Best Orchid Pots Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the Best Orchid Pots? Read on as we review all the top options available with Pros & Cons of each.

Orchids have a mysterious beauty that captures the attention and admiration of your senses. With over 200 identified species and various hybrids, Orchids are widely available across the US and Canada.

The look of the orchid can vary dramatically in features and colors. A traditional white orchid provides a classic look to any home, while the rare and exotic Paravanda is a sought-after choice for collectors.

Orchids stay in bloom for longer than most other flowers, and they do well in dry, warm environments. This characteristic makes the orchid a valued indoor plant, requiring minimal maintenance throughout the growing season.

The orchid has a small root structure, with a long stem and large flowers. The plant’s compact base makes it ideal for display around the house or on the patio table. These plants only need a small space to thrive, and they do well in a hanging arrangement side to the lightweight nature of the growing substrate.

Orchid flowers can last for as long as two months outdoors and up to three months indoors, depending on care and growing conditions. If you’re growing your orchids from seedlings, you’ll need to repot them as they start to mature.

Repotting allows for the growth of large buds and impressive flowers on the plant, creating a spectacular blooming display. In this review, we’ll look at the best orchid pots. We’ll also make our recommendations on the best models for your repotting tasks.

Our Top Picks

We looked through dozens of listings online to find the best orchid pots. We settled on ten models we feel present you with the best orchid pots and the best value for your money. When choosing the pots, we looked at the size, functionality, drainage, materials, and design.

From our top ten picks, we selected these three models as the top choices in this review. We have an orchid pot to suit any size plant, to match any home décor. Whether you’re looking for an attractive centerpiece for the dining table or a cost-effective pot, these three choices represent our top picks in this review.

Best Pick: Clear Orchid Pots with Holes

Clear Orchid pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter 7 inch – 6 Pack
  • Orchid pots with holes provide sufficient moisture discharge and good internal air circulation.
  • The clear orchid pot allows the orchid's roots to receive the nutrients they need to grow from the light and air.
  • The clear orchid pot allows you to observe the state of the roots and the moistness of the substratum.
  • Plastic orchid pots let you swap out decorative flower pots based on your interior without damaging the plant.
  • Clear plastic orchid pots size: 6.7 inches diameter on the top; 4.53 inches in diameter at the bottom; 5 inches height

If you’re looking for a simple solution for your orchid repotting tasks, we recommend these clear pots. These pots feature drainage holes on the bottom and sides of the pot, allowing for the rapid draining of soil and no waterlogging. The large holes also allow plenty of air at your orchid roots, speeding growth while enhancing the flowering yield. These pots measure 5-inches in height, with a 6.7-inch rim. They’re the ideal choice for orchid hobbyists repotting multiple plants in one sitting. This set comes with a 6-pack of clear pots.

Premium Pick: Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot

Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot with Holes – 6.5” Decorative Flower Pot with Drainage Hole and Saucer (6”H x 6.5”W Top and 5”W BTM) Promotes Circulation and Deters Over-Watering for Beautiful Blooms
  • WHITE DECORATIVE orchid container includes ventilation holes into its design, ensuring that your beautiful plant compliments your home decor. Measuring 5.75” tall, 6.5” wide across top, and a 5.5” wide saucer.
  • OPTIMAL AIR FLOW AND DRAINAGE from small side holes and a bottom drain hole for fresh air circulation around roots. Complete with detached saucer. A liner is not needed for potting, but if you choose to use a liner, use a slotted liner.
  • 100% PORCELAIN ceramic is beautifully handcrafted and finished with a white glaze. This sophisticated porcelain orchid planter has been fired at a high kiln temperature to reduce its porosity and ensure a sleek appearance.
  • DURABLY PACKAGED in a tight fitting, double boxed container, your decorative planter for orchids is ready to use. Plant not included.
  • BRIGHTEN SOMEONE’S DAY by giving them a stunning yellow, pink, white or purple orchid potted in this eye-catching orchid pot. It is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthday or anniversary, or as an elegant get well gesture.

If you’re repotting your orchid for an indoor display, we recommend this Atri Ceramic orchid pot. It features a glossy ceramic finish, with a light cream-white tone, and a drip-tray included. The sides of the pot measure 6-inches in height, with a 6.5-inch rim that’s the perfect size for an adult orchid plant. This pot features an attractive design in the air vents and drainage holes on the pot’s sides, making it an ideal choice for an indoor display. Repot your orchid and set this pot on your coffee table or patio for a beautiful aesthetic.

Budget Pick: Midwest Hearth Exotic Pebble Pots for Orchids

Midwest Hearth Exotic Pebble Pots for Orchids, Succulents, and Florals (Alabaster)
  • HANDMADE - Handmade artisan pottery molded from pebbles and aggregates
  • POROUS - Pebble Pots will drain and breath through the porous aggregates
  • CONSTRUCTION - Made of naturally porous aggregates. Air and liquid will flow through this pottery. Take precautions indoors when watering.
  • IDEAL FOR - orchids, succulents and florals
  • DIMENSIONS - 6" Round and 4" Tall

Homeowners and hobbyist horticulturists will get the best value from this Midwest Hearth Exotic Pebble Pot. The rustic design of the pot features design and construction with breathable pebbles, allowing for optimal airflow and drainage around the roots of the plant. You get an attractive aesthetic that’s suitable for a display, and this model comes in four colors to suit your interior or exterior décor. The affordable price tag and premium design make it our top choice for the best budget decorative orchid pot.

Orchid Pots Reviews

After reading through the reviews for our top pots, it’s time to unpack them in further detail also look at other models we feel make for excellent orchid pots. There’s something in this review to suit any design tastes or horticulture needs.

If you need more advice on choosing the right pots to match your repotting application, check out our buyers guide section after the reviews. We’ll give you helpful hints and tips for choosing the right pots and how to report your orchid to minimize stress on the plant.

Clear Orchid Pots with Holes

If you’re a gardener with a passion for orchids, we recommend getting this get of six clear orchid pots. These pots are the ideal choice for horticulturists looking to repot multiple orchids. The pot features design and construction with BPA-free plastic, and it won’t degrade in the sunlight.

These pots feature design with vented sides to enhance airflow to the orchid’s roots, enhancing growth. Air is an essential element for orchid growth and the more airflow you have in the pot, the better.

The 6.7-inch lip and 5-inch height are ideal for repotting your orchid. The bottom of the pot features drainage slats to prevent waterlogging of the growing substrate, and the clear design allows for accurate assessment of moisture levels and root health.

What We Liked
  • 6.7″ rim by 5″ height ideal for repotting
  • Vented sides for enhanced airflow
  • Plenty of drainage holes
  • Six pots in a pack
  • Clear design allows for accurate viewing of roots and substrate

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Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot

Gardeners looking for the best premium orchid pot in this review will love this model from Atri. You get a ceramic pot with a glazed finish for a glossy effect that’s stylish and modern. This pot features a 5-inch lip diameter, with a 6.5-inch height for ideal repotting.

The pot’s attractive tapered design features air vents in the side for optimal airflow to the roots. The gorgeous pattern looks great on your coffee table or patio, complementing modern or traditional décor.

This orchid pot features a drip tray included with your purchase, and you get a liner-free use of the pot, with a large drainage hole in the base of the pot to prevent waterlogging of the soil.

What We Liked
  • Attractive aesthetic
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Decorative and stylish
  • Air vented sides and drainage holes
  • Includes drip tray

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Midwest Hearth Exotic Pebble Pots for Orchids

We recommend this model from the Midwest Hearth Store if you’re looking for an attractive and affordable decorative orchid pot. You get a pebble design, offering a porous surface to the sidewalls of the pot. The result is enhanced airflow and drainage, keeping your orchid roots healthy.

This pot comes in your choice of four color designs to suit your interior or exterior décor. It’s a great choice for the patio or the coffee table, with a rustic but refined look that serves traditional and contemporary décor.

There’s a large drainage hole in the base of the pot to prevent soil waterlogging. You get a 6-inch lip diameter with a 4-inch height, making it an ideal choice for reporting orchids this growing season.

What We Liked
  • Attractive design aesthetic
  • Pebbles provide a porous surface
  • High airflow to roots
  • Drains well
  • Available in 4-colors

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Allen+Roth 8″ Orchid Pot

This attractive decorative orchid pot is another top choice for the coffee table or patio. The pot’s design features cross cut-outs, providing a somewhat gothic or Victorian look to the pot.

At the same time, the cross cut-outs provide extra airflow to the orchid’s roots, enhancing growth and flower yield. The attractive design looks outstanding as a centerpiece on any table.

You get a classic off-white color that blends into any décor in any room of your home. This pot includes a drip tray, and you get plenty of drainage from the large hole in the base of the pot.

This model comes with a 6.8-inch height and an 8.2-inch width to suit larger orchid varieties and smaller house plants.

What We Liked
  • Attractive gothic-style design
  • Sturdy ceramic finish
  • The pattern on sides provide airflow to roots
  • Drip tray included
  • 8-inch lip with 6.5-inch height

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Gardenera ORCHIDEA Self Watering Pots

If you own a modern apartment or home, you need to keep the décor theme consistent, or you’ll create an eyesore. Modern décor themes include clean lines and bright colors, with sleek, streamlined finishes on your orchid pot.

This Gardenera orchid pot is a great example of a modern, stylish model for your home. This pot features a dual-design, with the planter seating into the pot housing. The planter features drainage holes to prevent waterlogging of the growing substrate.

The inner pot fits the external housing, giving you a water reservoir for your orchid’s self-watering maintenance. The pot’s base features a clear window to help you check on the water level without removing the interior pot.

This model features clean lines and stunning looks, and it’s available in four colors to suit your home’s décor.

What We Liked
  • Attractive modern finish
  • Available in a range of colors
  • External pot with reservoir
  • A clear water-level window
  • Self-watering design

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Amazon Brand Rivet Mid-Century 2-Toned Stoneware Planter

This Amazon brand orchid pot offers you exceptionally good value for money and an attractive design. This model features design and construction with 100% stoneware. You get an eye-pleasing aesthetic with a rough finish on the exterior of the pot.

This orchid pot features a 6.3-inch diameter with a 5.7-inch height, making it a great choice for repotting your orchid. This pot comes with a large drainage hole to prevent your growing substrate’s waterlogging and damage to the roots.

However, this model lacks air vents, and that might slightly affect your orchids flowering cycle. The eye-pleasing aesthetic of this pot makes it a great choice for display inside or outside the home.

What We Liked
  • Terracotta color with a beige rim
  • Attractive stone design
  • 6.3″ lip diameter by 5.7″ height
  • 100% stoneware
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

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rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot

Gardening enthusiasts will love this 8-pack set of plastic orchid pots. These pots come in your choice of four colors, with a translucent design to help you check on the moisture levels in the soil. The pot sides have vents to improve air circulation, enhancing your orchid’s growth and flowering potential.

These plastic planters are a great choice for orchids, featuring a selection of 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ Slotted Orchid Pots. We recommend going with the 5-inch version for your orchid repotting tasks. The plastic used in these pots’ manufacture is BPA-free, with no harmful toxins getting at your orchid’s roots.

The drainage from these pots is excellent, and you get compatibility with a range of other smaller plants, like African Violets and different succulents.

What We Liked
  • Suitable for orchid enthusiasts
  • Affordable
  • 8-pots in a pack
  • Air vents on sides
  • Drainage holes
  • Clear design lets you inspect the roots and substrate
  • Available in four colors

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Amazon Brand Embossed Decorative Pot

This Amazon brand orchid pot is another top choice for a decorative model. You get a 4.9-inch diameter with a 4.4-inch height, making it suitable for repotting your orchid.

The glazed stoneware design provides an attractive aesthetic, making it a suitable display pot inside or outside the home. This model comes in your choice of four colors, with a fan or circular design to meet your design taste.

The attractive mosaic-style finish looks fantastic, and it’s a sturdy centerpiece for any table in your home. However, the sides of this model don’t include air vents. Therefore, you can expect that to have some impact on slowing the growth of your orchid.

What We Liked
  • Attractive mosaic finish
  • 4.4″ height by 4.9″ diameter
  • Available in four colors
  • Choice of fan or floral design
  • 100% stoneware with color glazing

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Yishang 4-Pack Terra Cotta Orchid Pots

Terracotta is a classic material for use around the exterior of your home. If your house or apartment has terracotta finishes on the roof, we highly recommend getting this set of four terracotta pots. These pots feature a classic design, measuring 5.5-inches in diameter, with a height of 6.3-inches.

These pots feature design and construction with genuine terracotta made from clay and other materials fired in a kiln at high temperatures. The result is a strong and durable pot that stands up to all weather conditions.

These pots look great on the patio or in flowerbeds. However, they lack the air vented design of other models in this review. Therefore, you can expect slower growth and less flowering from your orchid when using these pots.

What We Liked
  • Attractive outdoor terracotta pots
  • Four pots in a pack
  • 6.3″ height by 5.5″ diameter
  • Drip trays included
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Sun Bulb Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket

If you’re looking for a rustic orchid pot, try this affordable model. This pot features a hardwood design and construction, with an octagon shape. The slated and staggered design of the pot provides plenty of airflow to the roots of your orchid.

In the wild, orchids like growing from trees and other airy spaces where the roots can breathe. Therefore, the hanging design of this pot is an excellent repotting choice for your orchid.

The natural wood basket requires no liner, and you get excellent drainage thanks to the staggered wooden design of this pot. The price tag on this pot makes it a real winner and a great choice for a hanging display on your patio.

What We Liked
  • Lightweight, hanging design
  • Rustic wood look with an octagon design
  • Excellent drainage and airflow
  • No assembly required
  • Affordable

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
Lanccona Orchid Pot, 6.7 Inch 8 Pack Orchid Pots with Holes and Saucers, Clear Plastic Plant Pot Indoor
  • Sturdy Orchid Planter: Made of sturdy plastic materials, designed for you to enjoy for a long time. Perfect orchid pots for repotting.
  • Clear Orchid Pots: Transparent material makes it easy to observe the condition of the roots. It also comes with a saucer so your floor or desk won’t get ruined.
  • Optimal Drainage: Our orchid pots are primarily designed for great drainage. It can better provide enough airflow and the required moisture level of the substrate.
  • Plastic Orchid Pots Size: 6.7 inches on the top; 4.7 inches diameter at the bottom; 5 inches Height. The package includes 8 packs of orchid pots with saucers.
  • Orchid Pot for Home and Garden: If you have any quality problem, please feel free to contact us. We will provide 24-hour worry-free service.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Gepege 6 Inch Beaded Ceramic Planter Set of 2 with Drainage Hole and Saucer for Plants, Indoor-Outdoor Large Round Succulent Orchid Flower Pot (Smoked Gray, for Inner-pots not Larger Than 5 Inch)
  • 【With Drain Holes and Mesh Pad】:Large drain holes are good for draining, and with leak-proof mesh pads, it keeps soil from running away, suitable for orchids, succulents, cacti, other flowers and green plants, perfect for home decoration.
  • 【Removable Trays】:There are two methods to place saucer, which can be changed at will, not only suitable for planting plants, but also more ornamental value.
  • 【Makes Great Gift】:It's the perfect suitable present for your relatives and friends, they make great birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Housewarming gifts, Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts and more!
  • 【Size & Package】:Pot Top Dia:5.9"/15cm (can match a 5 inch inner pot), Pot Bottom Dia:3.15"/8cm, Pot H:5.15"/13.1cm; Saucer Top Dia:4.92"/12.5cm, Saucer Bottom Dia:3.74"/9.5cm, Saucer H:0.86"/2.2cm. Package: contains 2 ceramic flower pots, 2 ceramic saucers and 2 mesh pads(NOT INCLUDE PLANT)
  • 【Love it or Full Refund】:100% customer satisfaction. You are covered with excellent product quality and great customer service. The pot with tray has been packaged and prepared carefully to prevent any damage during transit. If there is any issue or question, please contact us, and we will get back to you very quickly with a full satisfying resolution.
Bestseller No. 3
rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot - 8 Pots - 2 Each of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch
  • The #1 Orchid Pot
  • Includes our Exclusive 3", 4", 5" and 6" Slotted Orchid Pots
  • Built with UV Protection and Plant Safe Materials
  • Provides Excellent Drainage and Airflow Leading to Healthy Root Growth. Works with any potting mix.
  • Perfect for Orchids, African Violets, Succulents, and more!
Bestseller No. 4
Orchid Pots with Holes Plastic Flower Plant Pot Clear Plastic Orchid Pot for Indoor Outdoor,2 Each of 4.5 Inch/5.5 Inch/7 Inch - 6 Pack
  • Sturdy Clear Pots: Made of sturdy plastic materials, is easy to transplant orchid plants. The clear plastic plant Pot is easy to wash and repeatedly use.
  • Orchid Planter: Clear Orchid Plastic Pot in 3 kind sizes to fit orchids grow in different growth period. Provide enough growth space for your orchid roots. Large tall orchid pots could be used for a long time.
  • Package Included: 6 packs clear orchid pots(2 Each of 4.5 Inch/5.5 Inch/7 Inch Orchid pots).4.5 Inch clear orchid pots diameter 4.5", bottom diameter 2.95", Height 3.3". 5.5 Inch clear orchid pots diameter 5.5", bottom diameter 3.7", Height 4.33".7 Inch clear orchid pots diameter 7.09", bottom diameter 4.72", Height 5.31".
  • Orchid Pots with Holes: These orchid pots with lots of holes around the sides and bottom for airflow and drain water, orchid planter in good shape is helpful for growing healthy roots.
  • Slotted Clear Orchid Pots: The orchid pot are clear so as to be able to check the growth of the orchid roots, easily see through the clear pot when roots need to be water.
Bestseller No. 5
MUZHI Orchid Pot with Net and Holes, Round Self Watering Planter Pot for Indoor Plants and Flowers 3 Sets White
  • Package Included:3 set pots, 2 Large (Outer Dia 6", Inner Dia 4.4") and 1 Small (Outer Dia 4.6", Inner Dia 3.5"), Orchid pot made of quality PP plastic
  • Double Layer Design: Outer pot for water storage, no worry about water leakage and furniture ruins. Pour away excess water if plants don't like too much water
  • Inner mesh pot with wide lip edge makes handling easier and enough space for air circulation. Pots have slits on base and side to drain very well, promotes healthy root growth
  • Additional wicking rope is for Self Watering when you go out serval days. Pls do not water the plant exceed inner net pot's bottom. Water level for outer flower pots is 0.5-1 inch
  • You can use this sturdy cylinder orchid planter for Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Devil's Ivy, Golden Pothos, herb, African Violet, Cattleya planting, Decorate your dining room, bedroom, kitchen office and chamber etc

Orchid Pots Buyer’s Guide

In the past, orchids were only available at specialist flower shops for an outrageous price. The last few decades saw increased demand for these exotic flowers as houseplants and ornamentals. Today, there are thousands of breeding programs across America and dozens of orchid varieties available at every nursery.

To give your orchid the best opportunity for growth and a healthy lifespan that produces big, bright flowers, we recommend repotting it after you receive it from the nursery. If you have an older orchid, you’re going to need to transplant it to a bigger pot after a few years.

In this section, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about choosing the right orchid pot for your flowers.

What are the Different Designs of Orchid Pots?

Orchid pots come in two design types to suit your repotting application.

  • Functional – These pots provide the grower with an affordable and replaceable pot. They feature a plastic design and plenty of air holes for ventilation and drainage.
  • Decorative – These pots feature design and construction with premium materials like ceramic. They offer the homeowners a display pot that’s suitable as a table centerpiece.

What are the Best Materials for Orchid Pots?

What is the best material for your orchid pots? Let’s unpack the most common types available.

  • Terra-Cotta Orchid Pots – Terracotta is a classic choice that oozes authenticity. It’s a great choice for modern and traditional homes. However, terracotta is fragile, and if a pot drops top the floor, it’s going to crack. Terracotta pots don’t feature any air vents to enhance the airflow around the orchid’s roots.
  • Clear Plastic Orchid Pots – These pots are a top choice for gardeners and horticulturalists that repot plenty of orchids during the active growing season. These small plastic pots are affordable and replaceable. Most models come with excellent drainage and air vents to let the air get at the roots of your orchid.
  • Ceramic Orchid Pots – Ceramic pots are popular choices for decorative models. They come in a range of finishes, designs, patterns, and colors to suit interior or exterior décor. Ceramic pots are the most expensive option, and they are also at risk of breaking if they fall on the floor.
  • Pebble Pots – Pebble pot designs are a great choice for function and aesthetics. Pebble pots are porous, allowing water and air to pass through the pots sidewall. The result is optimal root growth and soil drainage, preventing disease like root rot infesting your orchid.
  • Stoneware Pots – Genuine stoneware pots provide an attractive aesthetic to your orchid pot. However, they lack airflow around the roots, and they might not be the best choice for orchids. Stoneware pots have better strength and drop resistance than terracotta or ceramic pots.
  • Mesh Orchid Pots – A mesh pot is an ideal option for optimal airflow to the orchid’s roots. However, they are an unattractive design and not suitable for display. Most gardeners use mesh in the greenhouse to help ventilate the roots.
  • Hanging Orchid Pots – These pots allow you to hand your orchid anywhere on the patio. The hanging design promotes airflow around the roots, mimicking the way orchids grow in the rainforest’s treetops.

What Do I Look for In an Orchid Pot?

When selecting your orchid pot, we recommend looking for the following features before settling on your decision.

  • Size – When selecting your orchid pot, make sure you focus on the dimensions. Your orchid pot needs a minimum width of 4.5-inches, with a minimum height of 4.5-inches. A pot that has a 5-inch height and 6.5-inch lip diameter is the ideal size for repotting your orchid.
  • Shape – Orchid pots come in a variety of shapes. When searching for a decorative pot, choose one that matches the design and décor of your home.
  • Materials – Select the right materials to match your design theme, décor, and your gardening needs. Selecting a decorative pot for use in the greenhouse is a waste of money. However, going with a plastic pot for the patio takes away from the plant’s visual impression on the living space.
  • Drip Trays – Choose a model with a drip tray for the best results. Drip trays prevent water overflow after watering the orchid. Drip trays also prevent and other pests from walking onto your orchid for a snack.
  • Multiple pot packs – If you’re repotting numerous orchids, look for pot packs. You get some packs that feature between four and eight pots for a reasonable price.
  • Air Vents – The roots of orchids need fresh air to thrive and start the flowering process. Look for pots offering air vents on the sidewalls. These vents let air circulate the roots, encouraging growth.
  • Drainage Holes – The best pots come with drainage holes to prevent waterlogging of the growing medium. Waterlogged roots cause the formation of root rot, damaging or killing your orchid.
  • Price – Finally, check on the price of your pots. Some decorative models can cost upwards of $30.

How Do I Repot My Orchid?

Your orchid requires repotting every three years or so, depending on how fast it grows. The potting mix in your original pot will lose its nutrient value as the orchid grows and uses it for food. Planting the orchid in fresh soil spurs new growth, giving the orchid a fresh supply of organic materials to work with as it develops.

Active orchids will outgrow their pot after a few years, requiring a new space to expand and thrive. It’s a good idea to trim the roots on older orchids to get them to fit into the right size pot. Look for pots that have a minimum 6-inch lip diameter and 6-inch depth for older orchids.

When repotting your orchid, make sure you have all the materials and tools you need on hand. Follow these quick steps to successfully repotting your orchid.

  • Use pruning shears to cut away the flower stem.
  • Cut the flower stem at the base of the orchid.
  • Remove the orchid from the old pot, taking care not to damage the roots.
  • Pull the roots apart gently to free as much soil as possible.
  • Remove any roots with signs of damage or disease.
  • Healthy roots have a greenish-grey color.
  • Shake off any excess soil remaining on the roots.
  • Fill the new orchid pot with potting soil.
  • Place the orchid in the pot, and cover the roots with soil.
  • Pack down gently to remove air pockets.
  • Water thoroughly.

Orchid Pot FAQs

How can I tell if I need to repot my orchid?

Orchids eventually require new soil to keep flowering season after season. They absorb the nutrients in the soil quickly. Since they don’t have a large rootball and grow best in small containers, you’ll need to replenish the soil. Adding nutrients won’t do the job, and replacing the substrate is the best method for optimal results from the repotting process.

When is the best time of the year to repot an orchid?

We recommend repotting your orchid during the plant’s active growing season for the best results. This active growth period occurs just after blooming when the orchid starts to send out new root or shoots. Repotting is best when the roots are less than an inch in length to reduce transplant shock to the plant that might slow growth.

Can I divide orchids?

Dividing your orchids is tricky and requires an experienced gardening hand. If you’re a novice, we recommend taking your orchid to the nursery to demonstrate how to do the right dividing technique.

Where can I buy the best orchid pots?

Pick up your orchids pots from Amazon., the world’s largest retailer. There’s no need to go through the hassle of driving to the garden store, only to find they have a limited selection of pots you don’t like. All the orchid pots in this review are available right now at the best prices online. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get fast, free shipping, buyer protection on your order, and hassle-free returns.

Orchid Pots – The Verdict

By now, you should have a good idea of the best orchid pot to suit your repotting needs. We have plenty of fantastic options i9n this review to choose from and all the advice you need to settle on the right pot. However, we understand that you might be having issues with deciding on a purchase decision.

If that’s the case, why not rely on our top picks for your new orchid pot? We have the best budget and premium models to suit your wallet and the best overall choice for orchid enthusiasts. Select the model that’s right for you and start preparing for your repotting experience.

The Clear Orchid Pots with Holes are a top choice for orchid growers. If you have multiple plants on your patio and indoors, this 6-pack set is a great choice for your orchid repotting tasks. The clear design and durable plastic provide a neutral look that blends with any decor. The sides of the pot come with air vents to enhance growth and improve airflow to the roots. These pots measure 5-inches in height, with a 6.7-inch rim for optimal growth of your orchids.

The Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot is an awesome decorative option, with a clean, ceramic finish in an off-white color. This premium pot comes with a drip tray included in your purchase and attractive designs for the air vents on the sides of the pot. The tapered design is 6-inches high, with a 5.5-inch rim, making it the ideal size for your orchid repotting tasks.

The Midwest Hearth Exotic Pebble Pots for Orchids is another excellent decorative option, with an affordable price tag. This pot features design and construction with pebbles, providing a porous surface. As a result, more air gets to the roots of your flower, and the soil receives optimal drainage. It’s an attractive decorative option, and it comes in four colors to suit your home’s interior or exterior décor.

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