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Best Garage Fans Reviewed: Complete Guide

We decided to bring you this review of the best garage fans available. There's a model to suit home-based garages, and others to suit large workshops.
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It’s a pleasant experience working in your garage during the fall and wintertime. The temperature of your garage is mild, and you don’t find yourself sweating as you work. However, when the summertime comes around, everything changes.

During the peak of summer, there may be a 25-degree difference in the temperature inside and outside of your garage. Working in sweltering heat is not a lot of fun for anyone. You drip sweat; it’s hard to breathe, and changing that oil filter on your car seems like plenty of hard work.

Fortunately, you can beat the heat with a garage fan. Garage fans have powerful motors and large blades that spin at high speeds. As a result, the fan circulates air around your garage, removing hot-pockets while cooling the place down to an amicable temperature.

Using a garage fan reduces the temperature inside uninsulated buildings during the summertime. You can install the garage fan mounted to a wall, or use a standing fan that you can move around the garage.

We decided to bring you this review of the best garage fans available. There’s a model to suit home-based garages, and others to suit large workshops. Whatever your air requirements, you’ll find a garage fan in this review that meets your needs.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Pick: Lasko 2264QM High-Velocity Fan

Lasko 20" High Velocity QuickMount, Easily Converts from a Floor Wall Fan, 7 x 22 x 22 inches, Black 2264QM
  • 3 Powerful Speeds - makes this fan ideal for the garage, shop, attic, or anywhere else you need a high velocity fan. The powerful motor and metal fan blades provide a cooling breeze throughout the room.
  • Pivoting Head to Direct Air Flow & Circulation - allows you to direct high velocity air up, down, or anywhere in between making this fan ideal for cooling or ventilation of an area.
  • QuickMount for Easy Conversion from Floor to Wall Mount - simply mount the included bracket to the wall and easily convert your fan from a floor fan to a wall fan. The fan's stand, clips right into the mount and in seconds you have a wall mounted fan
  • Built to Last - with a metal fan cage and stand this fan is strong enough to last in workplace settings yet suitable for around the house thanks to built-in rubber pads on the fan stand
  • Simple No Tools Assembly - means you'll have your fan assembled in no time. Simply follow the included instructions to assemble the fan with the fan stand and you're done

The Lasko is our choice for the best garage fan in this review. The quick mount feature makes it easy to move around the garage, increasing its versatility. The high-power motor and multiple speed settings make it ideal for use in the warmest conditions. At a mid-range price point, this fan is affordable and very functional. We recommend this as the best fan of choice for home-based garages.

Runner Up Pick: Air King 9020 Wall Mount Fan

Air King 9020 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan, 20-Inch,Black
  • 20-Inch powder coated metal blade
  • 3-speed, 1/6 HP, 120V, 1 phase, totally enclosed ball bearing motor
  • Rear mounted pull cord switch and a black, 9-foot, 3-conductor SJT type power cord.Frequency:60 Hz
  • ETL and OSHA compliant; Tested in accordance with AMCA standard 230.99
  • Up to 3670 CFM.Maximum Sound Level:62 dB

If you run a workshop, you’ll need a high-power fan with excellent performance. The Air-King 9020 is your best choice for a powerful fan that displaces air across a large area. The wall-mounted swivel operation of this fan quickly circulates the air, cooling the workshop down in minutes.

Budget Pick: Hurricane Classic Series Wall Mount Fan

HURRICANE HGC736503 Wall Mount Fan 16 Inch, Classic Series, 90 Degree Oscillation 3 Speed Settings, Adjustable Tilt-ETL Listed, 16-Inch, White
  • 16 inch diameter fan blade with 3 speed motor
  • 90 degrees of extreme oscillating angles
  • Two pull cords for speed and oscillation control
  • Durable steel neck support and 60 inch power cord
  • ETL listed

If you’re looking for a high-power garage fan at an affordable price, then the Hurricane is your top choice. This wall-mounted fan offers an oscillating motion that enhances air circulation throughout the garage. With multiple speeds, this model has everything you need if you have a small garage or shed.

Top 10 Garage Fans

Here is our in-depth reviews and rundown of our top 10 picks.

Lasko 2264QM High Velocity Fan

Let’s start our review of the best garage fans by introducing the top model in this review. We rate the Lasko high-velocity garage fan as the best choice for any small to medium-sized garage. This floor-based model also comes with a wall mounting bracket to keep it out of your way.

The fan features three metal blades that rotate at high speeds, with 3-speed functions available for you to choose. The one-piece bracket mounts directly to your wall, or you can leave it standing on the floor and move it around your workshop. The rubber pads on the base of the frame ensure that the fan doesn’t skid around on the floor during high-speed operation.

Pick the fan up using its convenient carry handle and move it around the workshop with ease. The high-power motor of this model may sound fairly loud when operating a full speed, but it’s still quieter than a blower fan.

The fan features stainless steel construction on all parts, providing additional service life and longevity to the fans working parts. The Lasko high-velocity fan also features a pivoting head to allow you to direct the airflow anywhere you want in the garage. However, the head only moves up or down, and there is no oscillating motion with this unit.

We tested this fan on a hot day and found that it brought the temperature inside our garage down by a substantial 18-degrees in less than 15-minutes. If you run a medium to a small workshop, then you can’t go wrong with selecting the Lasko for your garage fan.

The fan comes ready to run right out of the box, with no additional assembly required.

  • Plug-and-play action right out of the box.
  • The unit has a high-velocity operation with three different speed settings.
  • It features a quick-mount release system with handle for additional portability.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Rubber feet to prevent floor skidding.
  • No oscillating motion

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Patton High-Velocity Fan

As far as floor fans go, this model is a close second to the Lasko. The Patton high-velocity garage fan features industrial construction for use in the harshest environmental conditions. This fan comes with 20-inch stainless steel blades that slice through the air in your garage. With multiple speed settings, the Patton garage fan will cool down your garage on the hottest summer days.

We think that this fan is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized garages. The sturdy metal frame features rubber feet to prevent the unit from skidding around the workshop. The fan also has a built-in handle that makes it easy to pick up the fan and move it around the garage.

You get protection from the high-speed blades through a stainless steel grille. It’s weather-resistant and robust enough to protect the fan blades if the unit sustains any impact during operation.

The powder-coated finish is easy on the eyes and makes the fan easy to clean while improving resistance to weather conditions and rust. The fan head allows you to adjust the angle of operation up or down to suit your needs.

  • An affordable option for an entry-level garage fan.
  • Large 20-inch stainless steel blades.
  • Powder-coated frame for weather resistance.
  • Multiple fan-speed settings.
  • No wall-mount bracket.
  • No oscillating function.

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Air King 9020 Wall Mount Fan

The Air King wall-mounted fan is our top choice for an industrial-grade workshop fan for your garage. This unit offers a high CFM that’s suitable to circulate the air inside the largest garages. Use this fan as an air-management system for garages, warehouses, or any other commercial building.

The fans powerful 125-watt motor spins the fans three stainless steel blades at high velocity, producing massive amounts of airflow. The sturdy design and construction of the fan mean that it’s robust enough to stand up to the toughest abuse around your workshop.

Fortunately, the Air King comes with a wall-mounting bracket. You can mount it on the wall out of the way, and still get the airflow you need inside your garage. You get all the necessary hardware to fit the mounting bracket included in the box with your purchase.

The Air King features three fan speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow to match the environmental conditions. The Air King may be the second most expensive unit in this review, but it’s worth the extra money if you want a powerful high-velocity fan that cools down the largest garages. With a CFM rating of 3750, this fan is the most powerful option in this review.

Unfortunately, this fan doesn’t include any oscillating option. However, you can tilt the fan head up or down to suit your needs.

  • This high-powered fan is suitable for the largest workshops.
  • Wall-mounting included.
  • Powder-coated finish for weather resistance.
  • 20-inch fan blades.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No oscillating function.

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Hurricane Classic Series Wall Mount Fan

If you’re looking for a budget-beater garage fan at a great price, then the Hurricane wall-mounted fan is your best choice. For less than $40, you get a fan that has some of the best features in this review. This fan mounts to any garage wall using the fasteners included in the box.

Unlike all of the other wall-mounted fans in this review, the Hurricane is the only one that offers oscillating motion of the fan head. We don’t understand why most manufacturers leave out this critical feature. However, but we suspect it may have something to do with the components in the moving parts being hard to maintain under warranty.

You control fan speed and oscillation of the fan head using two pull cords that hang from the body of the fan. We were initially unimpressed by the cheap-looking white plastic body. However, after further use, we found that’s it’s durable, and it makes cleaning so much easier than with a powder-coated frame.

Overall, we can’t say we find much that’s hard to knock about the Hurricane. We think this will make a great addition to any small to medium-sized garage or workshop. With 2,118-CFM produced by the three 16-inch fan blades, you get three fan speed settings to choose from, with oscillating motion making this model a standout in this review.

  • Oscillating motion in the fan head.
  • Wall-mounted.
  • 3-fan speed settings.
  • Affordable and good value.
  • Plastic housing looks cheap.

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Maxxair HVWM Wall Mount Fan

If you need power from your garage fan, then the industrial-grade Maxxair overhead fan is a great choice. This fan features a high-power motor that pulls 1,150-CFM of air through the 18-inch blades at maximum speed. The fan comes with three modes, low, medium, and fast, enabling you to change between modes to suit climate conditions.

This 18-inch fan mounts overhead, leaving your workshop floor free of clutter from cables. The hanging bar lets you rotate the fan up and down at a 180-degree angle. The 10-foot power cord has a 3-pin connection for plug-and-play operation. We were a bit disappointed that there was no oscillating function with this wall-mounted fan.

Switch between fan modes using the pull cord, and mount it using the fasteners included in the box. There’s no assembly required, all you need to do is plug it into a 120V outlet, and you are ready to go.

This fan suits a large workshop, and the 18-inch blades are capable of pushing around enough air to eliminate any hot pockets in the garage. The Maxxair wall-mount fan comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covering manufacturing defects.

  • 18-inch blades for good air movement.
  • This fan is wall-mounted overhead, suitable for warehouses, storerooms, and workshops.
  • OSHA compliant, safe for industrial applications.
  • No oscillating movement.
  • Slightly expensive.

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Maxxair High-Velocity Air Movement Fan

For the largest workshops in the warmest weather, we recommend you go with the Maxxair high-velocity air movement fan. This model is a monster of a garage fan, with two speeds to select. The lowest setting on this fan is 2,800-CFM, which is significantly higher than the maximum setting on almost every other fan in this review. The high setting pushed the CFM up to 4,000.

If you work in a large commercial workshop, or you manage a warehouse, then setting this fan up will meet your air-management requirements. The fan is portable, and surprisingly lightweight considering its sturdy construction.

This floor-based fan comes with adjustable movement up or down, allowing you to focus the airflow of the fan through 180-degrees. OSHA compliant, with 10-foot grounded power cords and a powder-coated finish for extra durability.

The fan is powerful enough to cover a 1,600-square foot factory with its cooling power. The high-velocity circulator provides smooth motion of the fan blades, and this unit produces less sound than expected. With anti-skid rubber feet, there’s no chance of this fan moving around, even on the high setting.

  • Suitable for garages, patios, and workshops.
  • 4,000-CFM, highest in this review.
  • Surprisingly lightweight.
  • Not suitable for small garages.
  • No oscillating motion.

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Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan Review

This ceiling-mounted garage fan is ideal for residential and commercial use. If you need to cool down your lounge or your small garage, then this fan will help you keep cool on hot summer days. The fan features three 56-inch stainless steel blades that move at five different speed settings.

However, you’ll need to hire a professional electrician to wire this fan into your electrical system. If you don’t use a professional, it may void the fans warranty.

The most outstanding feature of this ceiling fan is the manufacturer’s warranty. Westinghouse guarantees the motor for 15-years, with a 2-year warranty on parts, making it the most extensive warranty in this review.

  • Wires into your homes electrical system.
  • Efficient and powerful.
  • 26-inch fan blades.
  • 15-year warranty.
  • Challenging to install, requires professional assistance.
  • There is no ability to focus the airflow in a specific direction.

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Other Best Selling Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Lasko 20" High Velocity QuickMount, Easily Converts from a Floor Wall Fan, 7 x 22 x 22 inches, Black 2264QM
  • 3 Powerful Speeds - makes this fan ideal for the garage, shop, attic, or anywhere else you need a high velocity fan. The powerful motor and metal fan blades provide a cooling breeze throughout the room.
  • Pivoting Head to Direct Air Flow & Circulation - allows you to direct high velocity air up, down, or anywhere in between making this fan ideal for cooling or ventilation of an area.
  • QuickMount for Easy Conversion from Floor to Wall Mount - simply mount the included bracket to the wall and easily convert your fan from a floor fan to a wall fan. The fan's stand, clips right into the mount and in seconds you have a wall mounted fan
  • Built to Last - with a metal fan cage and stand this fan is strong enough to last in workplace settings yet suitable for around the house thanks to built-in rubber pads on the fan stand
  • Simple No Tools Assembly - means you'll have your fan assembled in no time. Simply follow the included instructions to assemble the fan with the fan stand and you're done
Bestseller No. 2
Lasko High Velocity X-Blower Utility Fan for Cooling, Ventilating, Exhausting and Drying at Home, Job Site and Work Shop, Blue X12905
  • HIGH VELOCITY AIR STREAM – Powered by 3 fan speeds, this heavy-duty air mover is best for cooling the hottest spaces in the house, circulating and exhausting stuffy air and drying out wet carpeting and floors. Ideal for kitchens, garages, basements, shops, job sites and more.
  • COMPACT AND ADAPTABLE – This cool looking, lightweight carpet dryer is a breeze to move from room to room or job to job where you can use its 6-position capability to direct the air flow where it’s needed most.
  • EASY TO USE – This floor fan comes fully assembled and is always ready for work. Electronic push button controls make it easy to adjust the air velocity for the project at hand. Comes equipped with a built-in 120V accessory outlet and 2 USB ports to power additional devices.
  • A REAL SPACE SAVER – Standing only 11 in. tall with a small 9 in. x 12 in. footprint, this fan optimizes floor space easily fitting in places where pedestal & box fans won’t, without sacrificing comfort or performance.
  • TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS – Lasko has been making quality household products for over 100 years. The X-Blower is ETL Listed and comes with a three-prong grounded plug and a built-in circuit breaker with reset button.
Bestseller No. 3
B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan, 20"
  • WIND TO KEEP YOU COOL - Whether you're working with machinery in a large shop, warehouse, or winding down after work outdoor on your patio enjoying a drink, our 20-inch fan will meet your cooling needs.
  • POWERFUL - Our fans will help you get through those hot summer days where you need real air flow when those heat waves hit. Great for those that like loud white noise while sleeping.
  • VERSATILE - 3 speed settings, tilt adjustable, portable handle, and UL certification to keep you safe. Keep it on the floor or hang it on the wall in your kitchen to circulate the hot air out.
  • STRONG AND STURDY - All metal heavy duty housing that is easy to assemble and take apart for easy and convenient maintenance. Small grid spacing to keep out accidental fingers and paws from getting in.
  • WARRANTY - 1 year Warranty. At B-Air, we engineer quality, durable, and reliable products. We stand by our products and hope you do too.

Garage Fan Buyers Guide

With all seven of these models offering benefits for cooling down your garage, how do you pick the right one? We put together this buying guide to give you further insight into garage fans. Review all of the information to make an informed purchase decision on your new garage fan.

Garage Fan Buyers Guide
Garage Fan Buyers Guide

Powerful Motor

Garage fans come with one of two motor types. The first kind of motor that’s most common in fans is the sleeve bearing motor. This motor relies on an oil system that recirculates through the machine parts, keeping them lubricated. Fans that use a sleeve bearing motor are more affordable, but they don’t have a long service life.

The second type of motor found in high-power garage fans used in industrial settings is the dual ball-bearing motor. This motor ensures that all the working parts receive adequate lubrication during operation.

Dual-bearing motors are more expensive, but they will have a far superior service life over a sleeve bearing model. The dual-bearing system also works more efficiently, cooling down the air in your garage faster than a sleeve bearing model.

Power Output

When choosing the right fan for your garage, the most critical specification is the amount of airflow moving through the fan blades each minute. Manufacturers measure the output of the fan in CFM or cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM specification, the more airflow the fan produces, cooling the air faster.

If you have a small garage at home, you might be able to get away with a fan that produces 1,500-CFM. However, larger workshops require a model that provides at least 3,000-CFM.

Multiple Fan Speed Settings

Your garage fan should feature various speed settings. During the summer, you may encounter overcast days that are not as warm as bright, sunny afternoons. As a result, you need to turn down the fan speed, or you might end up feeling chilly. Multiple fan speeds allow you to adjust the fan’s output to match environmental conditions.

Fan Sizing

Choosing the right size fan depends on the area you need to cover. Anyone utilizing a fan in a small garage should consider a fan with smaller blades, while a large workshop requires larger blades to move the air. However, it’s important to note that blade size is not as crucial as CFM when selecting your ideal garage fan.

Adjustable Fan Head

Make sure you pick a model that offers an adjustable fan head. Some floor-based models only provide movement of the unit up or down. Other models provide an oscillating motion that moves the fan head from side to side. We recommend that you avoid using fixed fans, as you’ll have to continually move it and adjust it to get the right setting.

Robust Design

Your ideal garage fan should feature a solid design that’s sturdy and reasonably weighted. High-power fans produce plenty of torque. If the body of your fan is too lightweight, it may result in the fan skidding around on the floor. Choosing a robust housing ensures that your fan stays were you place it.

Sturdy Stand with Feet or Wall Mount

The stand of your garage fan should also feature design and manufactured with premium materials. Avoid buying fans with plastic bodies, as they will move around during startup, and someone could easily knock it over and damage the body of the fan as well.

Types of Garage Fans

Choosing the right garage fan for your application requires you to assess your needs. How will you use the fan? What size is your garage? How many CFM do you need for optimal climate control? All these questions need answering before you checkout of your shopping cart with your purchase. We put together this guide of fan types to give you further understanding of what fan is suitable for your application.

Air Fans for Air Circulation

Wall-mounted units and ceiling models are examples of air-circulating fans. The fan relies on metal blades to push air around the room, creating a circulating effect. These fans operate a low pressure, moving air around a large room. However, these fans often come with lower CFM and motor speeds. If you have a large workshop, then you’ll need to invest in a blower fan instead.

Blower Fans

These models have a higher CFM rating, with a stronger motor. As a result, you get more air moving through the fan blades at higher speeds. These models are great for keeping insects like mosquitoes out of your workshop, and they blow all of the dust outside as well. Blower fans are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for moving around the workshop. The pressurized air flow from blower fans makes them noisy during operation.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan offers you excellent value for money, and it’s effective at circulating air around your garage while dropping the temperature of your working conditions. Some fans come with lights attached to provide additional illumination of the workspace. Most ceiling fans have large, metal blades with no protective housing. Ceiling fans run quiet, but they lack the high-power of most other blower fans or mounting options. Most ceiling fans require wiring into your electrical system, making installation more complicated than using a blower.

Wall-Mount Fan

A wall-mounted fan is an excellent choice for your workshop. Using this model keeps the fan off of the floor, avoiding trips and falls. However, you don’t have to wire the fan into your electrical system. Most wall-mounted fans use a plug point for power. With some models, you can remove them from the mounting and transport them around the garage. Wall-mounted fans may also feature an oscillating motion that increases circulation in the workshop.

Things to Consider when Buying a Garage Fan

When purchasing your ideal garage fan, there are a few crucial specifications you need to note. We put together a comprehensive list of what you need to consider when making your purchase.

Finding the Appropriate Power Rating

As mentioned, manufacturers rate the power of the fan through CFM. Selecting the right CFM for your application is a critical part of selecting your ideal fan. If you choose a model with too much airflow, it may disrupt the even circulation of air in the workshop. Choosing an under-powered machine will leave your workshop with hot pockets of air. Protecting the Fan Motor – Your ideal garage fan should come with housing to protect the motor from damage. Garages are typically dusty places filled with debris. If this debris and dust get into the motor, it could reduce the service life of the machine.

Fan Noise

This is a concern for smaller workshops. If you don’t want a noisy fan, then make sure you don’t select a blower option. Stick with a ceiling fan that has a near-quiet operation at high speeds.

Installing Your Garage Fan

When installing your new fan, make sure that you have some experience in working with tools. Some wall-mounted fans fit with a few bolts into the wall, while others may require the use of larger fasteners. If you’re installing a ceiling fan, then it might be a wise idea to have an electrician wire the machine into the electrical circuit.

The Fan’s Warranty

All fan manufacturers offer a warranty against defective products. If you have any issues, send it back to the supplier for a replacement model. It’s important to note that a manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of components in the fan. If you run the fan in less than optimal working conditions, you can expect it to damage the motor. In this case, the manufacturer is not liable for the damage under warranty.

Garage Fan FAQ

You might have some questions after purchasing your new garage fan. We put together this FAQ to help you troubleshoot any problems with your new fan.

Garage Fan FAQ
Garage Fan FAQ

What is a Garage Fan and How Does It Work?

This fan type is different from the fans that you use in your home. Most of these garage models come with CFMs that are over 2,000. As a result, they are too powerful for rooms inside your home. These fans feature deign to move large volumes of air through the blades. Most fans feature four or five blades made from materials like aluminum or stainless steel. Floor-based fans may also have a grille protecting the fans from damage.

Which Fan Should I Choose?

Choose a fan that’s the right size for your garage. Ask the sales rep about what they recommend as the best CFM for your garage space. Finding the correct fan size for your application is critical to your air management needs.

Can I Buy My Fan on the Internet?

Yes! It’s our preferred method for purchasing your new garage fan. Online retailers like Amazon have the largest range of garage fans, at the best prices. We recommend you use an app like camelcamelcamel to find sellers with the best prices on the model you need. For your workshop. By purchasing through Amazon, you get to take advantage of free shipping for Prime customers, and the return policy is almost as good as a guarantee on the equipment.

Can I install My Fan Myself?

You can install the fan on your own if you have the tools and skills necessary to do the job. However, if you don’t have any experience with electrical systems, then we recommend you hire an electrician to wire your ceiling fan.

What Size of Fan Do I Need, What About Venting? A 3,000-CFM fan is suitable for circulating air in a 3-door garage. If you are working in a one-door garage, then a 1,000-CFM fan will be sufficient for your cooling needs. Venting is only required if you are running the fan in an area where plenty of dust and debris air flying around in the air column.

Are Garage Fans Noisy?

Ceiling fans have a near-quiet operation, but you’ll still; hear the gentle whirring of the blades as they pass through the air. Blowers and floor-mounted fans produce the most noise, with blowers producing a significant amount of sound that might be distracting for some users.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Fan?

We recommend that you wait till the end of the fall season to buy your garage fan. At this stage of the year, the hot weather is over, and you can look forward to the colder months of fall and winter ahead. Fans are a seasonal purchase. Therefore, if you buy your fan at the beginning of summer, you’ll pay the highest price due to higher market demand. By waiting till the end of the season, the need for fans drops. As a result, you’re more likely to find exclusive pricing deals on the model you want.


Installing a garage fan in your workshop this summer will help cool things off when temperatures skyrocket. Over the last 2-years, America experienced some of the hottest weather on record. If you want to keep cool while you’re working this summer, you’re going to need a garage fan.

If you need to cool down a small to a medium-sized garage, then we recommend you look at the Lasko fan. This model moves enough air to keep your garage cool while remaining affordable. The Air-King wall-mounted fan provides enough airflow for the largest garages, making it the ideal choice for professionals that spend their days working in warm conditions. The Hurricane is the best budget option in this review, and it’s an affordable fan that still offers an excellent cooling function for smaller garages.

Make sure that you select the fan that’s right for your garage, and meets your budget. Stay cool while you work this summer, and get the air in your workshop moving with the addition of a garage fan.

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