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Best Succulent Pots & Planters Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best succulent pots and planters for your collection? Read on as we review all the top options with Pros & Cons.
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Are you looking for a way to bring more design flair into your home? Adding some plants to your décor is a great way to liven up any living space. Succulents offer you a great indoor or outdoor plant. They grow well in warm conditions, and they require little maintenance. Succulents are hardy, and they grow in drier soils, meaning you don’t have to water them as often as other plants.

Adding succulents to your indoor garden is a great idea. They come in many varieties, with different shapes, colors, and characteristics. When you’re planting succulents, you don’t have to worry about root depth. These plants enjoy growing in shallow soils, and they have no problem with staying dry for weeks.

Choosing the best growing container for your succulents is a challenging task. Sure, you could keep the old plastic pot you got with the plant from the nursery, but that not a visually appealing aesthetic for your home. Try a ceramic or stone planter for your succulent, and give it an attractive pot for your indoor garden.

This post reviews the best succulent pots and planters. We have the perfect planter for your succulent. Read along and choose the model that’s the right match for your plants and decor.

Our Top Picks

We scoured the internet looking for the best listing on succulent pots and planters. We settled on the final eight options in this review. While all of them are fantastic planters, we decided on these three options as the top choices in this review.

We have a model to suit any home and any budget. Choose the succulent planter that’s right for your indoor garden.

Best Pick: T4U 5.5″ Ceramic Succulent Pot Planter

T4U 5.5 Inch Ceramic Succulent Pot Planter with Drainage Hole Set of 3, Stone Shape Rectangle Window Box Cactus Plant Containers Gift for Mom Sister Aunt Best for Home Office Table Desk Decoration
  • Small Ceramic Plant Pots - Perfect for Holding baby succulent plants and cactus.
  • Stone Shape Porcelain Handicraft - Tasteful Decoration and Gift.
  • Drainage Hole on Pots' Bottom - Keep your plants more healthy.
  • Collection Set of 3 different pots. Dimension: Around 5.3"x 2.5"x 2.4".
  • Only Pots, Plants NOT Included***

This three-pot planter set from T4U comes with design and construction with ceramic materials. The ceramic’s molding and coloring give the pot a unique natural-stone look, creating an interesting and attractive design aesthetic. These planters are a great choice for modern and traditional décor, and each pot comes with a unique shape and look. You get drainage holes included, but there are no drip trays included with these planters.

Premium Pick: HB Design Co 3″ Succulent Pots

3 inch Small Succulent Pots with Drainage - Set of 3 Concrete Planter Pots for Succulent Plants - Cement Planter Cactus Pots - Use as Succulent Planter, Cactus Pot, Mini Succulent Pots, Cactus Planter
  • ✅ PERFECT SIZE SUCCULENT PLANTERS - These small planter succulents pots are ideal for almost all succulents or cactus plants. With enough room for the plant to grow but not too much that the roots can't reach the sides or the bottom, these succulent plant pots were designed specifically as small planter for succulents. Inner Measurements: 2.4"W*2.75"H. Outer Measurements: 3"W*3.15"H - PLANTS NOT INCLUDED
  • ✅ DEEP POTS FOR STRONG ROOTS - With an inner pot depth of 2.75", this succulent planter set provides ample room for strong root development which is crucial to the development of any plant, especially indoor succulent plants and cacti.
  • ✅ DRAINAGE HOLE - All good small pots for succulents need drainage. Each of our succulent plants pots come equipped with a drainage hole, drainage plug and a plastic mesh screen which allows excess water to flow out while preventing soil leaking from the bottom of the concrete pots. We do not include a drip tray as this encourages the accumulation of stagnant water which can lead to root rot and cause succulent plants to die.
  • ✅ DAMAGE PROOF PACKAGING - How annoying is it when you order something and it arrives broken? Unlike other small plant pots on Amazon, our concrete succulent planter set is thoroughly packaged so you get what you ordered intact, every time.
  • ✅ HAND PAINTED CONCRETE POT - Each set is hand painted so every one is slightly different. These concrete planters make the perfect mini planters for succulents or cactus plant pot. Pictures are for guidance only, individual succulent pot set may vary.

This three-pot set from the HB Design Co. wins our award for the best premium planter set in this review. You get a classy stone design, with the use of black and gold colors to create interesting patterns and color tones. These planters are ideal for modern and traditional décor. The planters come with drainage holes, and there’s a mesh installed to prevent the soil from draining out with the water. These planters don’t come with drip trays included with your purchase. All three planters are the same size.

Budget Pick: OAMCEG 6-set of 2.75″ Succulent Planters

Succulent Plant Pots, OAMCEG 2.75 inch Mini Succulent Planter, Set of 6 White Ceramic Succulent Cactus Planter Pots with Bamboo Tray (Plants NOT Included)
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches) - Width 2.75 Inch, Height 2.17 Inch.Perfectly displays live potted plants, flowers, small cactus and succulents. *Plants not included*
  • Beautiful, Stylish Mini Succulent Pots - Set of 6 White Ceramic plant pots, features a drainage hole and bamboo tray at the bottom for proper draining of live plants.
  • Modern Minimalist Design - Great for home decor, its clean lines are greatly suitable for decorating your windowsill, desktop, kitchen, bathroom, office and bedroom.
  • Gift Choice - Mini and exquisite plant pots, suitable for Housewarming gift, Mother’s Day, Christmas’s Day and wedding gift.

Homeowners looking for the best budget buy in this review will get plenty of value from this set of planters. You get six pots included, with a hexagonal design. The ceramic materials used in the planters’ design and construction are durable, and you get drainage holes molded into the pot.

These planters come with a set of bamboo drip trays included with your purchase. This set is half the price of others in its range and a great choice for an indoor garden.

Succulent Pot Reviews

After reading through our top models, let’s unpack them in detail. We’ll also look at a few other models we think are fantastic succulent planters for your home.

After reading through the reviews, check out our buyer’s guide. We’ll give you more hints and tips for choosing the right planter to suit your indoor garden.

T4U 5.5″ Ceramic Succulent Pot Planter

Succulents often grow in rocky areas in sandy soils. It makes them the perfect addition to a rockery garden around the pool or the flowerbeds. You can create this effect indoors using these marvelous ceramic succulent planters from T4U. This set of three planters is ideal for the office. Use them on shelves or window sills to bring a new design aesthetic into the room.

This set of three planters includes a unique design in each of the units in the collection. Each planter comes with dimensions of around 5.31″ x 2.56″ x 2.44.” However, they all have a unique finish, color, and texture, providing an individual design theme to each planter in the set. While the planters look like real natural stone, they’re actually a ceramic casting, providing you with strong, sturdy material for your planter.

The edge of the planter has a lip, and with spoil and your plants in the pot, you can’t tell that it’s a cast model. The planter’s authentic look makes them suitable for use in modern and contemporary homes to improve the visuals around the kitchen, lounge, dining room, study, or even the patio. The drainage hole in the bottom of the pot prevents waterlogging of the soil, but there are no drip trays included with the set.

What We Liked
  • Natural stone look.
  • Strong ceramic casting.
  • Drainage holes included.
  • Individual colors and designs in each planter.
  • Great for shelves and window sills in any room around the house.

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HB Design Co 3″ Succulent Pots

The natural stone planters from T4U are fantastic, but some homeowners might not agree with the rustic design and look. If that’s the case for you, and you need something more elegant and stylish, we recommend this set of three planters from HB Design Co. These three pots come with elegant finishes, clean lines, and plenty of space for your succulents.

They might cost a bit more than the other planters in this review, but we feel the added design elements on these planters justify the price. Each planter measures 3″ x 3″ x 3.2″ in size, making them the ideal compact pot for your succulents. These pots suit use in any room around the house, from your bedroom to the bathroom. Each planter comes construction featuring natural stone materials and a hand-painted copper-tone finish that’s elegant and fashionable.

The color contrast of light stone with solid black and copper colors is fantastic, creating an eye-catching aesthetic for any room in the home. The pot’s bottom comes with a mesh screen to prevent soil from washing out with the water. The feet of the planters come with anti-scratch pads to avoid marking your counters and surfaces.

There’s a drainage hole, and a plug included if you don’t want it leaking over your shelves. These pots come with foam packaging for protection during transport. With the high-quality materials and finish of these pots, we give them the award for the best premium succulent planter in this review.

What We Liked
  • Premium hand-painted finish.
  • Durable cement materials.
  • Drainage hole with plug included.
  • Mesh screen for filtering.
  • Suitable for traditional and modern homes.

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OAMCEG 6-set of 2.75″ Succulent Planters

A set of ceramic planters for a home seems like a good idea, but is it expensive? Fortunately, planters are affordable, but some have better pricing than others. This set from the OAMCEG Store is the best value we could find online. With this set of succulent planters, you get six planters included, featuring a hexagonal design. They’re ideal for creating a single design or for spreading out on shelves around the room.

These planters all come in an off-white color with no flashy designs of patterns. However, the clean look of the pots makes them the ideal complement for any room. These pots blend with modern and traditional design, thanks to the clean lines. Unlike many other succulent planters, these pots come with wooden drip trays included with your purchase. When water leaks out of the drainage hole in the planter, the drip tray prevents the water from leaking over the shelves.

Each pot measures 2.75″ in width x 2.17″ in height, making them ideal for use around the home as a small design aesthetic to liven up any room. The pots feature construction with ceramic and the drip trays feature bamboo materials. The minimalist design makes them the ideal design addition to any home or room.

What We Liked
  • Affordable quality planters.
  • Ceramic materials for strength.
  • Off-white color blends into any décor.
  • Attractive bamboo drip trays included.
  • Six pots in a set.
  • Clean and streamlined minimalist design.

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ZOUTOG 4 inch Colorful Ceramic Succulent Planters

One of the interesting things about manufacturing ceramic materials is the versatility of finishes available for your planters. Ceramic allows you to mold or cast any design you want, with glazed, matte, or textured finishes. This set of six planters from the ZOUTOG Store is a perfect example of the design versatility in ceramic materials for your succulent pots.

These six pots might be a touch on the expensive side, but they’re roomy, measuring 3.7″ L x 3.15″ H x 2.4″ W. These ceramic pots Feature a large growing space for your succulents, with a curved lip featuring a wavy design for an eye-pleasing aesthetic. These succulent planters are ideal for use indoors and outdoors on the patio or deck.

Most planters feature drainage holes but no drip trays. With this set, you get bamboo drip trays included for all your planters. We love these pots’ colorful rustic design, featuring contrasting hues creating a wonderful visual aesthetic inside or outside the home. We feel these planters are an excellent choice for homes with traditional or rustic design, but they’re not a good choice to complement modern décor.

The thick walls on the planter make them resistant to cracking under temperature changes. As a result, they make for wonderful outdoor planters that can survive the cold weather.

What We Liked
  • Interesting, colorful designs.
  • Rustic look with hand-finished appearance.
  • A range of attractive colors in the set.
  • Drainage hole with bamboo drip trays included.
  • Think walls prevent cracking in temperature changes outdoors.

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T4U 3” to 4.25” Cement Succulent Planters

A set of symmetrical succulent pots or planters is a great way to bring consistency to your room’s design elements. However, you can create a similar effect using different size pots that have the same design theme. This set from T4U is an excellent example of this design theme for your planters. With this set, you get three cement planters that look fantastic in modern and traditional décor themes.

The tree planters come in different sizes, with the following dimensions.

  • 4.25” x 4.25” x 2.00”
  • 3.00” x 3.00” x 2.00”
  • 3.00” x 3.00” x 3.00” (LxWxH)

You get one shout but wide pot, a tall but thin pot, and an inbetweener to round the collection. The planters feature design and construction with cement materials, giving a textured look to the pot while maintaining clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic.

You get drainage holes in the pots to prevent the onset of root rot in your plants, keeping them healthy. Each planter comes with a custom bamboo drip tray to collect any extra water before it drips onto your shelves. The pots feature thick sidewalls but still leave enough room for your succulents to grow. These pots feature a classic, streamlined design that looks great in any room in your home.

What We Liked
  • Stylish cement design suits modern and traditional décor.
  • Three different size pots for a unique design element.
  • Drainage holes come included to prevent root rot.
  • Natural stone-look with clean design lines.
  • Bamboo drip trays included.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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ZOUYANCS 2.9 Inch Ceramic Succulent Pots

Mobile communications changed the way we interact with each other. Today, it’s possible to understand what a person is saying or thinking just by using emojis in your text messages. Emojis are a part of our lives, and we all use them every day to show other people what we’re feeling. This set of three succulent planters from ZOUYANCS is a great choice for your indoor garden.

These planters come with design and construction featuring ceramic materials. Each pot features a unique emoji face displaying a different emotion. These colorful planters come in three hies to suit your décor, and it’s a great choice for a teen’s bedroom or the lounge in a studio apartment. The planters have a painted image, with glazing to protect the artwork from damage. The result is a bright and entertaining planter that catches the attention of anyone in the room.

Each of the planters features a drainage hole in the base. They also include bamboo drip trays with your purchase, helping you to catch any water overflow. The planters feature measurements of 2.95″ D x 2.95 “H, and the bamboo saucers measure 3.35″ D x 0.39” H. These cure emoji planters are a fun design element and a great choice for kids.

What We Liked
  • Attractive, fun design.
  • Glazed ceramic materials.
  • Colorful planters with fun emoji faces.
  • Drainage holes and drip trays included.
  • A great choice for kids’ bedrooms.

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Laerjin 3″ Succulent Planters

This set of six succulent planters almost took the award for the best value set in this review. With these pots, you get a ceramic design with a glazed finish. Each planter comes with a unique geometric or line design, making them stand out on your bookshelf, coffee table, or side unit. These planters work with modern and traditional décor themes, giving you plenty of design versatility.

We love the way the patterns offset each other, bringing a unique visual aesthetic to the room. The white ceramic materials with black lines provide a stark color contrast that eye-catching and appealing. Each of the planters comes with a drainage hole at the base of the pot. You also get bamboo drip trays included with your purchase to prevent the planters from leaking on surfaces after watering.

This set offers outstanding value for money, and we considered making it our best budget buy in this review. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality succulent planter set, you can’t go wrong with these pots from Laerjin. The planters all come in the standard size of 3″ x 3″ x 3″; create a single display, arrange the shapes as you like, or spread them around the room for a mesmerizing visual effect.

What We Liked
  • Affordable and excellent value for money.
  • Six planters in the set.
  • Attractive geometrical shapes and designs.
  • Bamboo drip trays included.
  • Ceramic materials with a glazed finish.

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Gift Pro Succulent Window Box Planter

So far, we covered round and hexagonal pots, and we even have a few artistic designs available for viewing. However, if you want something entirely different for your planter, why not consider this windowsill box model? You get one long planter to fit all your succulents into one container.

This planter comes with a design and construction featuring off-white ceramic. This piece provides a subtle look to any room, and it works with modern and traditional décor. The planter measures 11.1″ x 2.26″ x 1.77″ and fits most standard single windowsills.

The planter features a drainage hole to prevent root rot from setting in with your pants from overwatering. You also get a bamboo drip tray included with your purchase, stopping the water overflow from dripping everywhere. This planter’s classic look and design make it a great choice for any room in the home. From bedrooms to bathrooms and even the study, this planter livens up any living space with your succulents.

This planter tray works well for a succulent flowerbed. However, it also works as an organizing tray or for displaying other decorative items, like candles. It’s a flexible planter at an affordable price; get one for every windowsill in your home.

What We Liked
  • Long windowsill design.
  • Affordable.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Drainage hole.
  • Bamboo drip trays included.

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
Brajttt 2.5 Inch Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot with Drainage,Planting Pot Flower Pots,Small Planter Pots for Mini Plant Ceramic Flowing Glaze Base Serial Set with Holes
  • Mini Set:Those pots are in 6 mini design,size are little difference but all around W2.5"x H2.15" inch which is perfect for holding succulent, herbs and cactus plants,small plants and flowers.comes 6 pack in a safty package.great for display,like weeding,birthday,home use,christmas,excellent gift choice
  • Material:Ceramic(made of top-quality clay and baked in high temperatures),beautifully transmutation glaze with attractive color,colorful base,three of it with stand base and other three with flat base
  • WithDrainage Hole:allows water to flow through the soil to keep your plants grow and breath in health and safe
  • Cute Looking:Mini design in 6 different looking and shape,perfect to decorate your balcony,windowsill,dinning table,desk table,office desk and room,modern and colourful looking also makes itexcellent for kitchen,living room and bedroom, perfectly matched with your indoor and out door decor,great choice to be a gift for friends and family.
  • Small Plant Pots only,plants are not included.
SaleBestseller No. 2
MAN NUO [2021 New Upgraded] Succulent Plant Pots 6 Pack with Drainage 3.1 Inch Ceramic Pots for Plants Indoor&Outdoor Garden Flower Planter Tray for All House Plants/Succulents/Flowers/Cactus
  • 🌳【NOVEL NORDIC RETRO DESIGN&SUPERIOR QUALITY】Succulent plant pot painted with Bohemia element picture.Handmade plant pot using a blend of ceramic and sand,baked at a high temperature which makes them fadeless.Each garden planter pot have natural raw texture and sleek ceramic finish to create a fascinating rustic charm home.
  • 🎍【6 PACK&WITH DRAIN HOLE&FREE BAMBOO TRAY】Ceramic succulent pot have up to 6 pack to satisfy family needs.Each flower pot includes a drainage hole at the bottom for excess water to drain out.Free removable bamboo tray is perfect to catch drips for potted plants and won't dirty your home.
  • 💮【PURIFYING AIR&More HEALTHY&FAMILY HAPPINESS】Plants pot have a positive effect on our health and happiness by purifying the air,reducing stress,and contributing to an overall sense of well-being.Beautiful succulant plant pot bring nature and positive energy into your home and make your families more happIER!
  • 🌸【PURIFYING AIR&More HEALTHY&FAMILY HAPPINESS】 Plants can have a positive effect on our health and happiness by purifying the air,reducing stress,and contributing to an overall sense of well-being.Beautiful succulant plant pot bring nature and positive energy into your home and make you more happier!
  • ✅【SAFE&SOLID PACKAGE&BEST GIFT】Succulent pots wrap with thick foam,prevent earthquake and prevent falling,reduce the probability of damage in transit.Each plant pot has a small ridge on the base to allow for better stability while on the tray.Ideal attractive gifts for the plant lover,Wedding,Birthday,Mother's Day,Christmas's Day and New Year.
Bestseller No. 3
Succulent Pots, ZOUTOG White Mini 3.15 inch Ceramic Flower Planter Pot with Bamboo Tray, Pack of 6 - Plants Not Included
  • Free Bamboo Tray: Simple design with a removable draining tray made of bamboo is perfect to catch drips for potted plants.
  • Design: Round planter design with a drainage hole, create a young and fresh look for your home and office!
  • Modern & Simpler: White ceramic Set of 6 mini succulent / flower planter, add a decorative touch to any room with these planters.
  • Sleek Table Centerpiece: The clean pattern of your planter looks great in apartments on coffee tables, modern home decor, offices and dorm room.
  • Planter Size: 3.15 * 3.15 * 2.36 inches (L * W * H); Tray Size: 3.23 * 3.23 * 0.39 inches (L * W * H)
Bestseller No. 4
Succulent Pots 6 Pack, Laerjin 3 Inch Succulent Planters with Drainage and Bamboo Tray, Geometric Patterns Ceramic Small Pots for Baby Plants, Cactus, Herbs- Plants Not Included
  • ❤ Perfect Size - 3.0*3.0*3.0(L*W*H).Mini cylinder succulent pots would be super cute with some succulents,cactus,air plant, herb or aloe vera. These are a great size for putting small plants in the windowsill.
  • ❤ Elegant Geometric Design - Theses succulent planters are made of ceramic. Selecting porcelain clay and glaze, which makes the product warm and white. With various exquisite geometric figures, simplicity and elegance make life full of statement.
  • ❤ Drain Hole and Bamboo Tray - There is a draining hole on each catctus pots. As we all know, this is essential for the health of succulents. And the bamboo bottoms look so great sitting under them.
  • ❤ Ideal Gifts - Small plant pots with a plant is widely appreciated for its good meanings and wishes on various occasions. A great gift option for Wedding, Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas's Day.
  • ❤ Package Well - Using foam to separate and fix each cute planter to avoid collision damage during transportation. If you are not satisfied with pots for succulents, please contact us to arrange for the replacement or refund.
Bestseller No. 5
Succulent Pots, ZOUTOG 6 inch White Ceramic Flower Planter Pot with Bamboo Tray, Pack of 2 - Plants Not Included
  • Free Bamboo Tray: Simple design with a removable draining tray made of bamboo is perfect to catch drips for potted plants.
  • Drainage Hole Design: Shallow round planter with a drainage hole, create a young and fresh look for your home and office!
  • Modern & Simpler: White ceramic Set of 2 succulent / flower planter, add a decorative touch to any room.
  • Sleek Table Centerpiece: The clean pattern of your planter looks great in apartments on coffee tables, modern home decor, offices and dorm room.
  • Planter Size: 6.14 * 6.14 * 1.57 inches (L * W * H); Tray Size: 6.22 * 6.22 * 0.41 inches (L * W * H)

Succulent Pots and Planters Buyer’s Guide

After reading through the best succulent pots and planters reviews, you probably have a few choices in mind for your indoor garden.

This section unpacks everything you need to know about choosing the right pots and planters to suit your needs.

What are Succulent Pots?

Succulent planters have a small stature, and they rarely measure more than a few inches in diameter. Since succulents don’t grow large root structures, they suit potting in planters with shallow sidewalls and depths.

These pots and planters come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. They also typically come sets with three to six units.

Where Can I Place Succulent Pots?

We recommend placing the pots and planters around the living spaces like your lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. These hardy plants do well in dry conditions with indirect sunlight. Leaving them in direct sunlight is fine for most varieties. However, make sure you check on the soil conditions at least once a week for watering purposes.

What Do I Look for in Succulent Planters?

To ensure optimal growth in your succulents, you need a plater or pot that gives your plant everything it needs to thrive. We recommend looking for the following features when finalizing your planter set.

What Size Pot Do I Need for Growing Succulents?

  • Size – Choosing the right size to match your décor is more important than the plant. Succulents can grow with minimal root structures and in dry soils. They need little water and light to thrive, so size is more of a design concern than a plant concern. Most models come with diameters between 2.5 to 6-inches.
  • Depth – You can get away with 2” to 2.5” minimum depths for your succulent planters. The roots don’t grow long, and they prefer staying closer to the surface.
  • Diameter – Most models come with 2.5” to 3” rim diameters. Some models, like rectangular models, may come with beds up to 10-inches in length.

What Materials are available?

Succulent pots and plants come in a variety of material choices for your décor needs.

  • Terracotta – A traditional choice. This red-clay material is a good idea for use on the patio and outdoor windowsills. It’s not the best choice for indoor use unless you have earthy color tones in your indoor décor.
  • Ceramic – This material is the top choice for indoor gardens. Ceramic is heat-resistant, and if the sun gets on the planter, it won’t heat the roots or cause excessive water evaporation. Ceramic is a durable material and an affordable choice for your indoor garden.
  • Steel-copper – These metals feature in many rustic, modern, and artist-inspired designs. However, it’s important to note that the materials need to have corrosion resistance treatment to prevent rusting. Steel and copper provide a premium look to your planters, and they’re a great choice for all décor types.
  • Plastic – Avoid using plastic planters for your succulents. Plastics look cheap, and they leech phytoestrogens into the soil over time. They also heat up in the sun, increasing evaporation while damaging the roots.
  • Wood – Wood planters and pots are a good choice for outside on the patio or in flowerbeds. Wood provides a traditional and rustic look to your planters that’s a great décor choice for traditional homes and garden cottages.

Make Sure the Pot or Planter Has Adequate Drainage

While succulents don’t need much water to thrive, it’s possible to overwater your plants if you don’t have adequate drainage in your pots. Without drainage holes, the water takes longer to evaporate, and the soil might waterlog, damaging the roots of the plants. Your succulents could end up developing root rot disease and dying.

Choose models with a drainage hole. The best pots have a mesh covering the drainage hole to prevent soil loss. Look for models that come with bamboo drip trays to stop the overflow from the drainage hole from running onto surfaces.

Choosing the Right Pot Style and Patterns for Your Home

Pots and planters come in various shapes. Choose from octagons, squares, circular pots, or rectangular planters. You also have options for colors and different patterns. Patterns provide a cleaner look, especially if they use dots or straight lines. Some pots come with a retro or rustic look, depending on the décor option your need for your home.

Settle on Your Budget

Planters and pots for your indoor succulent garden are affordable, and you can pick up a decent set for between $10 to $20. Make sure you settle on your budget before you go shopping.

Succulent Pot FAQs

Can I grow succulents in planters or pots with no drainage holes?

Yes, you can grow your succulents in pots without drainage holes. However, you’re going to have to pay special attention to your watering. Never fully saturate the soil, as any excess water has nowhere to go. If you waterlog the roots, they may start to experience the onset of root rot. Always let the soil dry out between watering.

What are the best material choices for succulent pots and planters?

We recommend picking up ceramic or cement pots for your indoor garden. These materials are affordable, heat resistant, and durable. All the models in this review are either ceramic or cement. Avoid using plastic pots for your planters; they look tacky and leach phytoestrogens into the soil.

How do I water my succulents in pots?

Succulents don’t need a lot of water to thrive. In fact, overwatering your succulents can cause the onset of root rot and the death of your plants. Water your succulents once during the week, and soak the soil. Let the soil dry out completely between watering sessions for the best results.

Where can I buy the best succulent pots and planters?

We recommend picking up your succulent pots and planters from Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, with the best selection and prices. With Amazon, you get free shipping if you’re a Prime member and hassle-free returns and exchanges. Every order receives buyer protection for your safety.

Succulent Pots and Planters – The Verdict

Adding an indoor garden to your home is a great way to bring an eye-pleasing dynamic into any room. After reading through the best succulent planters and pots reviews, you probably have your eye on one or two of the models.

However, if you’re like us, you find it challenging to settle on a final choice, even with so many great options available. If you’re still on the fence with yo8ur purchase, why not try one of our top picks?

The T4U 5.5″ Ceramic Succulent Pot Planter is an excellent choice for your indoor garden planter and the winner of the best overall succulent pots in this review. With these pots, you get a natural-stone look and a ceramic design for a sturdy planter. Each planter comes with an individual structure and unique look.

The HB Design Co 3″ Succulent Pots are a great choice for modern and traditional homes. These succulent pots win the award for the best premium model in this review. The stylish cement materials contrast well to the black paint and copper materials on the pot. These planters have an exquisite look and thick sidewalls with plenty of growing space for your plants.

The OAMCEG 6-set of 2.75″ Succulent Planters is a great choice for homeowners on a budget. You get these six attractive planters and bamboo drip trays included with your purchase. You get twice as many pots for an affordable price. These pots’ clean lines and design aesthetic make them a great choice for modern and traditional décor themes.


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