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Best Croquet Set Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to enjoy a game of Croquet at home on your lawn? Then read on for our complete guide to the best Croquet sets available with Pros & Cons.

Playing a game of croquet with family or friends in the late summer afternoon is a great way to pass the time, and its plenty of fun too! This British pastime easy for anyone of any age to play, and its gaining traction all across America as a fun summertime lawn game.

Croquet can be competitive, but you don’t need to be fit to play, and it’s a whole heap of fun for all skill levels. This game is easy to play but challenging to master, and you’ll have hours of fun trying to perfect your technique and accuracy.

The game is easy to set up in your yard and only has a few pieces. If you think you’d like to try your hand at a round of croquet, then here are the best sets to start.

Our Top Picks

If you want to cut to the chase and find out top choices for the best croquet sets, here you go. We have a contender for the best overall and best premium set. We also feature a budget set if you want to try your hand at the game but don’t want to spend too much.

Best Pick: Harvil 6-Player Croquet Set

Harvil Complete Six-Player Croquet Set with Mallets, Balls, Stake Posts, Wickets and Carrying Case
  • HARDWOOD MALLETS - 6 colorful, two-piece strong hardwood mallets. The mallet heads are made of chip resistant bamboo for durability. The handle is 30 inches, longer than average handles.
  • DURABLE AND RECREATIONAL - It comes with 6 polymer balls in blue, green, red, purple, orange, and yellow. Resilient balls protect mallets from chipping. The ideal ball weight ensures smooth rolling.
  • COMPLETE SET AND EASY SET UP – This croquet set has everything you need for an exciting game. It comes with two 24-inch stake posts and 9 heavy-duty steel wickets, vinyl coated to prevent rusting.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY STORAGE – The nylon zip-up carrying bag has mesh bags and elastic straps for clean and organized storage. Just pack all the components in the bag and go outdoors for play!
  • DAZADI WARRANTY - Within warranty period, we’ll ship replacement parts or new set at no cost in the event of defect or damage. If you still aren't satisfied, you'll get a full refund.

This set has everything you need to have a fun game of croquet in your yard. The natural wood materials come in three different colors, and the comprehensive croquet set features six two-piece mallets, 6 balls, two stakes, 9 wickets, a rule book, and a carry bag.

Premium Pick: Amish-Crafted 8-Player Croquet Set

AmishToyBox.com Deluxe Croquet Game Set - 8 Player - with Wooden Stand (Four 28" Handles/Four 32" Handles)
  • Quality Made by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Deluxe 8 Player Croquet Set - Perfect for Large Groups.
  • Made with Maple Hardwood for Long-Lasting Durability.
  • Features Four 28" Handles and Four 32" Handles to Fit Everyone in Your Family.
  • Comes Ready-to-Play with Instructions and Convenient Wooden Storage Holder.

If you want the best croquet set money can buy, then the Amish-crafted 8-player set has everything you need, featuring premium materials and design. Ideal for more players and larger games, this premium set includes 8 mallets, 2 stakes, 8 balls, 9 wickets, and a wooden storage bin.

Budget Pick: Himal Premium Wooden Croquet Set

Himal Premium Wooden Six Player Croquet Set for Families Backyard Games with Carrying Case (28 inch)
  • COMPLETE CROQUET SET: Includes 6 color mallets, 6 color croquet balls, 6 hand glues, 9 steel wickets, 2 ending stakes.
  • STANDARD SIZE: 28 inch mallets suitable for all ages.The croquet balls are 2.75 inch diameter and 0.4 pounds each, best outdoor games for kids.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Mallets are made of premium hardwood to meet for any lawn or backyard with weather resistant polymer balls.
  • EASILY USE: Concise design, easy to install, set up it in minutes to play. Perfect croquet sets for families outdoor games.
  • LARGE ENOUGH STORAGE BAG: Our large-size carry bag can let you store all mallets and balls without disassemble them.Particularly convenient to pack up and carry anywhere.

This set is the best budget buy for players that want to give croquet a go, but don’t want to spend too much on their lawn entertainment. The set features six 28-inch mallets. 6 balls, 2 stakes, 9 wickets, and a carry bag.

Croquet Set Reviews

Croquet is a fun sport, and it might surprise you to learn that there are plenty of croquet sets to choose from when making your selection.

All of the sets in this review have everything you need to enjoy a game with friends and family.

Choose a set that caters to the number of players you need, and invite your friends round to play a game!

Harvil 6-Player Set – The Best Overall Croquet Set

The Harvil wins our top choice for the best overall croquet set. This set is affordable, looks great, and plays well – It’s everything you need out of a croquet set if this is your first experience with the game, and it won’t break your bank account either.

The natural Maplewood in the mallet handles compliments the bamboo heads, and it’s available in three subtle colors that contrast well against your lawn. The set comes in dark grey, light grey, and a light wood finish, making it a stylish choice for players that want some summertime fun during a barbeque.

Experienced croquet players will also find this set impressive. The component dimensions all measure up to official regulations, and it’s a beautiful set for serious players to enjoy as well.

With the Harvil set, you get six 2-piece mallets, along with six color-coded balls, two 24-inch stakes, nine wickets, and a carry bag for easy transport and storage of the set after use. Newbies to the game will also find it pleasing that the manufacturer includes a croquet rule book as well.

The mallets are the standout of this set, featuring durable Maplewood in the handle, and a bamboo head. The mallet screws together as a two-piece system, providing a professional and luxury feel to the playing experience.

The polymer balls meet the regulation 2.9-inch playing size, and the steel wickets meet the regulation 24-inch standard, featuring a vinyl coating for weather resistance.

You also get a carry bag with the set, allowing you to take it with you to a friend’s house, or go out for a game at the park.

When researching user reviews, there are a few complaints about hard strikes with the mallet deforming the balls. However, you do get a 90-day manufacturer warranty against defects, and three months of summer croquet is more than enough time to check if you need a replacement for your set.

  • Best overall choice
  • Goof value for money
  • Excellent quality materials
  • Suitable for 6-players
  • 90-day warranty
  • The soft plastic balls in this set may deform with use

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Amish-Crafted Deluxe 8-Player Croquet Game Set – The  Premium Option

If you’re a homeowner looking for the best croquet set that money can buy, then look no further than the Amish-crafted deluxe set. This croquet set is the cream of the crop, featuring premium materials and top-quality craftsmanship.

This traditional set is as close as you can get to playing the original game, without going back in time. The classic look and feel of the entire package make this set our top choice for the best premium croquet set available.

The old-fashioned Amish set consists of eight mallets, eight balls, two stakes, nine wickets, and a wooden storage unit for keeping your set organized and neat.

It starts with the mallets. These Maple hardwood beauties are a sight to behold – carefully turned in a lathe to perfection, with solid brass rings fitted to the end of the heads. The mallets come in 28-inch and 32-inch lengths, allowing you to customize your set to your playing needs.

The mallets feature color-coded painting that corresponds to the matching ball in the set. The ball measures 3-5/16″ in diameter, which is larger than the regulation size but makes for an easier game, especially for seniors.

You also get a wooden stand that holds all the items in your set, fitted with a stunning brass handle. This set caters to homeowners that want a showpiece as much as they do some lawn entertainment.

While it’s the best set in this review, it comes with a steep price tag, but you should expect to pay premium prices for the best.

  • The best premium set in this review
  • Solid wood materials
  • Visually stunning
  • Suitable for 8-players
  • Pricey

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Himal Premium Wooden Croquet Set – Best Budget Croquet Set

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a croquet set for some summer fun, then check out the Himal premium set. This croquet set is value for money and features a design with top-quality materials. Why pay more when you can get an affordable set that has everything you need?

This set is a great choice for first-time players and kids, and it’s a great set to give to someone as a gift. This set suits six players, and it comes with six 28-inch mallets featuring a soft, anti-slip grip, six color-coded balls (2.75-inch diameter, two end stakes, nine wickets, and a carry bag.

The 28-inch mallets are the ideal height for players of all ages, and an excellent choice for seniors. The mallet heads also feature a plastic coating to prevent the wood from splitting during play.

You also get a large nylon carry bag that holds everything, making it easy to take to your friend’s house or on a trip to the park. This set offers you tremendous value, and if you’re a casual summer croquet player, then why spend more?

The only issue we have with this set is that the balls may deform if you hit them too hard during play.

  • The best budget choice in this review
  • Excellent value for money
  • Suits 6-players
  • Reasonable build quality
  • Balls may deform with use

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GoSports Croquet Set

This brand makes some of the best lawn sports equipment available at an affordable price point. This set has plenty of user reviews raving about the quality and price of this set, so we had to include it in our review.

This croquet set comes in a 28-inch or 35-inch version, allowing parents to choose a smaller set for the kids. The hardwood mallets feature a soft grip for improved control during play, and they’re a two-piece system that screws together for a professional feel.

You also get six balls, nine plastic-coated wickets, two end stakes, and a handy carry bag to carry your set around with you.

All of which fits neatly inside the compact storage bag. This set isn’t pretty, but it’s all you need to enjoy a game of croquet at home or the park. There are no etchings in the mallets, and the head looks thinner and rounder than the other models in this review.

For an affordable and entertaining croquet set, choose the GoSports, and you won’t regret your decision. It’s the ideal set for anyone that wants to play a few games during the summer, but enthusiasts might want to look into something else.

  • Reasonable build quality
  • Decent pricing
  • Suits 6-players
  • Good customer service
  • Lightweight components
  • Balls may deform with use

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Mr Chips Croquet Set

If you’re looking for a cheery and colorful croquet set that brightens up your yard this summer, go for the Mr Chips model. The bright and colorful mallets feature a durable plastic coating on the ends to protect the head from splitting during play.

This set comes with two-piece 28-inch mallets, making it a good choice for families with kids that might want to join in on the fun. We were impressed with the quality of the balls in this set. They’re much larger and more durable than many of the others we see in some of the higher-priced sets in this review.

You also get nine metal wickets, as well as two wooden end stakes in the set. Mr Chips even included three neoprene drink-holders to keep cans and bottles cold during play! This option is a great set for all ages and one of the best value-for money in this review.

Some homeowners may not enjoy the loud colors involved with this set. If that’s the case, then instead go with one of the natural wood options earlier in this review. Pack your set away into the durable carry bag included with your purchase, and take this croquet set with you wherever you go!

The quality and craftsmanship of this set make it a fantastic choice, and the affordable price is the icing on the cake.

  • Modern and colorful croquet set
  • Reasonable build quality
  • Great for kids and adults
  • User reviews suggest some issues with the build quality

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Kettler Children’s Croquet Set

Some parents might want to introduce their young kids to the game of croquet. The game offers kids a way to improve their balance, coordination, and focus, so it’s only natural that most parents would want their kids to join them on the lawn.

The Kettler croquet set is the best choice for kids in this review. You get four 25-inch wooden mallets that feel light in the hands, and the set includes four polymer balls as well.

This set is by no means all-inclusive, but it’s a great way to introduce your kids to the game. It also makes for a good expansion set to add to a larger croquet set, to include the kids in a game this summer.

It’s a great set to teach your kids the ropes, and it also includes ten plastic wickets and two wooden end stakes, as well as a carry bag for easy storage and transport. The affordable price tag makes it worthwhile, taking a risk on the set to see if your kids enjoy the game as much as you.

  • Lightweight components
  • A good choice for kids
  • Makes for a good kid’s gift
  • Somewhat expensive

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Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set

This set is affordable and features design and manufacture with top-quality materials – All at an affordable price point.

The two-piece hardwood mallets screw together for a professional feel, and the set comes with six 28-inch hardwood handles and mallet heads. You also get two 18-inch hardwood end stakes, six 2.8-inch weather-resistant plastic balls, nine steel wickets featuring a vinyl coating for weather resistance, and strength.

You also get a 26-inch option that’s kid-friendly, incase your children might want to join in on the fun this summer. The mallet heads also feature rubber caps to protect them from hard shots that might split the head.

You also get a carry-case with this set, as well as a playing guide and rule book. The carry case looks a bit flimsy, and low-quality, but everything fits inside without any issues. The manufacturer offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this set, so take that as a risk-free trial.

Homeowners who want a classic or traditional look to their croquet set may want to look at one of the first three models mentioned earlier in this review. This set has a modern edge, and it’s more for fun than for show.

  • Good value for money
  • Vibrant colors for kids
  • Rubber-tipped mallets extend ball life
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Feels a bit cheap

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
ApudArmis Six Player Croquet Set with Premiun Rubber Wooden Mallets 28In,Colored Ball,Wickets,Stakes - Lawn Backyard Game Set for Adults/Kids/Family (Large Carry Bag Including)
  • COMPLETE CROQUET SET - The Sports Outdoor Croquet set comes with everything you need, like 6x 28" Colourful Mallets, 6 Colored Croquet Balls, 2x 18" Ending stakes, 9 Steel Wickets, a Manual and a extra Large Portable Carry Bag. Providing your family a healthy and enjoyable leisure time.
  • PREMIUM WOOD MATERIAL & PRACTICAL STRUCTURE: The Mallet head is crafted from premium rubber wood, which is durable for long-term use, sweat-proof. The mallet handle is made of quality poplar wood, which has clear texture, smooth planed surface, tough and strong corrosion resistance. With beautiful string surface pattern, it is comfortable to grip. The brightly-colored balls are made of Elastic Polymer. The professional six player croquet set meets for any lawn or backyard.
  • EASY TO USE & FUNNY FOR FAMILY - With meticulously design, the croquet set with wooden mallets are very easy to install and learn, just set up it in minutes to play. Perfect croquet outdoor game sets for families outdoor entertainment, teens, kids or adults sports, friends gathering games, competition and challenge. Enjoyed by all ages people and 2-6 players.
  • CONVENIENT TO CARRY & STORAGE - Our ApudArmis Croquet Set includes a nylon zip-up carry bag, which is large enough, durable. Perfect for your to take all the mallets and balls anywhere anytime. Particularly convenient to pack up and transport. It offers you a endless entertainment whether you're outdoors or just in your backyard.
  • SATISFACTORY WARRANTY - The Croquet Balls can be perfectly use in Wet Lawn, Backyards, Beach, Camping. Your satisfaction is our first priority. We offer you 1-year warranty and 30-day return. Any question, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.
SaleBestseller No. 2
ropoda Six-Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets, Colored Balls, Sturdy Carrying Bag for Adults &Kids, Perfect for Lawn,Backyard,Park and More.
  • 【EASY & FUNNY FOR EVERYONE】 - ROPODA croquet set for families/adults/kids is quite easy to learn and funny, also a great croquet set for lawn and backyard games. It can be played with 2 to 6 players and provide hours of funny.
  • 【COMPLETE CROQUET SET】 - ROPODA crocket game set includes 6 handles, 6 mallets with protection cover, 6 balls, 2 ending stakes, 9 steel wickets and a carry bag. Here are all items you need to play the croquet game.
  • 【UNBEATABLE QUALITY & EASY SET-UP】 - Handles and mallets are made of premium hardwood and easy to install. Croquet balls are made from resin that’s crack and damage resistant so it can keep looking new for long-term.
  • 【TAKE IT ANYWHERE】 - ROPODA croquet set includes a durable carrying bag for easy storage and transport. It is a perfect yard/outdoor games for families, kids and adults.
  • 【ROPODA HELP】 - Customer satisfaction is our first priority. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We are very willing to help you.
SaleBestseller No. 3
ropoda Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets, Colored Balls, Vintage Style, Sturdy Carrying Bag for Adults &Kids, Perfect for Lawn, Backyard, Park and More…
  • 【EASY & FUN FOR EVERYONE】 - Croquet is quite easy to learn and is a great outdoor game for anyone age 5 or older. Croquet is great for families but can also be played with 2 to 6 players. Grab your set now and enjoy hours of fun, outdoor entertainment!
  • 【COMPLETE, DELUXE CROQUET SET】 - This is ROPODA’s deluxe, upgraded croquet set. It includes 6 handles, 6 mallets with protective covers, 6 balls, 2 ending stakes/end posts, 9 steel wickets and a carrying bag. Everything you need to play a game of croquet is included in a more modern version!
  • 【UNBEATABLE QUALITY & EASY SET UP】 - Handles and mallets are made of premium hardwood and are easy to set up. Croquet Balls are made from resin that is crack and damage resistant so they will look new for a long time.
  • 【TAKE IT ANYWHERE]】 - ROPODA Deluxe Croquet Set includes a durable carrying bag for easy storage and transport. Whether you are going to the beach, camping, a barbecue, picnic, or party, it’s the perfect game to bring with you.
  • 【ROPODA HELP】 - Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We are always willing to help!
SaleBestseller No. 4
GoSports Premium Croquet Set - Full Size for Adults & Kids, Multicolor (CROQUET-01)
  • COMPLETE CROQUET SET: Includes 6 color mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets, 2 end posts and rules
  • DELUXE: Full size 35 inch handles can be used by players of all sizes; Handles are wrapped with comfort grip for superior control and convenience; The croquet balls weigh 10 ounce each with a diameter of 3 inches
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Mallets are crafted from premium Hardwoods for durability and feature a modern design that will look great on any lawn or backyard
  • CARRYING CASE: Includes handy storage bag so you can neatly store the set and take it out to the park or parties
Bestseller No. 5
Franklin Sports Outdoor Croquet Set - 6 Player Croquet Set with Stakes, Mallets, Wickets, and Balls - Backyard/Lawn Croquet Set - Vintage
  • FUN FOR ALL: This 6-player croquet set is the perfect way to get family and friends of all ages out on the lawn for some outdoor summertime fun!
  • DURABLE BALLS: This set comes with (6) durable, all-weather croquet balls that are built to last year after year
  • WOODEN MALLETS: This set comes with (6) 36" color coordinated wooden mallets with brass fittings for premium durability and performance. Simply screw the heads onto the handle to lock in
  • WICKETS AND SCORING STICKS: This set comes with (9) 9mm all-weather steel wickets and (2) 24" colorful wood scoring stakes so you'll have all the equipment you need to get started
  • STORAGE STAND AND CARRYING CASE: This set comes with an authentic wooden storage stand to hold all the components when not in use, as well as a portable carry bag to take the game on the go

Croquet Set Buyers Guide

Now that you have an idea of the best croquet sets available, let’s help you narrow down your choice. This buyer’s guide section will give you all the information you need to buy the right croquet set for you.

What Do You Need to Look for in a Croquet Set?

Before you settle on a set, ask yourself the following questions to ensure you select the set that’s right for you and your garden.

The Players

The number of mallets in your set determines how many players can take part in each game. Large croquet sets come with 8-mallets, and small sets come with 6-mallets.

Materials and Build Quality

The best croquet sets come with wooden components. Natural woods with colored finishes are common and make for the best croquet sets, but they might be a bit expensive for some players that want a croquet set for occasional use.

Other sets may feature the use of plastic or vinyl in the components. While this makes the set more affordable, it reduces the quality of the game.

Croquet is a fun game for all the family

Mallet Handles

Matching the length of the mallet handle to your height is the most crucial part of playing croquet. Long mallet handles may make things difficult for children, so bear that in mind when selecting a set for your kids.

A 28-inch handle is an ideal length if you want your kids to join in the fun of the game. However, if you want a croquet set for adults, stick to handle lengths of 35-inches or more.

Mallet Head Protection

The mallet head takes some blunt force trauma during the game. Some mallet heads may start to split after a few years of use.

Therefore, we recommend you choose a set that includes rubber tips for the ends of the mallet head. These tips extend the service life of the mallets and reduce feedback through the mallet handle when striking the ball.

The best croquet sets make use of copper rings on the mallet heads to prevent the wood from splitting in the head of the mallet.

Croquet Balls

Back in the day, players would use wooden balls in a game of croquet. However, wooden balls are not ideal, and most sets include plastic balls these days. However, some sets might experience warping in the shape of the balls after extended use.

The balls vary between 2 and 3-inches in diameter, depending on the set. Therefore, you can always replace the balls with a similar size if they ever get out of shape.

Stakes and Wickets

The rest of the components in your croquet set may feature design and manufacture with either wooden or plastic parts, depending on the brand you buy. We recommend you invest a little more into your set, and go with a set that included wooden 24-inch stakes and wickets for an authentic feel.

Also, check that your set comes with a carry bag for easy transport and storage.

Croquet Set
Croquet Set

Croquet Set FAQ

In case you’re still battling with your decision on the best croquet set for your garden, check out these frequently asked questions for more information.

Where do I play croquet?

Croquet is a lawn game. In England, lawns are typically manicured and rolled flat, making an ideal playing surface for croquet. However, your lawn might be a bit uneven, and that affects the game. However, you don’t need an even surface to enjoy croquet; all the valleys and rises in your lawn just make the game more exciting!

What materials feature in the croquet balls?

Good quality croquet sets feature wooden components, but the balls are usually plastic. Wooden balls were used in croquet originally, but the plastic variants are more popular in modern sets.

Can I play croquet if I don’t have a lawn?

Of course! You can take your croquet set with you to a friend’s house or the park. There are also plenty of croquet clubs all across the country.

Where can I buy a croquet set?

The top choices in this review are all available on Amazon.


A game of croquet is a fun and relaxing way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Croquet is great for all ages, and if you’re sweating while you’re playing, you’re doing something wrong. All of the croquet sets in this review are a fantastic choice, but if you’re struggling with making your choice, why not rely on our top picks for guidance?

We love the Amish set; it’s top-quality materials make it a clear standout. However, if you’re looking for something affordable for the kids, then check out the Himal Premium Wooden Croquet Set. There’s a croquet set in this review to suit your budget and playing requirements.

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