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Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best robotic cleaner for your swimming pool? Read on for our full guide to the best options, Complete reviews with Pros & Cons.
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With the summertime around the corner, it’s time to get your pool looking in great shape. Are you tired of fishing out the leaves and debris from the bottom of your pool?

Cleaning your pool after a windstorm at the end of the fall can take you forever. Slowly scooping up all the leaves with that tiny net is as bad as having to mow the lawn.

Fortunately, technology has the solution you’re looking for this summer. A robotic pool cleaner is a great way to avoid doing the hard work involved with maintaining your pool.

The pool robot moves effortlessly along the floor and walls of your pool, sucking up dirt, leaves, and other debris than float below the surface.

With a robotic pool cleaner, you don’t have to break your back sweeping or cleaning the pool this summer. In this review, we’ll look at the best robotic pool cleaners and help you pick the right model for this summer’s wet and wild fun in your backyard.

The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners – Our Top Picks

If you don’t have time to wade into the deep end of this review to check out all the models, you can rely on our top picks. We have a model to suit any backyard pool and any budget. These three models are the best options in this review; choose one that meets your needs and checkout with your new pool cleaner.

Best Pick: Dolphin Nautilus CC

Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner - Ideal for Above and In-Ground Swimming Pools up to 33 Feet - with Large Capacity Top Load Filter Basket
  • Sit back and relax while the Nautilus CC cleans the pool for you. Ideal for small pools up to 33 feet, this compact cleaner will have your pool ready for splashing fun in just 2 hours
  • Efficiency is key when it comes to pool cleaning. Unlike suction and pressure cleaners, Dolphins are 8 times more energy efficient and do not rely on your pool pump or filter to get the job done. Ditch the pumps and hose and save energy with every pool cleaning
  • Dolphin does all the hard work for you. Agile and efficient, the Nautilus CC was designed to clean your pool, effortlessly. With superior scrubbing and filtering capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool’s floor and walls are left exceptionally clean
  • Clean your pool with the touch of a button. Schedule the Nautilus CC to automatically clean your swimming pool each week using 3 settings- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day
  • With more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools, Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity. Get back to what really matters; spending time with family and friends

The Nautilus CC is the best overall robotic pool cleaner in this review. If you have a small to large pool, this cleaner can do it all. Suitable for use in pools up to 33-feet, this model features a top-loading filter basket for easy access, fast-draining, and 2X the scrubbing power, the Nautilus is our top choice in this review.

Premium Pick: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy To Clean Large Top Load Filter Cartridges and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for In-Ground Swimming Pools Up To 50 Feet
  • Hello, free time! Let the Nautilus CC Plus take over your pool cleaning duties for good. Ideal for swimming pools up to 50 feet, this cleaner will leave your pool sparkling clean in just 2 hours. Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning.
  • The clean you need without the hassle. The Nautilus CC Plus was designed to clean your pool, effortlessly. With dual scrubbing brushes and superior filtering capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool’s floor and walls are left exceptionally clean.
  • Ditch the pumps and hose. Unlike the energy hogs that are pressure and suction cleaners, Dolphins are independent cleaning machines and do not rely on any additional equipment to get the job done. Save energy with every pool cleaning.
  • Clean your pool with the touch of a button. Schedule the Nautilus CC Plus to clean your swimming pool each week using 3 settings- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day. Pool cleaning has never been easier!
  • With more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools, Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity. Get back to what really matters; spending time with family and friends.

The Nautilus CC Plus is the bigger brother to the standard Nautilus model that wins our best overall model. The Plus version suits pools up to 50-feet, with all the premium features of the Nautilus model, a tangle-free cable, smart navigation, wall-climbing capability, and a twin cartridge filter. This robotic pool cleaner is the Rolls Royce of models, and suitable for the largest pools.

Budget Pick: Dolphin E10

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy to Clean Top Load Filter Basket Ideal for Above Ground Swimming Pools up to 30 Feet
  • The simple way to a clean pool. The Dolphin E10 was designed specifically for above-ground swimming pools, making it the perfect solution for pools up to 30 feet. Backed by a 2-year quality assurance, get a worry free clean.
  • Take back your free time. The Dolphin E10 will have your pool cleaned in a quick 1.5 hour. Just imagine how much you can get done with one less chore on your to-do list.
  • Dolphin does all the hard work for you. The E10 was designed to clean your pool, effortlessly. With superior filtering and floor scrubbing capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool will be sparkling clean and free of debris.
  • Save energy with every pool cleaning. The E10 does not require any additional pumps or hoses to get the job done. Dolphins are super energy efficient with an average operating cost of 5 cents per hour.
  • With more than 35 years of cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools, Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity. Get back to what really matters; spending time with family and friends.

If you’re on a budget and searching for the best value buy in this review, check out the Dolphin E10. This model is suitable for smaller pools and above-ground pools. The CleverClean technology and top-loading basket make it a fast and efficient robotic cleaner, with all the top features of the advanced Dolphin models, such as smart navigation and scheduling.

Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews

Now that you have an idea of our top choices let’s unpack them in further detail. We’ll also look at some other mentions on models we think are good value deals for robotic pool cleaners.

Dolphin Nautilus CC – The Best Overall Robotic Pool Cleaner

Maytronic produce some of the best robotic pool cleaners available. It’s no surprise that they win the trifecta in all three of our pool cleaner categories. The first model, the Nautilus CC, wins our top spot for the best overall robotic pool cleaner in this review.

This model features everything you need in a sophisticated electronic pool clear. The durable, ergonomic, and lightweight housing makes it easy to move around, with fast-draining technology when you remove it from the pool.

The machine walks along the bottom and sides of your pool using tracks, with zero-turn functionality. The powerful suction action works over your pool drain, and it picks up coarse and finds debris and leaves.

The Nautilus CC features plug-and-play functionality, allowing you to set it up and program it in minutes. Set your cleaning schedule for as often as you like, then walk away while the machine does it.

We enjoy the CleverClean technology on this robotic pool cleaner. When you activate the machine, it scans your pool, calculating the optimal cleaning path for fast-cleaning. After it completes the clean, the machine shuts down until the next scheduled cleaning session.

Overall, you can’t beat the value on offer with this robotic device. These cleaner suits pools up to 30-feet in length.

  • Fast operation, covers the pool quickly
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Smart functionality for identifying the best cleaning path
  • Doesn’t scrub the waterline
  • Slightly short power cord

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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus – The Best Premium Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you want the best-of-the-best when it comes to robotic pool cleaners, then allow us to introduce you to the Nautilus CC Plus by Dolphin. This machine is the bigger brother of the previous model we looked at in this review.

This model features all the same functionality as the standard CC model. However, it comes with a longer power cord, allowing cleaning of pools up to 5-feet in length. This machine also features CleverClean technology, scanning your pool for the best cleaning path.

This cleaner will finish your pool in 2-hours, and you can schedule your cleaning times during the week. Setup your cleaner to work in the evening, and then enjoy a sparkling clean pool during the day.

This cleaner comes with the same track-style movement, with efficient cleaning on the floor and the walls of your pool. The cleaner scrubs away at dirt and algae right to the waterline. With a fast and efficient operation, the Nautilus CC Plus offers you a complete cleaning experience for your pool.

The powerful double-scrubbing action of the machine cleans away algae froing on the sides and wall of your pool, and the top-loading dual filter cartridges make it easy to empty and maintain. The sides of this model feature bumper knobs that allow the cleaner to maneuver out of tight spaces.

You get the same quick-draining functionality, and ergonomic design, making for efficient and energy-friendly operation.

  • Fast operation, covers the pool quickly
  • Excellent cleaning performance, especially on the waterline
  • Climbs walls easily
  • Smart functionality scans pool for selecting the optimal cleaning path
  • Large twin filter baskets
  • Suitable for large pools
  • Premium Price

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Dolphin E10 – The Best Budget Robotic Pool Cleaner

Those homeowner’s looking for the most affordable robotic pool cleaner need to turn their attention to the Dolphin E10. This compact robotic pool cleaner is the ideal choice for splash pools under 20-feet in length.

The E10 is the ideal model for all above-ground pools. This cleaner comes with four wheels mounted on tracks for extra traction when moving around the pool. This model is about 25% cheaper than the Nautilus but still retains all the same outstanding features as the more expensive models in this review.

The front scrubbing brush bristles away algae and fine debris particles, keeping your pool clean. This model is excellent for collecting leaves, stones, debris, and sand from the bottom of your pool.

The soft bristles are suitable for use on plastic surfaces for above-ground pools, and there’s no chance of the cleaner pinching or damaging your pool lining.

The Dolphin E10 also features the same CleverClean technology as the Nautilus range. The machine scans your pool on startup, checking for the optimal cleaning path to finish the job in the fastest time possible.

This robotic cleaner is a great choice for small and above-ground pools, and it comes with a fantastic price tag, making it the best value option for your budget in this review.

  • Fast operation, covers the pool quickly
  • Affordable
  • Comes with CleverClean tech for optimal pool cleaning
  • A great choice for large above-ground pools
  • Long power cable
  • Only suitable on small pools up to 25 to 30-feet

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Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier is one of the brand’s flagship models. This robotic pool cleaner features drop-and-go ergonomic handles and fast-draining capability when you remove it from the pool after cleaning.

The Premier works in pools up to 50-feet, with a 3-year warranty on all parts. The sturdy, dual-scrubbing brushes effectively remove the stubborn algae and grime from the floor and walls of your pool. This cleaner looks large, but it moves around your pool quickly with its 4-wheels running on rubberized tracks.

With the Premier model, you get scheduled pool cleaning, allowing you to set up your cleaning times at points of the day or night that suit you.

This robotic cleaner also features the same CleverClean technology you get with the Nautilus range. The Premier is an excellent choice for hotel pools and gyms.

As soon as you hit the power button, the machine calculates the area of your swimming pool, looking for the best path to start cleaning. After it finishes, the cleaner shuts down until your next scheduled cleaning session.

The Premier also features dual-filter boxes for enhanced cleaning power, ensuring that it removes the finest particles, such as sand and silt from the water. The Premiere is a bit pricey, but it’s a great choice for commercial operations that need a robust and effective robotic pool cleaner.

  • Efficient and fast pool cleaning power
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Climbs walls and steps
  • Suitable for large pools
  • Premium Price

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Dolphin Triton PS

The Dolphin Triton PS is a supercharged version of the Nautilus. Think of it as the Ferrari of pool cleaners. The Triton PS is the entry-level model in this series, and it comes with a fairly standard package.

However, the Plus model comes with Bluetooth control through your smartphone, so if that sounds like something you need in your life, consider upgrading to the Plus. However, the regular Triton PS is still a fantastic robotic pool cleaner.

If you own a large pool, the Triton PS will have it clean and ready for swimming in less than 2-hours. The sturdy rubber tracks allow zero-point turns, and it won’t struggle to navigate over and around drains and light fixtures in the pool. Hotels, gums, and entertainment venues that need the pool looking great in a few minutes of cleaning each day will love the Triton PS.

This model also features scheduling capability, allowing you to set it up when you want your pool cleaning. The CleverClean technology calculates the optimal cleaning path for your machine, allowing you to save on time and energy when cleaning your pool.

Overall, the Triton PS is a superior choice, and we would recommend it if it weren’t for the outlandish price tag – don’t even ask about the Triton PS Plus. We think you’re better off with the Nautilus CC.

  • Great cleaning performance for leaves, debris, and algae
  • Scrubs walls all the way to the waterline
  • Dual filter baskets
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • Lightweight and easy to empty
  • Struggles on the steps

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Dolphin Escape

The Dolphin Escape is our runner up for the best above-ground pool cleaner. We thin that the Dolphin E10 wins this department, but the Escape model is another good choice. This robotic cleaner caters to cleaning pools of up to 30-feet.

The continuous tracks mounted to four wheels make it easy for the machine to traverse around the steps and edges of your pool. This machine offers cleaning to the waterline, which is unexpected, considering the low cost.

Like all other Dolphin models, the Escape comes with CleverClean technology. The robotic cleaner scans your pool, using an algorithm to calculate the optimal cleaning path for energy efficiency and time-savings. This machine can have your pool clean and ready to go in a little over an hour.

You get a 2-year warranty and an energy-efficient 24-volt DC motor onboard. The Hyperbrush technology scrubs away algae, with the filter sucking up and catching the finest debris.

  • Long 40-foot tangle-free cable
  • The best premium choice for above-ground swimming pools
  • Oversized filter cartridge for easy cleaning
  • Hyperbrush with multi-directional cleaning
  • Fast and efficient cleaning with Hypergrip tracks
  • SmartNav system for optimal cleaning path selection
  • No scheduler or timing software
  • No remote control

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Polaris F9350 Sport

The Polaris wins the award for the most expensive robotic pool cleaner in this review – but does that mean its better than the Nautilus CC Plus? In short, no. The Nautilus is the better machine, and it comes with a more reasonable price tag. The Polaris team must be catering to millionaire pool owners, and if that’s you – more power to you, you should look at this model.

The Polaris F9350 Sport comes with a sleek, streamlined look. The large wheels ensure the cleaner doesn’t hang up on any twigs or stones at the bottom of the pool, and it features a zero-turn capability to maneuver around drains and light fixtures with ease.

However, you do get smart functionality with this cleaner. The ActivMotion sensors scan your pool to calculate the optimal cleaning path, like the CleverClean tech in the Dolphin range. With remote control and scheduling for regular cleaning, the Polaris is a top-quality model, with a steep price tag.

  • Excellent performance
  • Intelligent smart navigation for optimal cleaning path
  • Scrubs up to the waterline
  • Long power cord
  • Not good for cleaning steps

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Dolphin Proteus DX3

Our final model in this review is the Proteus DX3 from Dolphin. This affordable cleaner is another great option, with powerful cleaning action and fast coverage of your pool.

Like all other Dolphin cleaners, the DX3 comes with CleverClean technology, which is a fantastic value option at this price point. You also get an ergonomic front handle, and a quick access filter box to throw away the debris.

The four wheels operate on rubberized tracks, allowing easy navigation of your pool. This model suits pools up to 33-feet in length, making it another top contender for an above-ground pool cleaner.

This model has high water-flow allowing it to hug the walls and clean to the waterline. The Hyperbrush cleans away the toughest algae deposits in seconds, and your pool is clean and ready to use in less than 2-hours.

  • Automatic cleaning with no supervision required
  • An affordable choice suitable for above-ground pools
  • Weekly cleaning schedules
  • Works up to the waterline
  • Plug-and-play operation right out of the box
  • Powerful cleaning action
  • Bottom-loading filter bag is challenging to remove
  • Struggles to clean stairs

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Robotic Pool Cleaners Buyer’s Guide

Robotic pool cleaners save you time and effort with cleaning your pool. Every pool owner knows that fishing out the leaves and debris on a fall day can take hours. Save yourself the energy and get an automatic pool cleaner to do the work for you.

In this section, we’ll go over everything you need to know about robotic pool cleaners. We’ll unpack how they work, and what to look for in your cleaner.

What are Robotic Pool Cleaners?

Pool cleaners sure came a long way since its invention in 1912. Todays modern models have more in common with sophisticated electronics than pool cleaners. We’re pretty sure that the cars in 1912 didn’t have as much functionality as todays robotic pool cleaners.

Cleaning the pool is no easy feat. It’s not as simple as pulling out a rake and clearing your yard. Cleaning your pool requires you to start by skimming up all the leaves and debris on the surface. After that, you’ll have to collect all the soggy leaves that sink to the bottom.

The next step to a clean pool is to scrub the algae off the walls, and then backwash the pool to clear the water. Fill it up with fresh water, adjust your chemical levels, and you’re ready to go.

The most significant part of cleaning your pool comes with collecting the leaves and scrubbing the walls. That can take hours if you leave it for too long, and the debris collects.

A robotic pool cleaner is a machine designed to take the hassle out of maintaining your pool. This machine scurries along the bottom and sides of the pool, sucking up all the leaves and debris, without you guiding it around.

The cleaners operate through a power cord, moving along the bottom of the pool using tracks, wheels, or suction power. The scrubber brush removes the algae building on the pool’s walls and keeps your pool clean without the need to brush the walls yourself.

How Does a Robotic Pool Cleaner Work?

As mentioned, the pool cleaner moves on a set of wheels or tracks, guiding itself around the pool. When you start the machine, the intelligent software scans to pool, calculating the optimal cleaning path. Therefore, you get a clean pool in the fastest time possible.

Older models of pool cleaners that work on suction operation are notorious for getting stuck in corners and by the steps in your pool. These new robotic models don’t have any issues with navigating the nooks and crannies in your pool.

The motor in the cleaner pulls water through the base of the machine. It clears any leaves and debris from the bottom or sides of the pool. The suction is so powerful that it holds the machine to the sides of the pool while cleaning.

You’ll need to ensure that you keep the filter bags clean for best performance. If the filter bags clog, then it disrupts the suction power of the machine. As a result, it may start falling off the wall during operation. Make sure you clean out the filter box at least once a week, especially during the fall.

At the base of the machine, you get scrubbing brushes that aggressively clean away any algae growing on the pool’s walls.

After cleaning, you can leave the robotic cleaner in the pool and set it up on a weekly cleaning schedule. The smart software allows you to program your cleaning times into the machine, keeping your pool sparkling clean all-year-round.

However, if you remove your robotic pool cleaner between cleaning sessions, you’ll save the weathering on the plastic and rubber components of the cleaner. Finding replacement parts for your cleaner is easy online. However, why go to the extra expense if you can prolong service life by removing the cleaner from the pool?

What are the Advantages of Owning a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

  • With a robotic pool cleaner, you save time and effort on maintaining your pool
  • Clear debris and leaves, and scrub away algae
  • Set-and-forget technology with scheduled cleaning times via software
  • Clean right up to the waterline with your robotic pool cleaner
  • Improve circulation in your pool, keeping the water sparkling clean

Electric or Suction Pool Cleaners – What’s the Difference?

When purchasing your robotic pool cleaner, you have the option of choosing three different base models. Robotic cleaners come in suction, pressure, and electric models.

Electric Pool Cleaners – The Superior Choice

Electric models are the best choice due to the versatility of programming options for remote cleaning.

Electronic machines come with plenty of unique features, such as remote control and digital scanning. The smart scanning tech is impressive. When you turn on the cleaner, it scans the pool surface, using an algorithm to calculate the optimal cleaning path for the machine.

As a result, you get a fast and efficient cleaning, reducing energy consumption while leaving your pool looking great. After the cleaner completes its path, it shuts down, avoiding any unnecessary power use. Electric models can operate through remote control, allowing you to clean your pool from the comfort of your zero-gravity chair while enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Electric pool cleaners operate on similar principles to suction and pressure models. The machine pulls in water from underneath, creating a suction power that sticks the machine to the surface while it cleans. It’s for this reason that the cleaner can climb walls without slipping.

Suction Pool Cleaners – Older Technology that’s Affordable and Effective

This pool cleaner is the original model. It relies on suction power from the pool pump to drive the peristaltic feed of the machine. The cleaner operates with a loud clicking noise as it sucks with each movement.

Suction cleaners are affordable and effective pool cleaners. However, they lack any smart-tech integration, and they have a downside. Some suction cleaners have a hard time getting around corners and steps in your pool. As a result, you could turn it on, and it might get stuck 5-minutes later. You come home from the office to find that the cleaner has done nothing but sit in a corner all day, and your pool is still dirty.

It’s for this reason that we recommend an electronic pool cleaner to avoid this issue. These models come with tracks or 4-wheel drive that allow them to navigate around these issues with ease.

Electric or Suction? – The Verdict

Hands down, the electric pool cleaner is the superior cleaning option. Smart functionality, silent running, and efficient cleaning makes sense to invest in a robotic pool cleaner.

What Features Do I Look for In the Best Robotic Pool Cleaners?

When browsing through the dozens of robotic pool cleaners, how do you know which one is the best choice for your pool?

In this section, we’ll cover what you need to know when choosing your preferred robotic model. We’ll discuss the standout features to look for, and the minimum requirements for your new pool cleaner.

Wheels or Tracks?

Your robotic pool cleaner will either come with wheels or tracks. Tracks are the better option, and they don’t get any debris stuck between the wheel and the wheel arch. Tracks allow the cleaner to move out of tight corners without getting stuck.

Unfortunately, the tracks are a wearing part of the machine. If you leave your cleaner in the pool, then the sunlight will eventually start to weather the rubber and plastic around the tracks and track wheels. Dolphin models have a range of spares readily available, and replacement tracks are relatively affordable.

If you want to extend your tracks’ operating life, remove the cleaner from the pool after each cleaning session and store it in the pool shed or out of the direct sunlight.

Waterline Scrubbing

You need a pool cleaner that cleans the bottom and the sides of your pool. Not all pool cleaners have this functionality. Some may only work on the bottom and then fall off the sides when they get high up.

Algae grow on the walls of your pool. If you don’t get a model that cleans the walls, you’ll have to scrub them yourself, which takes time and effort. Choose a model that works on the walls of your pool. Ensure that it cleans up to the waterline, and it doesn’t leave any gaps.

Programming and Scheduling

Most modern electronic pool cleaners feature programmable functionality. You can program in when you want the pool cleaner to operate, ensuring that your pool is always sparkling clean. Some models come with remote control, allowing you to program the machine without removing it from the pool.

Programming is a blessing because you’re likely to forget to clean the pool before that big backyard BBQ on the weekend, and your partner will take your head off when the pool is still dirty. A programmable cleaning schedule saves you the hassle.

Remote Operation

As mentioned, the best electronic models come with remote control. This control links to the cleaner, allowing you to stay dry while programming the machine. Remote controls can add the price tag of your robotic cleaner, but the convenience is worth a few extra bucks.

Power Cord

Robotic models require electricity to work. While the thought of electricity and water don’t mesh, you can relax knowing that your electronic pool cleaner has safety measures to prevent any accidents. The electric cable should also be long enough to clean the full length of your pool.

If you have a 50-foot pool, choosing a robotic cleaner with a 30-foot cable is senseless. Selecting a larger cable for a smaller pool will end up causing the cleaner to tangle. Always select the robotic cleaner that’s suitable for your size pool.

Filter Box and Cleaning

The filter box is like the heart of your robotic pool cleaner. The filter removes all the particles, debris, and leave, sending clean water back out into the pool in its wake.

Your robotic pool cleaner will feature a removable filter bag in the housing for easy cleaning. You simply open the housing, unclip the bag, empty it, and refit the filter to your robotic cleaner.

The filter screens will eventually wear, and you’ll need to replace them. However, you can expect plenty of service life between changes.

Larger pool cleaners might feature dual filter bags allowing you to run the cleaner for longer between changes. We advise that you check your filter at least once a week. If the bag is too full, it could affect the efficiency of your cleaner, and cause it to fall off pool walls during operation.

Smart Functionality

The biggest difference in the advancement of pool cleaner technology was the invention of smart functionality. Your cleaner can link with a remote control or smartphone, allowing you to control every aspect of the cleaning schedule.

The smart sensors in the cleaner scan your pool, calculating the best cleaning path to cover your pool in the shortest period. The results? You get a sparkling clean pool in a fraction of the time it takes traditional suction models to do the job.

After your robotic cleaner finishes its cleaning path, it shuts down until the next scheduled cleaning session.

The sensors also help the cleaner detect the waterline, turning on and off certain brushes for effective cleaning. The sensors let the machine know if it’s on the bottom of the pool or climbing walls. As it interprets the data, it selects the best cleaning mode to suit the terrain.

Robotic Pool Cleaners FAQ

Do you have a few unanswered questions about robotic pool cleaners? Check through this list of frequently asked questions.

Do I need to take my robotic pool cleaner out of the pool?

No, it’s not necessary to remove it from your pool after each cleaning session. However, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays weathers the plastic and rubber components on the machine. If you have a pool shed nearby, it might be a better idea to pack it away after use.

What kind of service life can I expect from my robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are relatively low-maintenance machines. Provided that you empty the basket and keep the hoses clean, you should have five to 10-years of service life out of your cleaner.

However, the rubber parts on the machine, like tracks and seals, may weather due to sun exposure. You can pick up spare parts for all Dolphin models online and in pool shops around the country.

Can my robotic pool cleaner collect leaves?

Yes, your robotic pool cleaner will suck up the largest leaves and debris in your pool. However, the performance of the pool cleaner depends on the maintenance of the machine. The only maintenance you need to make on your robotic pool cleaner is to dump and clean the waste collection basket before it gets too full. Clean the basket once or twice a week, depending on the season.

To prolong the service life of your robotic pool cleaner, think about getting a pool skimmer for the surface. This device connects to your pump jet. It creates a circulating motion in the surface water, collecting the leaves before they saturate and fall to the bottom of the pool.

When do I use my robotic pool cleaner?

Most of the models in this review come with scheduling software. You can program the cleaning times of your model, allowing you to ensure that your pool is always clean when you want to swim.

How often you run your pool cleaner depends on the season. Once a week during the summer is plenty, and maybe twice a week during the fall. You could set it up to run for half an hour in the early morning and ensure you have a sparking pool every day of the week.

Is it worth it to purchase a robotic pool cleaner?

Of course. Think about how much time you spend cleaning your pool of all of the leaves and debris sinking into the water column. That’s hours that you could spend doing other choirs or tasks that add more value to your home or garden.

A robotic pool cleaner might come with an upfront purchase price, but you’ll save thousands of dollars of other areas of your homeownership duties over the years.


Choosing from the best robotic pool cleaners is no easy task, you’re probably still scratching your head right now considering your options. If you’re having a hard time settling on the best model for your pool, why not go with one of our top picks?

Our choice for the best overall robotic pool cleaner is an excellent option for most mid-sized family pools up to 33-feet. It features smart navigation and remote operation, allowing for fast and efficient cleaning of your pool, with weekly scheduling to keep the water crystal clean all-year-round.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the level-up to its smaller sibling that wins the best overall model. The Nautilus CC Plus model suits pools up to 50-feet, with a long power cord and effective cleaning operation. If you want a deluxe model to keep your pool sparkling throughout the summer, choose this robotic model, and you can’t go wrong.

Homeowners on a budget looking for a robotic cleaner for above-ground or smaller splash pools will get the best value out of the Dolphin E10. This model comes with all the top features of the Nautilus and fast and efficient cleaning action

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