Best Artificial Grass Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for realistic artificial grass for your yard? Then read on as we review the fake grass options available to you.

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. Perhaps one of the most expensive and time-consuming is caring for your lawn. Not only do you have to worry about mowing your grass, but you also have to fertilize, plant new grass seeds, and rake leaves.

Artificial grass is somewhat of a shortcut to a nice lawn. It’s also called synthetic grass and essentially is large mats or rugs that look just like grass. All you have to do is layout these strips across your lawn and your formerly dead lawn looks presentable year-round.

Though artificial grass will definitely make your life a lot easier, not all artificial grass products are the same. So, we’re going to be reviewing the best artificial grass on Amazon today, things you need to consider before making your purchase, and then answers to some of your questions.

Top 3 Picks

Best Pick: LITA Premium Artificial Grass

LITA Premium Artificial Grass 3' x 8' (24 Square Feet) Realistic Fake Grass Deluxe Turf Synthetic Turf Thick Lawn Pet Turf -Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape - Customized
  • MATERIALS: Made of high quality synthetic material,superior resilience and durability,Constructed of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns,70 oz total weight per square yard to ensure an extremely high-density artificial grass.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: It is eco-friendly and non-toxic,Its 4 tone pattern is soft, lush and the thatch looks just like natural grass,providing you with year round green and turf enjoyment, Perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.
  • SAVE MONEY BY GOING GREEN: No mowing, no watering, no spraying,just years of enjoyment with family, friends and pets And they would not have to worry about the grass thinning out or dying off during hot or cold weather.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Laying out our grass is very simple-Simply mark and dig out an area, lay out the base, roll out the turf, and seal the matter,Infilling is your choice, though we recommend it,Blade height is close to 1 3/8” and perfect for that well-manicured look.
  • BEST CHOICE IN ARTIFICIAL GRASS: Top quality and Low price - 10 years warranty with 30 days return policy - Customized Sizes Available.

This artificial grass is the perfect combination of easy installation and an authentic appearance. You can buy strips or mats ranging from 1×1 to 13×81, meaning it’s so much easier to piece mats together to complete your lawn (without having to make cuts and trims!). Plus, this artificial grass is incredibly thick and sports a four-tone design with the intention of making it look real.

Runner-Up Pick: GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Rug

GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass for Dogs 1.57" 3ft x 6ft Pet Grass Puppy Potty Training Grass Turf Rug Premium Fake Grass Mat 5-Tone Realistic & Soft Series
  • 1.Size Options of GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Rug: 3’ x 5’, 3’ x 6’, 4’ x 7’, 6' x 8'.
  • 2.All our artificial grass mat is made of high quality anti-aging particle with masterbatch which has been tested for color degradation, durability, and fire resistance.
  • 3.The outdoor turf rug with rubber-backed which is non-slip and has no trouble of mowing. Besides, it is fadeless with UV resistance.
  • 4.The artificial grass mat provides great decoration for both outdoor and indoor areas with beautiful natural appearance and high temperature resistance by 5-color woven. (Tips: When laying multiple pieces of artificial turf, please keep the grass piles in the same direction, which makes sure the color looks consistent. The piles in different directions will create differences of visual color, but in fact our turfs in the same size are almost the same color.)
  • 5.The grass turf can be cut to fit your exact requirements. When you receive our grass rug, please put it in the sun for about 2 hours, and stroke the grass backwards with your hand or a comb if you think the grass is flattened. Besides, if necessary, you can also shake the rug several times in order to remove the little debris on it.

This artificial grass is exactly what you’re looking for if you don’t value the typical lawn appearance. What’s great is that you can choose between four different blade heights, allowing you to personalize the lawn to your preferences. Better yet, it has a rubber backing to keep your artificial grass from slipping and coming up, no matter what you put it through.

Budget Pick: LULIND Artificial Grass Square Tiles

LULIND - Artificial Grass Square Tiles, 12.2 x 12.2 Inch (2 Pack)
  • Small artificial grass square mat 12.2 x 12.2 Inch, 1.75 inch thick with drainage holes
  • Premium synthetic turf pad with fine long grass blades for a soft and natural feel
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration, placemats, crafts, baseball or football art projects
  • Realistic UV resistant 4 color green and brown yarns, cut to sample size
  • 2 pack, RoHS compliant, non-toxic, safe for children, dogs and pets

This artificial grass is our top choice if you’re looking to save a little cash while also covering a small area of your yard. It comes in 1×1 squares (in a pack of two), so all you have to do is piece them together and you’ve got yourself a nice little pet area in your backyard. What’s even better is that it’s the perfect size for arts and craft too.

Top 8 Artificial Grass Reviews

LITA Premium Artificial Grass

When you want an easy choice for your brand new artificial grass lawn, this is the product you should be heading straight for. That’s because the artificial grass from LITA comes in a range of sizes, from 1×1 up to 13×81 (1,053 square feet). That means you can mix and match sizes to perfectly fit your lawn without having to cut any pieces.

What makes this artificial grass so noteworthy is the sheer durability. First off is the fact that this product is UV-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your artificial grass fading with time, especially if some areas are in the sun while others are shaded. This allows the 4-tone pattern of this artificial grass to appear even all the way through.

Another key feature we want to point out is the density of this product, which keeps your lawn looking thick (1 ⅜”) and full all year round. Unless your neighbors catch you laying down your artificial grass, they probably won’t realize that your grass is actually fake. That’s how real it looks! Plus, it drains like a champ too.

For added peace of mind, this artificial grass comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • Multiple size options, from 1×1 to 13×81 (mix and match!)
  • Incredible drainage system
  • Thickness and four-tone pattern keep this grass looking realistic
  • 10-year warranty
  • Seems to “shed” some blades here and there
  • Might take a little while to even out the creases

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GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Rug

When the actual height of your grass is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with this option. That’s because you have four choices ranging between 0.8” and 1.7”, meaning you can choose the height that’s best for you. Longer is better for younger children and a more realistic appearance while shorter might be better for sports.

This artificial grass comes in three size options, meaning you’ll have to put in a little time and effort to piece them together perfectly to complete your yard. If the 3×5, 3×6, and 6×8 strips don’t seem to cut it, you can trim individual pieces in order to get a more ideal fit. However, it’s important to note that the size options are perfect considering this artificial grass also fares well indoors.

What’s most unique about this product is that it has rubber-backing, which essentially makes this artificial grass non-slip. That’s the perfect quality of grass for children that love to run around at full speed. So, no more realigning your mats every time a child decides to play and run. You’ll also appreciate the fact that this grass doesn’t fade in the sun and has five color tones infused to make this grass look as realistic as humanly possible.

  • Rubber backing prevents slippage
  • Mix of five color tones to add to the appearance
  • Four thicknesses to choose from (0.8” to 1.7”)
  • Won’t fade in the sun
  • Might absorb pet odors, so extra cleaning might be necessary
  • Some dogs seem to shy away from this grass

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SunVilla Realistic Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass

The trouble with artificial grass is that it’s hard to choose coloring and tones that allow the grass to look as real as possible. The good news is that this artificial grass, in particular, sports a realistic-looking 4-color design that includes green, yellow, and olive green. Nobody will know that your grass is fake unless you tell them.

There’s quite an odd range of sizes, so you’ll have to do your best to calculate exactly which sizes you need to complete your yard. You have options ranging from 7.7 square feet all the way to 91 square feet. That makes this the perfect option, whether you’re looking to grass your entire yard or just a small patch underneath the playset.

The bonus with this artificial grass is that you can also choose to purchase the adhesive tape. This is used to attach adjacent strips or pieces of artificial grass to give your lawn a seamless appearance (aka, no separating!). That might be a good investment considering a few users have noted that the grass shrinks and separates quite easily.

If it makes you feel a little more comfortable, this artificial grass comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • Four-color design adds to a more realistic appearance
  • Purchase of adhesive can guarantee a seamless appearance
  • 10-year warranty
  • Pets seem to love it and use it as they would regular grass
  • Sizing options are bit bizarre and follow no noticeable trend

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Goasis Lawn Realistic Thick Artificial Grass Turf

When your lawn sits in direct sunlight for a majority of the day, you can’t go wrong with a product designed to resist UV rays quite impressively. That’s exactly what you’re getting with this artificial grass, offering UV protection for anywhere between 8 and 11 years. That means less fading and more consistent coloring in your new lawn.

We’ve already gone over quite a few artificial grass options with multi-tone designs, but we haven’t seen anything quite like this. The manufacturer claims that this artificial grass has 136 different color tones infused. If that’s accurate, this artificial grass has the potential to look the most authentic and visually appealing.

Installation should also be a breeze with this 1.38” artificial grass. Since the product is sold specifically in strips (1×23 all the way up to 13×82), all you have to do is roll out each strip and align it properly. That’s less time you have to spend individually piecing artificial grass together to avoid gaps and separation.

  • Offers rubber backing for less slippage and better adherence
  • Resists UV rays for at least eight years
  • Infuses an impressive 136 tones
  • Easy to roll out strips and install
  • Might not be the best choice for smaller areas (or square areas)

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WMG Premium Artificial Grass

When your yard is overrun by children and high energy animals, then you need artificial grass that’ll be able to put up with anything they put it through.This particular product is about 50% heavier than most artificial grass, meaning it’s much more likely to stay put and less likely to fall apart with minor movements.

In terms of sizing, you have quite a few options (and even the choice to buy a specific size in bulk). There is a smaller option of 28”x40”, which can easily be pieced together for small potty areas for your dog or kid areas under the swingset or playset, but most of the sizes range between 3×5 to 7×13. That means this artificial grass is a large scale solution as well.

This 1.4” artificial grass offers an incredible drainage system that keeps dog urine and large puddles of water from forming on your yard. It’s like your kids and pets have an environmentally friendly play area no matter what the weather was last night. Plus, the four colors infused in this product provide a rather realistic (albeit, bright) appearance to your lawn).

What’s even better is the 10-year warranty that comes with every purchase.

  • Drainage will never be an issue
  • Soft and comfortable for kids and pets
  • 10-year warranty
  • 50% thicker than most artificial grass (aka, added durability)
  • Pet odors tend to accumulate and require extra sanitization

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PET GROW Premium Artificial Grass

When you want the most realistic option when it comes to artificial grass, why settle for artificial grass that appears similar to a neon green? This artificial grass has four color tones, specifically designed to mimic the shape and appearance of different ages of grass. So, this grass includes a few shades of brown and a few shades of green.

What’s most notable is that this artificial grass seems to be resistant to the environment as much as one could reasonably expect. This artificial grass seems to keep excess heat away and doesn’t fade in the sun. meaning it’s the perfect choice if you have kids running around barefoot or four-legged friends with sensitive paws.

This 1.37” grass comes in quite a few size variations, ranging from 4×15 to 13×20. Given these options, this product will probably be one of your best bets when it comes to larger yards. We also just want to point out that this artificial grass is considered high-density, so it looks and feels thick and fluffy.

  • Comes with four color tones designed to mimic each stage of grass
  • Extremely soft and a solid option for kids and pets
  • Designed to block excessive heat and fading
  • Rubber backing for even more durability and stability
  • Drainage might take a little bit of time

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Shaddock Artificial Grass Turf Lawn

When you truly value easy installation and just don’t have the time to cut individual mats of artificial grass to fit your yard perfectly, don’t pass up this product. What’s unique is that it comes in rolls rather than mats, so all you have to do is line it up with your yard and roll it out. Installation might only take a few minutes rather than several hours.

What’s also great is the fact that it has an impressive drainage system. With such a system, you can be sure that puddles of pet urine don’t build up and water puddles are practically a figment of your past. That means you can send the kids or dogs into the yard and not have them come back soaked or muddy.

Sizing is a bit unique and doesn’t seem to follow a specific trend (9.8×7, 10×5, 16.4×6.5), but it does give you a little freedom when it comes to mixing and matching to fit your lawn. What’s even better is that the grass is known to be quite plush and fluffy, so it’s the perfect choice for barefoot kids and puppies.

  • Easy to roll out and install in your yard
  • Prevents the buildup of urine and water through a drainage system
  • Perfect choice for kids and pets
  • Even prevents fires from spreading (fire-retardant)
  • Odd sizing options meaning it might be difficult to piece together

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LULIND Artificial Grass Square Tiles

If you’re only looking for a small area of artificial grass or even some indoor use, there’s no sense in buying several feet of grass that will probably go to waste. With these 1×1 tiles of artificial grass, you can use them to create small pet potty areas outdoors, indoor potty pads, or even for use in an aquarium.

To guarantee that your pets have the perfect little area to run around and play, this grass is known for being UV-resistant and even sports a rather realistic appearance. It infuses both green and brown coloring to simulate true grass. What’s even better is that it’s plush and soft, so it’s gentle for your pets.

The major downside is that this product is not the solution you’re looking for if you want to entirely replace the grass in your yard. It’s more of a smaller scale solution and helps to save your grass from pet urine and waste when it comes to small animals like small dogs, tortoises, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs.

  • UV resistant to reduce fading and keep up a realistic look
  • Can even be used in a fish tank or aquarium
  • Perfect choice for small dogs using potty outdoors (without ruining your grass)
  • Also ideal for indoor arts and crafts projects and placemats
  • Definitely not a good idea for an entire yard or large coverage areas

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Other Best Selling Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
· Petgrow · Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 5FTX8FT, Indoor Outdoor Balcony Garden Pet Rug Turf Home Decor, Faux Grass Rug Carpet with Drainage Holes
  • VALUE SYNTHETIC GRASS RUG:Designed and made according to the real fescue-like grass, with the blade around 0.4'' in length, safe for kids and pets - all for a very economical price.
  • PERFORMANCE :Made of the highest quality poly polypropylene yarns.Rubber backed with drainage hole, easy to clean and can be dry quickly.
  • FRIENDLY & SAVE MONEY: No mowing, No watering, Safe for pets and children.
  • Perfect for indoor used as Mat, Carpet . DIY Decorations for Fence Backdrop, interior and exterior or your own creative design on party, Wedding, Christmas decorations. Also used in outdoor rugs, such as Garden, Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Backyard, Balcony,Deck, Porch and other outdoor place. Recommended use it with lawn nails.
  • Installation Tools Recommendation: Turf tapes is specially used for jointing together two pieces of artificial grass, Landscape staples help you fix it on lawn/hard soil ground,
Bestseller No. 2
PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug 6.5 FT x10 FT(65 Square FT), Realistic Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape Patio Synthetic Turf Mat- Thick Fake Faux Grass
  • THICK & REALISTIC ARTIFICAL GRASS RUG: Grass height about 1.37” in length, 70 oz total weight per square yard, high-density artificial grass. With 4-tone color, soft and lush and the thatch looks & feels like real natural grass. Providing you with year round green and turf enjoyment, perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.
  • PERFORMANCE :Made of high quality synthetic material, Superior resilience and durability, rubber backed with drainage hole,can be dry quickly.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SAVE MONEY: No mowing,safe for pets and children.
  • Perfect for Outdoor decor, such as Garden, Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Backyard, Deck,Balcony, Porch and other outdoor place. Also used as Mat, Carpet,Doormats in indoor Home.
Bestseller No. 3
LITA Artificial Grass Turf Lawn-3FTX10FT, 0.4" Indoor Outdoor Synthetic Grass Mat Fake Grass Rug
  • Environment Friendly: High-density grass height about 0.4inch in length, looks and feels like realistic grass; Our artificial grass is non-toxic and lead free, making it an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on. 4 tone patterns are soft, lush and looks just like natural grass, providing you with year-round green and turf enjoyment.
  • Premium Quality Material: Goasis Lawn is a gorgeous, multi-purpose and very durable superior quality artificial grass/turf brand, made of the highest quality poly polypropylene yarns, resistant synthetic material high temperature.Rubber backed with drainage hole, easy to clean and can be dry quickly. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Wide Application: Artificial grass provides a superior flooring solution for a variety of applications. Artificial Lawns is now popular for residential garden lawns, swimming pools, decking, dog runs, kids play areas, safety flooring, corporate events and school playground flooring.
  • Save Money: No mowing, no watering, just enjoy a perfect show garden all year round or a practical maintenance free green space. Lay artificial turf in shaded or dry areas to create much more than just an astro home.
  • Best Choice: If you have pets or children who turn your real grass into mud or dust. If you have an extravagant roof garden, modest back yard or a minute balcony, this is the perfect grass for you! we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a professional, personal service and top quality products.
Bestseller No. 4
XLX TURF Artificial Grass Tiles Interlocking Turf Deck Set 9 Pack - 12"x12" Synthetic Fake Grass Self-draining Mat Flooring Decor Pad for Dog Pet Indoor Outdoor
  • FELL LIKE REAL GRASS - Interlocking artificial grass tile has 1.57 pile height and 5 tones, and we increase the density of grass per square yard to 80 ounces, as lush and soft as natural lawn.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY - XLX TURF deck tiles only use 100% new materials to ensure product friendly. Therefore, it is very soft and comfortable for children or pets to play on the floor grass tile.
  • UV PROOF & FROST PROOF - Made of top PE&PP synthetic material with excellent wear-resistant, nonslip, and resilience. Passed the Durability & Fire resistance test, so never mind insolation and frost.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & DURABLE - The design of drainage holes on the bottom can help the water easily dry. The base of turf mat is made of heavy-duty plastic, easy to assemble and not easily broken.
  • MULTIFUNCTION - Artificial turf patches provide perfect decoration for back/front yard, wooden deck, balcony, patio, rooftop, can also be used as pet mat, placemat, picnic mat, etc. Provide year-round green vitality.
Bestseller No. 5
LITA 7ft x 13ft Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape, 7'X13', Green
  • ✅Materials: made of high quality synthetic material, Superior resilience and durability, Constructed of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarn, 70 oz Total weight per square yard to ensure an extremely High-Density artificial grass.
  • ✅: It is and non-toxic, its 4 tone pattern is soft, lush and the thatch looks just like natural grass, providing you with Year Round Green and turf enjoyment, perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.
  • ✅Save money by going Green: no mowing, no watering, no spraying, just Years Of enjoyment with family, friends and pets and they would not have to worry about the grass thinning out or dying off during hot or cold weather.
  • ✅Simple installation: laying out our grass is very simple-simply mark and dig out an area, lay out the base, roll out the turf, and seal the matter, infilling is your choice, though we recommend it, blade height is close to 1 3/8” and perfect for that well-manicured look.
  • ✅Best choice in artificial grass: top quality and low price - 10 years Warranty with 30 days return policy, if you want customize of the artificial grass, click the LITA Amazon storefront.

Artificial Grass Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’re in the market for artificial grass, you want to make sure that you’re getting a product that’ll last for years and keep your lawn looking spectacular during every season. Let’s go over everything you need to know about artificial grass and key features you need to consider.

Uses for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the perfect solution if you want to save some cash and avoid spending hours a week taking care of your lawn. It’s a solid choice if your lawn gets overrun by crabgrass or weeds, seems to die every single year, or takes forever to mow every week.

You’ll no longer have to spend your hard-earned money on lawn care services, fertilizer, grass seed, or even gas for your lawnmower. You can use the time you’re saving to spend time actually using your yard or hosting backyard gatherings with family and friends.

The best part is that you can use artificial grass on your entire lawn or simply patches. That’s why plenty of these products come in smaller sizes designed to be used as outdoor potty pads for dogs! They don’t absorb the enzymes found in dog urine or feces, meaning your artificial grass won’t die or brown when your dog relieves himself (like regular grass tends to do).

Sizing Options

The most important thing you need to do is measure your lawn and get a precise measurement. Make sure you’re keeping track of the width and the length. Once you have this data, it’s somewhat up to you to do the math.

Artificial grass usually comes in tiles or strips of predetermined length. That means you might have to mix and match sizes in order to find the perfect fit across your lawn. Don’t just order $1,000 of artificial grass and hope it does the trick.

Note: Once you decide on a specific product, stick to it. No two products are the same in terms of exact color and thickness, so purchasing another brand to fill in that empty spot in your yard might make it quite clear that you have artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Thickness

The thickness of your artificial grass will somewhat determine how realistic it looks. At the same time, the thickness also plays a role in how great a specific type of artificial grass is when it comes to families with children and pets.

Most grass heights for artificial grass tend to be about 1.38”, which is more than enough to make it look like your lawn is neatly trimmed at all times of the year. Some products are closer to 1.5”, which can provide a little extra shock absorption if you have kids running around and possibly falling on the lawn. Some are even as short as 0.8”.


What makes artificial grass a lot different than regular grass is the presence of drainage holes. These are tiny holes popped into the actual mat portion of the artificial grass and avoids a pileup of water on top of the grass. So, it’ll never look like your lawn is flooded with puddles.

This is perhaps even more useful if you have pets at home, specifically dogs. One of the issues with regular grass is that dog urine tends to sit on the grass, meaning you’re much more likely to accidentally step into a puddle when you’re out in the yard.

Not only does artificial grass allow for near-immediate drainage of pet urine, but it’s typically also designed to prevent the absorption of coloring and odor associated with dog urine. That means your artificial grass won’t die like regular grass when your dog relieves himself.

Leveling Your Yard

The first thing you need to do before installing artificial grass in your yard is to get rid of any grass your yard still currently has. Even though artificial grass mats can be installed on top of the grass, there’s always the chance that pesky blades of grass and weeds can poke through your artificial grass and ruin your brand new lawn. To prevent this, you can roll out a weed barrier before laying your artificial grass down.

You should also make the effort to level your yard. Unlike sod, artificial grass might not mold to bumps, hills, and divets as nicely as you’d like. With that said, it might be difficult to keep your artificial grass looking seamless if your lawn is currently uneven.

To keep the artificial grass from coming up or slipping, you might want to use lawn staples. These can be stapled in every few inches to keep your grass secure.


If you’re even thinking about getting artificial grass for your yard, it means you at least somewhat care about curb appeal and the general appearance of your yard. So, you might want to take the extra effort when it comes to choosing artificial grass that actually looks real.

Not all artificial grass looks the same, that’s for sure! Some manufacturers include different color variations and even a few light brown spots to make your lawn look less fake. Make it a point to zoom into the images on Amazon and check out how the blades look from up close.

Some clearly look like plastic while others can easily pass for natural grass. Color is also extremely important in that same realm. As much as you want your lawn to look green, there’s a  point at which the green is essentially neon and looks more fake than ever.

UV Resistance

You know how real grass works when it comes to the sun. The longer your grass sits in direct sunlight, the more likely it to fade or even turn brown. When you have areas of your yard that are shaded, you might end up with a yard with inconsistent coloring and sloppy design.

What’s great about most artificial grass is that it has a UV-resistant feature. That means your artificial grass will look just the way you got it for sometimes up to 10 years or longer.


Given the price you’ll be spending on an entire yard of artificial grass, you’d hope that it’d last for years or even decades, right? The best way to guarantee long-term use with your artificial grass is by making sure that the product comes with a warranty. Some actually offer a 10-year warranty, which is perfect for peace of mind. What’s even better is that some come with 30-day money-back guarantees if you’re not pleased with the product in a month.

Artificial Grass FAQ

Is artificial grass worth the money?

Consider the amount of money that you’re already spending to keep your lawn looking presentable every year. On average, you’re probably spending a few hundred dollars a year on lawn care services, grass seed, and fertilizer. Though it might cost a lot upfront to install artificial grass, it’s a one-time payment that’ll save you cash in the long run.

What are the disadvantages of artificial grass?

The major issue with artificial grass is that it tends to accumulate heat much more rapidly. In some instances, it can be over 10℉ hotter than the outdoor temperature. That can be of particular concern if you have children or pets that are playing out in the yard in the summer. There’s also obviously the issue that artificial grass can appear quite fake, which is probably the exact opposite of what you were going for.

Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

Dogs can absolutely pee on artificial grass without you having to worry about the grass smelling or turning brown (like real grass). That’s because artificial grass doesn’t absorb a lot of the enzymes associated with dog urine, so your dog’s pee will just drain through the mat like it was never there in the first place.

How do you maintain artificial grass?

There’s no doubt that you don’t have to cut your lawn or reseed every year, but there are some things you need to do to keep your artificial grass looking great. The most important thing you can do is raking up fallen leaves, but make sure you’re using a softer plastic rake. Otherwise, you might ruin the integrity of the fibers or mat and need to replace your grass.

How long will artificial grass last?

That all depends on how often you use your artificial grass and what you’re using it for. If it’s constantly being trampled by children or animals, it’ll probably look a little worn out sooner than artificial grass that’s used more sparsely. You should expect your artificial grass to last somewhere around 20 years,


Artificial grass isn’t for everybody, but it’s a great choice if you’re spending a ton of time and money mowing the lawn, reseeding, putting down fertilizer, and watering the grass. Why not just get artificial grass and make your whole life a lot easier?

The one thing you want to remember is that not all artificial grass is the same. You want to do your research to make sure the product you choose has a blade length that works for you, sports a realistic coloring, won’t slip or come apart, and won’t fade in the sun.

Our top choice is LITA Premium Artificial Grass, which can easily be used to replace an entire lawn and give your lawn the most realistic artificial grass you’ve ever seen. If you want a little more variety and control over your lawn’s appearance, then the multiple height options with the GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Rug might be more your speed.

Robin owns his own Landscape Gardening company based in the UK and has over 10 years professional experience working outdoors, creating beautiful landscapes for his clients in the UK. He is also a keen garden-grower and maintains his own fruit and vegetable gardens. He also has a level 3 Certificate in Practical Horticulture from The Royal Horticultural Society and is currently working on his first book about gardening. Contact him at

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