to use: directly plug in and unplug it for power on and off. US standard,voltage 29, with just one button for modes switch.
  • 8 modes for choosing: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs , chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on.High brightness: 500 LED lights brighten up the happiness atmosphere inside or outside
  • Popularly used for decorative - party, wedding, home, window, bathroom, festival, Holiday, shows, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center, shopcase, pub, club,concert, hall, cabaret, fashion show, dance, stage, etc.
  • Please follow the manual to untangle these lights. It will be highly appreciated and welcome that customers can contact us for any problems.

If you’re looking for a fancy lighting system suitable for creating a Xmas theme in contemporary homes, this model is a great choice. We gave these lights the vote for the best premium outdoor Xmas lights, thanks to its elegant design and interesting color schemes. This model isn’t your typical Xmas theme, but it does create that special Xmas ambiance around your home or apartment. You get 500 LEDs, with 328-feet of cable, and eight memory modes for the lights. These lights come in five different color designs to suit your home’s theme.

Budget Pick: Romasaty Christmas Lights

Romasaty Christmas Lights(25FT) 5 Multi-Color Outdoor&Indoor Light for Holiday Party Wedding,25 Clear C7 Light(Plus 2 Extra Bulbs)
  • 25 Pack 5 Watt Multi color-Red, Blue,Green, Pink and Yellow C7 Christmas light Bulbs on green wire (plus 2 extra bulbs),C7/E12 Candelabra Base,125W per string,120V Power,25ft total length.Christmas lights are UL Listed.
  • 6" lead with male plug,12" spacing between bulbs,6" tail with female connector.Commercial grade Heavy Duty 20 gauge outdoor wire.End to end connection,Connect up to THREE Sets.Do not exceed 375 Watts.One bulb goes out will Not affect others Lighting.
  • Quick & easy set up your string lights in minutes.Vintage Christmas lights can be easily install and remove if you need to put them in other place.You just need to take them down carefully and put them in other place.
  • Great for indoor/outdoor use,backyard, garden, patio, wedding, party,Christmas,tree.C7 Christmas lights embellish your life with color to make it more meaningful and bring joy to the festival.
  • Installation Suggestion of string light bulbs: Do avoid hanging the string lights on outdoor when rainy or windy so as to prolong service life. Bulbs are fragile goods, please take it lightly.For spare or replacement bulbs, pls search Asin# B07WJZVYCF.

Holidaymakers looking for the best budget buy in this review will love the Romatasy Xmas lighting system. This traditional setup features large LEDs, with five different-color bulbs. You have the option of choosing from five color setups to suit your needs. These Xmas lights come with heavy-gauge wire, and they make the ideal choice for lining fences, gutters, and walkways around the home, spreading the yuletide cheer throughout your neighborhood. Considering these lights are under $20, it makes for a great budget buy this Xmas.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Reviews

Now that you know the basics about our top models, let’s unpack them in greater detail. We’ll also look at other lighting systems that deserve mention in the best outdoor Xmas lights.

Stick around after you finish reading the reviews, and browse through our buyer’s guide. We’ll give you tips for selecting the right Xmas lights and installing them around your home.

Diojilad Multicolor LED Christmas Lights

This LED Xmas light arrangement wins our best overall award in this review. This model features a 105-foot cable with 300-LEDs to brighten the mood around your home thins festive season.

This model has IP55 waterproof design, with eight different light functions and onboard memory. The product meets UL certification standards, and you get full control of the lighting system through the button on the top of the plug.

These Xmas lights come in three color variations, and you can expand your lighting arrangement by adding up to four sets.

  • 105-foot cable with 300 LEDs
  • Eight lighting modes with memory function
  • Classic design
  • Available in three color setups
  • UL certified and low voltage
  • Connect up to four strands of lights
  • IP55 waterproof rating
  • Not suitable for perimeter use

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ZOIC 500 LED Christmas Fairy String Lights

Do you own a contemporary home or apartment? Spread the festive cheer with this set of fancy Xmas lights. You get a 326-foot cable holding 500-LEDs. These lights are a great choice for use indoors and outdoors, with an IP65 water-resistant rating.

You get your choice of five color arrangements, with eight modes and memory function. There’s a button to switch between modes, and operations for combination, waves, sequencing, slogging, flash/chasing, slow fade, flash/twinkle, and always on.

These Xmas lights will lift spirits around your home this season. You get a decorative finish that looks great on the tree, on your patio, or around your front door entrance.

  • Fancy fairy Xmas lights
  • Suitable for homes and apartments with a contemporary design
  • Comes in five color options
  • 326-foot cable with 500 LEDs
  • Eight lighting modes
  • Not suitable for perimeter use

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Romasaty Christmas Lights

If you’re looking for some Xmas lights for your home’s perimeter,this affordable option is your best choice in this review. Hang these lights on fences, around your gutters, in trees, or around the patio edging.

These lights feature a 25-foot cable with 25-LEDs. You get classic Xmas colors, with three other color options available. This model features an armored cable for rugged outdoor use and weatherproof bulbs. You can connect up to three sets to cover your yard and C7 bulbs that provide extended service life and plenty of light.

You get a spare fuse with your set and easy setup. Make sure you don’t exceed 375-watts total when connecting sets.

  • Suitable for perimeter use
  • Large LED bulbs with five colors
  • Four color options available
  • 25-foot cable with 25 bulbs
  • Armored cable with a weatherproof design
  • Not the best choice for entrances and entertainment areas

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MYGOTO Xmas Lights String Lights

This MYGOTO Xmas light selection is outstanding, with excellent value for the homeowner. You get a 165-foot cable featuring 500-LEDs. The lights come in cheery Xmas colors, with three variations available to match your home’s design and color.

You get eight lighting modes, along with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. These lights are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with a weatherproof design ideal for outdoor conditions.

  • 165-foot cable with 500-LEDs
  • Weatherproof design
  • Available in 12 color variations
  • Eight lighting modes
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Not suitable for perimeter use

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Good Tidings Northlight Holiday Light Set

This Xmas light set is another great choice for lighting up your home’s perimeter this festive season. With this set, you get a 25-foot armored power cable that’s weather-resistant and waterproof.

There are 26 LED lights in five colors to spread the holiday cheer around your yard. The lights come with C9 ceramic bulbs suitable to withstand rain and snow.

Connect up to three sets to extend the lighting around your yard. You have two color options when selecting your set, and 12-inch spacing between your LED bulbs.

  • Suitable for perimeter use
  • Available in two color options
  • Xmas-themed colors
  • 24-foot armored cable with 25 bulbs
  • Weatherproof design
  • Not suitable for entrances or entertainment areas

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Ankuka 200 LED Mini Xmas String Lights

This set features a 66-foot cable holding 200-LEDs. This set is great value for money and a good choice for decorating large yards. You can connect up to 22-sets with this model, providing maximum coverage for your yard.

The LEDs are energy efficient, and you get a 25,000-hour service life that lasts for many Xmas seasons to come. You get IP44 waterproofing and weather resistance with this set, as well as an extra fuse included with your purchase.

  • 66-foot cable with 200-LEDs
  • Connect up to 22-sets
  • IP44 weatherproof rating
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Energy efficient
  • Available in three color options
  • Battery operation and mains
  • Not suitable for perimeter use

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TaoTronics LED Xmas String Lights

This model is another premium choice for contemporary homeowners. Bring some festive cheer to your apartment this year, and hook up this set. You get your choice of four RBG colors for your lighting system or always-on warm white function. This set provides a subtle light that’s a great choice for use indoors or outdoors.

You get a 33-foot cable with 100-LEDs, and timer and memory modes. The auto-memory function remembers your timing. It turns on the lights for 6-hours at night, and off for another 18-hours before repeating the cycle.

This set is a great choice for the balcony, veranda, or patio, with IP65 waterproofing for outdoor use in wet weather.

  • Fancy color design
  • A great choice for contemporary homes and apartments
  • 33-foot cable with 100-LEDs
  • 16 lighting modes
  • IP65 weather-resistance
  • USB connection
  • Not suitable for perimeter use

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TaoTronics 33ft Xmas LED String Lights

This model is another great choice for fancy lighting around the home this festive season. You get the same setup as the previous TaoTronics model, with a 33-foot cable sporting 100-LEDs. This model also features an IP65 water-resistant rating, and it’s suitable for use outdoors.

We recommend installing this set around the patio or use it as a welcome lighting system around your front door. You get a handy USB connection for easy lighting, making for easy setup in your home.

  • Warm white color
  • A great choice for traditional and contemporary homes and apartments
  • 33-foot cable with 100-LEDs
  • IP65 weather-resistance
  • USB connection
  • Not suitable for perimeter use

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Homeleo Cold White Snowflake Xmas LED Fairy Lights

If you want to jazz up the Xmas theme in your home this festive season, check out this set of LED Xmas lights. With this set, you get LEDs shaped like snowflakes, bringing that extra bit of ambiance to your home this year.

This model features a 25-foot cable with 50-clear, snowflake-shaped LEDs. It’s a great choice for use around the patio, front door, windowsills, and even trees. You get eight lighting modes, including dimmable brightness, to set the mood around your home.

This set comes with a timing program featuring 6-hours on and 18-hours off, making for an energy-efficient setup. The waterproof design makes it suitable for use outdoors, and you get a remote control for use within your home.

  • Cute snowflake LED design for yuletide cheer
  • 25-foot cable with 50 clear LEDs
  • 1.6-inch star size
  • Timing program
  • Eight lighting modes
  • Dimmable brightness function
  • Waterproof design
  • Not suitable for perimeter use

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Everglow Clear White Xmas Wire Light Set

Homeowners looking for an affordable and effective outdoor Xmas lighting system need to check out this model from Everglow. You get an 18-foot cable featuring 100-mini lights that burn bright on Xmas night.

This set is a great choice for lighting up windowsills, patios, and gutters. You get a weatherproof design and easy setup.

  • Classic white color
  • Available in various other color options
  • 18-foot cable with 100 mini-lights
  • Affordable
  • Not LED

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
WATERGLIDE 360 LED Christmas Icicle Lights Outdoor Dripping Icicle String Light, 29.5ft 8 Modes Curtain Fairy Lights with 60 Drops, Indoor Xmas Holiday Wedding Party Decorations, Multicolor
  • LED Icicle Christmas Lights: Holiday decorating is easy with the 360 LED multicolor icicle lights, these are sure to bring brightness to your home. It comes with 60 drops, 29.5ft long and a super long 16.5 ft leading wire for convenient use. These outdoor Christmas icicle lights are certificated for safe use of UL588 whole lights.
  • Easy to Use: Hang the icicle lights on the eaves, top of hall, handrail, or anywhere you want. Directly plug in and unplug it for power on and off. US standard outlet, voltage 110V. Plug to the controller. There is a connector plug on the front end, can at most connect end-to-end 3 sets. DO NOT CUT THE NYLON CABLE TIES! They are used to fix the icicle lights line.
  • 8 Modes Settings: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. The icicle lights have a memory function, when you turn it on again, it's still in the mode that you set before. Different modes represent different moods.
  • Safety & Energy Saving: 29V Low output adapter ensure the safety, just plug in and unplug it for power on and off. The strong construction makes it tough and sturdy, not easy to damage and keep at a low temperature state after long hours of usage. LEDs are made of high durability and the energy efficiency material, saves up to 80% energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Perfect Outdoor Decoration: Waterproof IP44, perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations. Christmas, party, Valentine's Day, wedding, home, window, bathroom, festival, Holiday, shows, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center etc.
Bestseller No. 2
Quwin Led Outdoor Christmas String Lights, 344Ft 1000 LED UL Certified 8 Lighting Modes , Indoor & Outside Waterproof Fairy Light for Christmas Tree, Patio, Wedding, Party (344 Ft Warm-White)
  • 【UL Certified, Safe to Use】The entire string light is completely UL certified (including String Wire, LED Bulbs, and Low Power Consumption Output Plug). Strictly tested and meets the requirements of string lights UL safety standards, 24V output voltage makes it safe enough for children
  • 【8 Lighting Modes & Memory Function】This Christmas string light with 8 different lighting modes(combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on), you can press the button on the adapter to change. Intelligent memory function design to remember the last setting after cutting off the power, no need to set the light again.
  • 【Super Long Length】This super long 344Ft fairy string lights with 1000 warm white individual LED bulbs. Which is enough to surround the ordinary front yard, garden, terrace, Christmas tree, bushes, stair banister, etc.
  • 【Durable and Weather Resistant】Highly Waterproof designed lights perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations. The strong construction makes it tough and sturdy, not easy to break apart and overheat after long hours of usage.
  • 【Perfect Decoration】The light create romantic and warm atmosphere when the lights on.Perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations. Christmas,party,patio,Valentine's Day, wedding, home, window,festival, Holiday,restaurant, hotel,commercial building, shopping center etc.
Bestseller No. 3
Christmas String Lights End-to-End Plug 8 Modes 108FT 300 LED IP55 Outdoor Waterproof UL Certificated Indoor Fairy Lights Halloween Garden Patio Wedding Christma Trees Parties Decoration Multicolor
  • Safty Comes First. 100% Whole Set UL(Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) approved ,CERTIFIED - The whole string lights is completely UL approved (including string wire, LED bulbs and low power consumption output plug), Stay Cool even long time use. including led beads, coppr core insulated wire and power adapter.
  • PERFECT SIZE AND SUPPORT 4 SETS END TO END CONNECTABLE: 300LEDs 108FT And Support Max 4 Sets End to End Connect. Each one length is 108 feet, Freely 1-4 sets conntect according to your demand. the max expandable length is 432 feet., You Can Buy 4 Sets To Connect Together, Enough To Cover Larger Area.
  • 8 Lighting Modes and Automatically Memory. Combination, in waves, sequential, slogs ,chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash and steady on, these 8 Lighting Modes Available for Choice for this LED Christmas String Light and It Remember Your Last Setting Automatically.
  • IP55 Heavy Rain And Snow Protection. Withstand any kinds of wet weather, for example heavy rain and snow, This is designed to use for indoor and outdoor. Wedding, Holiday, Christmas, Garden, Yard,Lawn, Fence, Porch, Tree, Roof, Deck, patio outdoor use. Perfect string christmas lights.
  • Perfect Decoration. The light create romantic and warm atmosphere when the lights on.Perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations. party,Valentine's Day, wedding, home, window,festival, restaurant, hotel,commercial building, shopping center etc.
Bestseller No. 4
PABIPABI Christmas Outdoor String Lights 82ft 200 LED 9 Modes UL Safe Certified Weatherproof for Christmas Trees, Halloween, Garden, Patio, Wedding, Parties Decor(Multicolor)
  • Festival Decorations 82.83 Feets string lights —— PABIPABI with 200 Transparent Hexagonal prismatic lamp beads. The difference is that each of our hexagonal prismatic lamp beads has 13 faces, which makes the lamp beads appear brighter and more shining in the same type of products.
  • 8 Lighting Modes & 4 Colors —— PABIPABI String Light has 8 lighting modes for you to choose: COMBINATION, IN WAVES, SEQUENTIAL,sLO-GLo, CHASING/FLASH, SLOW FADE, TWNKLE/FLASH, and STEADYON.
  • SUPER SAFE —— 30V Low Voltage Dark Green Wire String Lights , Keep at a low temperature state after lighting up for hours, ensure and maximize the safety. Directly plug in and unplug it for power on and off. US standard outlet, voltage 110V-125V. Adapter to the first LED light: 11.5ft. Total length(lights string and leading line): 82.83ft.
  • Waterproof & Widely Use —— The strong construction makes the string lights tough and sturdy, and waterproof designed string lights perfect for indoor outdoor decorations, ideal for home, bedroom, wall, garden balcony ,party lights , Christmas tree lights,Christmas decorations, wedding decorations, party decorations, Halloween decorations.
  • PABIPABI Tips —— Before using, please test the light string. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know and our customer service team will help you RETURN OR REFUND.
Bestseller No. 5
Toodour Christmas Lights, 317 LED 10ft X 9 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Lights with 12" Topper Star, 8 Lighting Modes Outside Christmas Tree Lights (White)
  • Perfect Christmas Outdoor Decorations Lights - The Christmas lights can be hang indoors or outdoors which will create a warm and active atmosphere for your holidays. It can be widely used in wedding, party, garden, commercial building, shopping center, bar, trees...
  • 8 Lighting Modes - Combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on, total 8 Modes for options. Press mode button selects 8 different modes to satisfy your diverse needs.
  • Timer & Built in Memory Chip - There is a button on the adapter, short press to choose mode, and long press 3s until the green lights on, then timer is activated. The star Christmas lights will 6 hrs on and 18 hrs off automatically. Built in memory chip will save your last mode setting and no need to reset the mode every time.
  • Waterproof IP44 & Easy to Operated - The outdoor Christmas tree lights is waterproof and you can hang the Christmas string lights outdoor, just remember to keep the adapter dry. Hangg the fairy star string lights and turn it on, you will see a star glittering in the night sky, beautiful addition to your outdoor decorations.
  • Unique Design - This tree decoration lights comes with a 12 inch topper star and 9 strings light which is 10 feet each. You can enjoy a perfect lighting show in your garden and home. Embellish your house or garden with this cheerful lights is one of the most classic ways of dressing up your property for special occasions.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Buyer’s Guide

There’s something about Xmas that gives every American a special feeling during the festive season. You walk through malls to the sound of Xmas music, with decorations across storefront windows. Turn on the radio to another Xmas song as you drive home, and get in the festive spirit.

During the festive season, decorating your home is an American tradition. It’s common to see neighbors competing for the best-decorated home on the block, and there are outdoor displays in every neighborhood across the country. It’s time to join in on the fun and get yourself a set of the best outdoor Xmas lights this season.

Lighting is what makes the difference to your display – especially at night. If you want to show that you’re taking part in the holiday cheer, a set of Xmas lights is a must for every homeowner. By now, you should have a good idea of the types of Xmas lights available.

All the sets I this review are top-quality buys for your home this festive season. However, you might need some more information to help you choose the best set of Xmas lights possible.

This section will look at the factors you need to consider when buying the best outdoor Xmas lights.

What Do I Need to Look for When Shopping for Xmas Lights?

There are hundreds of sets available from online retailers. Settling on the right Xmas light setup for your home can take you hours of searching through listings. However, we did the hard work for you in this review. With our top-10 models, you’re sure to settle on a set for your home.

However, you need to understand your decorative needs when selecting your ideal set. A traditional home in the suburbs will have different décor requirements and themes to a contemporary apartment in the city. We took the time to include models in this review to suit any residence.

Ask yourself the following questions when settling on the best outdoor Xmas lights.

Do I Need Outdoor or Indoor Xmas Lights?

When planning your festive decorations, the first step is to decide where you’re going to set up your lights. If you want lights for the perimeter, you’re going to need a different setup to sets designed for use around the patio and front entrance to your home.

If you’re setting up outdoors, it’s critical to ensure you get a set with a waterproof rating. Look for sets that offer a rating of IP45 or better for a weather-resistant outdoor Xmas lighting solution. Some models come with dual use for inside and outside the home. Choose a set that matches your needs.

Incandescent Vs. LED Bulbs – Which Is the Better Choice?

LED lights are the new lighting technology sweeping the world by storm. Very few manufacturer’s offer incandescent options, and prefer to produce LED products

LEDs are more efficient than incandescent options, with extended service life. In candescent setups, give you an average operating lifespan of around 5,000 to 10-hours, depending on the manufacturer. With LEDs, you get 25,000 to 50,000-hours, depending on the brand.

That’s a significant increase in the LED option’s service life, giving you enough light for decades of festive season celebrations. There is not much of a cost difference in the price tags between incandescent and LED outdoor Xmas light sets.

However, incandescent bulbs produce that traditional warm glow that we all love to languish in on cold winter nights during the festive season. Incandescent lights produce heat, making them somewhat of a fire-hazard compared to the cool LEDs.

Another notable feature of LEDs is the efficiency of the bulb. You consume a fraction of the electricity you do with incandescent lights.

What Is the Best Bulb Shape, Color, and Size for My Xmas Lights?

You have plenty of options for bulb shapes, sizes, and colors when picking out your ideal Xmas light set. The teardrop bulb design is a popular choice with Xmas lights, with globes and decorative designs gaining traction in recent years.

Choosing the right bulb color is important, and you want to try and match it to your home. For instance, if you have a contemporary apartment in NYC, you might own a balcony that you decide to decorate during the festive season.

In this scenario, a set of fairy lights with eccentric colors like those in the TaoTronics set would be a good choice. However, these same lights wouldn’t do well in traditional family homes. A family home would probably do better with the standard seasonal colors of red, green, blue, and white.

LEDs come in a range of ratings to suit different outdoor environments.

  • C6 LEDs – These bulbs are small, around the size and shape of a strawberry. They’re a good choice for indoor trees and decorative purposes.
  • C7 LEDs – These lights have a rounder design compared to the C6, and they look good wrapped around staircase banisters or outdoors around the patio.
  • C9 LEDs – The traditional teardrop shape and size for the Xmas lights most of us know and love. These lights are around 2.5-inches in length, with a classic teardrop design. They make a fantastic visual impact on outdoor displays.
  • Novelty LEDs – Novelty LEDs are a rising trend. Some manufacturers mold special LED lights, like the Homeleo Cold White Snowflake Xmas, LED Fairy Lights in this review. These snowflake lights add more value to your lighting theme, giving a special Xmas feel to your decorations this year.

What String Length and LED Spacing Do I Need?

When picking up your ideal Xmas light set, make sure you check on the cable’s length and the number of LEDs you get with the set. You should also look at the spacing between the LEDs to see if it suits your purposes.

Perimeter Xmas lights will have larger spacing between lights, typically around 6 to 10-inches. That kind of setup is not the best choice for the front door or windowsills. Choose the set that makes sense for your outdoor arrangement purposes.

Bulb and Spacing Recommendations

As a rule of thumb, most mini-light sets feature spacing of 4 to 6-inches between lights. Most of these sets come in strings that can be up to 50-feet in length. However, some models can have light lines of up to 330-feet, with as many as 500-LEDs per cable.

Some models come with a connectable design, allowing you to string multiple lights together to cover larger areas. You’re going to need to

Here are a few guidelines you can use for setting up the best outdoor Xmas lights.

  • If you’re decorating a tree outdoors, remember to use 100 LEDs per foot of height in the tree.
  • Mock out the lighting area before you buy it. Measure the space you need to cover to ensure you get enough LEDs and cable length from your set.
  • Remember to account for the wire’s length connecting from the controller to the plug and the light string.
  • Check all connections when linking sets.
  • When combining sets, only use the same set for the same manufacturer. Using different lights could result in electrical faults, producing hazards around your home.
  • Test the lights after setting them up and run through the different lighting modes.
  • If you have any faults, inform the retailer, and return the product.

What Kind of Power Source Do I Need for My Xmas Lights?

All the Xmas lights in this review receive power from an electrical outlet. Some models feature controllers on the plug, allowing you to switch between modes. These sets will come with electrical connections to suit the US market; if you’re buying them in Europe, you’ll need to get a plug adapter.

Some sets come with battery-powered operation, allowing you to set them up on windowsills and places where there is no other power supply. Most light sets are efficient, giving you plenty of light off a set of batteries.

Are There Any Special Features I Need to Look for In My Xmas Lights?

When choosing the best outdoor Xmas lights for your yard, look at the additional features available in the set. Here are some of the special features you’ll find in the top models in this review.

  • Remote control – Look for models that come with remote controls. If you install the lights in hard-to-reach places, a remote control makes it a lot easier turning the lights on and off. Remotes make things convenient. Turn the lights off with the remote when you go to bed without walking across the room to hit the switch.
  • Lighting modes – As mentioned, look for models that include different lighting modes. Most of the sets in this review offer up to eight modes.
  • Timer – A timer helps you save electricity. Set the time to work anywhere from 6 to 18-hours, and the system will shut down automatically and switch on by itself.
  • Novelty design – Novelty LED designs like snowflakes can add an extra visual edge to your light display this festive season.
  • Linkable sets – Look for sets that allow you to link them up and increase coverage. Remember only to link compatible sets to avoid electrical hazards.

Outdoor Xmas Lights FAQs

Does rain affect outdoor Xmas lights?

Most outdoor Xmas lights come with armored cables suitable for use in outdoor conditions. Check that your Xmas lights come with a UL certification for weatherproofing. Lights that don’t have waterproofing present electrical hazards around the home.

How do I string up Xmas lights in my backyard?

When stringing up your lights in your backyard, secure them to fences, trees, sheds, gazebos, and any other structure. It’s amazing what you can do with a pack of zip-ties.

How do I untangle Xmas lights?

After stowing your Xmas lights away for the year, it’s time to break them out for some yuletide cheer. However, they’re a tangled mess – Now what? The best strategy for untangling is not to get them in this situation in the first place. Follow this quick guide when packing away your lights this year.

  • Take the end of the LED lights between your forefinger and thumb
  • Bend your arm at the elbow
  • Loop the lighting cable around your elbow and back to your fingers
  • Wrap the plug and lead cable around the lights to secure the wrap

Where can I buy the best Xmas lights?

We recommend you pick up your Xmas lighting from the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon. Amazon has the lowest prices, and many of these lighting systems are on sale with coupons on the site right now. If you’re a Prime member, you get fast shipping and buyer protection for your order.

Outdoor Xmas Lights – The Verdict

By now, you should have a good idea of the best outdoor Xmas lights to bring some cheer to your festive season this year. We understand that it’s tough to choose from a few models. With this amount of variety on display, it’s challenging not to want to take them all.

However, if you’re still on the fence with your purchase decision, why not rely on our top picks? Our top three models have a lighting system to suit any homeowner’s needs or budget.

The Diojilad Multicolor LED Christmas Lights are a great choice for anyone that wants to light up their home this Xmas season.

These lights are a great choice for use around the patio and entrances of your home. They feature a 105-foot cord with 300-LEDs brightening up your residence. You get eight lighting modes, along with full waterproofing, and you can connect up to four strings of lights.

Homeowners looking for something fancy can go with the ZOIC 500 LED Christmas Fairy String Lights. This model features a design with a 328-foot cable and 500 LEDs. You get eight memory modes and low energy consumption. These lights come in five different color schemes to suit your home’s theme.

The Romasaty Christmas Lights are a great choice for lighting up the perimeter of your home. These Xmas lights feature large bulbs with 6-foot spacing and a heavy-duty gauge cable. You get your choice of five color schemes, with a 25-foot cord and 25 bulbs.

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