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10 Best Electric Chainsaws Reviews: Complete Guide

Are you looking to buy an Electric Chainsaw? Then look no further, We have compiled a comprehensive Buyer's Guide to the Best options in 2020
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Which is the Best Electric Chainsaw?

If you’re on the market for a new chainsaw, you’ve probably noticed that battery-powered chainsaws are more common than ever. Even the old corded electric chainsaws are starting to dominate more and more of the market.

Of course, if you’re switching from a gas-fueled chainsaw, you’re probably a little skeptical of the electric versions. It doesn’t help that the older electric chainsaws couldn’t compete with their gas-fueled competition in power or durability.

Fortunately, electric chainsaws are more powerful now and their durability is on-par with gas chainsaws. If you’re looking for power, a battery-powered chainsaw will give you more bang for your buck. Corded chainsaws, on the other hand, can operate longer than either battery-powered or gas-powered chainsaws, though they are slightly less powerful and significantly less mobile.

With so many saws to choose from, it’s important to know that you’re getting a high-quality saw.

In this article, we’re including our top 10 best electric chainsaws, as well as a buying guide in case you haven’t quite found the perfect saw on our list.

At the end, we’ll go over some FAQ so you can be confident in your pick.

Our Top 3 Picks

If you are in a hurry, here are our top picks. We’ll go more in-depth on each of these saws in our main list, but they made our top three picks for best overall, the runner up, and the best budget electric chainsaw.

Best Overall: Echo 16 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

ECHO 16 In Cordless Chainsaw w/Batt
  • Brushless motor for superior power, run time and durability
  • 16 in. bar and chain for larger, more aggressive cutting
  • Automatic oiler for optimum oiling and longer chain life
  • Includes 58-Volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and 58-Volt lithium-ion charger
  • Equipped with an inertia chain brake

Echo has a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, tools that last through years and wear and tear. While we still recommend buying an additional battery for your chainsaw, this offering from Echo will get you up and running as soon as you open the box. This chainsaw is designed to handle even the toughest jobs, with a 16-inch bar, and self-oiling bar and chain, you can trust that you have the performance you need.

Runner-Up: DEWALT DCCS620P1

DEWALT DCCS620P1 20V MAX Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Compact 12 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit (5AH)
  • Low kick back 12" Oregon Bar and chain: for construction and outdoor cutting applications
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY BRUSHLESS MOTOR: maximizes run time and motor life
  • Tool free chain tensioning and Bar tightening knob: for proper Bar clamping force
  • Compact and lightweight design: Only 8.8 lbs. for maximum user control and comfort
  • Part of the 20V max system of tools

DeWalt also has a great reputation for durable, effective, tools. The brushless motor on this chainsaw will keep it running well longer and efficiently. However, the bar is a little shorter than most chainsaws, which put it firmly in the runner-up category despite an impressive set of features and benefits. At only 8.8 lbs, this is a lightweight and highly maneuverable chainsaw. All without sacrificing cutting power and precision.

Best Budget: Remington RM1425

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw, Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: At just over 6 pounds, the compact, easy-to-wield design is perfectly suited for your small limb trimming needs
  • POWERFUL TRIMMING: Squeeze the trigger to engage the 8-amp electric motor and cut through small branches or saplings
  • PUSH BUTTON OILER: Avoid the mess and quickly disperse the right amount of oil to lubricate the 14-inch, safety-conscious, low-kickback bar
  • QUICK TENSIONER: External tension adjuster makes fast work of changing the chain’s tension
  • WRAPAROUND HANDGUARD: Handle is covered by a handguard to keep your hands away from flying debris

They say that you get what you pay for. That isn’t always true, and in the case of this Remington chainsaw, you’re getting a bargain for the price. Remington’s chainsaw is designed specifically to protect your hand from debris, and it’s easy to operate the machine with good cutting power and reasonable battery life. At only 6.25 lbs, this lightweight chainsaw is easy to use. It’s well-suited to yard work and minor tree trimming.

Top 10 Electric Chainsaws

Now, here’s the rundown of our top 10 picks, why we chose each item & the pros & cons.

Echo 16 Inch Cordless Chainsaw with Battery – Best Overall

We already mentioned one of the big selling points on this chainsaw, it comes with a battery and charger. Of course, the added value of not having to buy a separate battery is only a bonus with this chainsaw.

Compared head to head with other similar battery-powered chainsaws the Echo performs better both in cutting power and in battery life. It’s a high energy-efficient machine, able to cut more cookies in a single charge than other chainsaws with high powered or longer-lasting batteries.

The Echo chainsaw also rates well for comfort and ease of use. It is a slightly heavier chainsaw than other battery-operated competitors, 19.66 lbs. But, despite the weight, it’s easy to use and maneuver, and the additional pounds don’t seem to make much difference in user wear and tear.

Its trigger is well designed as well. A poorly designed trigger can make the muscles in your hands and forearm tense and cramp. Sore hands are one of the main complaints of chainsaw users, and drastically reduce the amount of effective work-time you can get with the tool.

Echo’s trigger is wide plastic and sits flush with the handle when in use. Since it sits truly flush it’s easier on your hands, letting you work longer comfortably.

The brushless motor also helps extend the life of the tool. While a standard motor can be expected to wear down and lose efficiency after only a few years’ use, a brushless motor is likely to last significantly longer.

Reducing the stress on the motor is also part of what makes Echo’s 16-inch chainsaw so energy efficient.

The one downside with this tool is the bucking spikes. On a standard gas-powered chainsaw, you would expect to see long steel bucking spikes for better grip on heavy-duty jobs. While this Echo offering is more than up to those heavy-duty tasks, the bucking spikes are smaller and made of plastic instead of steel.

  • Brushless, high-performance motor
  • Energy efficient
  • Lots of cutting power and maneuverability
  • Well-designed trigger for maximum user-comfort
  • Self-oiling
  • Inertia-triggered chain brake
  • Comes with a battery and charger included
  • Small, plastic bucking spikes
  • Heavy

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Snapper XD 82V Cordless 18 Inch Chainsaw – Best Cutting Action

The Snapper 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw is easy to use and offers surprising cutting power in an electric chainsaw. It’s also one of only two chainsaws on this list that can boast 18 inches of cutting space.

Since you should only cut objects up to a couple of inches shorter than your chainsaw, when possible, having a longer chainsaw will give you more flexibility. This chainsaw is up for cutting down most small to medium trees and is more than up to your usual yard work.

It also has a built-in blue LED light to indicate when the chainsaw is powered on. Having an LED indicator is an important safety feature, and LED lights are bright and easy to spot.

The Snapper also has a blade lock-out handle for additional security.

You can also count on the Snapper chainsaw to last a long time. It has a brushless motor, which helps reduce wear and tear on the internal mechanisms.

In addition, the Snapper also has an auto-oil mechanism that will keep your bar and chain lubricated. Properly oiling your chain also increases its durability, namely by reducing wear and tear. The clear window for the oil well also makes it easier to be certain you don’t run out without noticing.

The forward handle is extra-durable. It’s made of metal with comfort rubber grip points for maneuverability and control.

You don’t have to worry about the tension, either. It comes with an easy to use tensioner, and onboard storage, so you can re-tension as needed at the job site.

  • Long 18-inch bar
  • Metal handle for extra durability
  • LED power indicator
  • Brushless motor
  • Onboard tensioner
  • Low-vibration
  • Quiet
  • Heavier than most battery chainsaws
  • Battery and Battery charger not included

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DeWalt 20V Max Lithium-Ion Battery 12 Inch Chainsaw – Runner Up

The DeWalt 20V battery-powered chainsaw is another powerful and flexible option for a cordless chainsaw.

While it’s one of the shorter chainsaws on our list, it’s still plenty powerful enough for most users. This is a good chainsaw for yard work, and it can handle some larger tasks like cutting firewood but wouldn’t be suitable for larger tasks or professional use.

It’s also a lighter chainsaw, only 9 lbs. That makes it great if you aren’t accustomed to using heavy power tools or are looking for something easier to handle to get started.

This chainsaw is also easier for beginners with a tool-free tensioning system that makes keeping your chain tight and your saw cutting smoothly, simple.

Both the chain and bar are self-lubricating, so all you have to worry about is keeping the oil reservoir full.

The chain brake system also protects you in the case of kick-back. The brake system will automatically stop the chain, giving you a chance to regain control without having to worry about a moving blade.

This 12-inch chainsaw also has a brushless motor, which reduces internal wear and tear and makes the battery last longer on a single charge. While it’s only rated for approximately 90 cuts on a single charge, slightly less than other high-performance chainsaws on our list, that’s still a lot of work you can do with one battery.

Plus, since it’s part of DeWalt’s 20V tool line, it’s well worth the money to keep several batteries on hand. A second or third battery significantly extends your effective work time, while quick-charge functions will keep you going all day.

  • Chain brake system for extra safety
  • Self-lubricating
  • Lightweight
  • Tool-free tensioning system
  • Brushless motor
  • DeWalt standard 3-year warranty
  • Only 12 inches long
  • Trigger is set forward from the handle, increasing wear and tear on your hands.

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Craftsman V60 16 Inch Cordless Chainsaw – Best Precision

The craftsman 16-inch chainsaw is another excellent, affordable, option yard work, home improvement, and yes, even some professional applications.

The 60V 2.5Ah hour battery is designed to work with the brushless motor for long run times and even performance. And the chainsaw performs well under most conditions.

Some users do report that the runtime on this chainsaw isn’t what they’d prefer, but battery wear and tear is normal, and likely the main culprit.

You should expect to replace your batteries every few years or deal with the corrosion and limited battery life that comes from extended use.

However, the brushless motor will keep the chainsaw itself running well. Planned maintenance on items like new batteries and new chains are unavoidable and will need attending to once in a great while.

With the Craftsman chainsaw, as with the other selections on our list, you’ll know that the machine will be with you through many rounds of maintenance. That saves you time, money, and hassle in searching for, and paying for, a replacement tool.

Plus, Craftsman backs this tool with a 4-year warranty for extra security.

This model also features auto-oiling, a tool-free tensioner, and comes with its first battery and charger.

The real standout feature for this chainsaw, however, is the precision bubble level.

Most chainsaw tasks, like chopping firewood, and trimming trees, don’t require clean lines and precision cutting.

However, if you’re planning to replace a fence or do contract work with your chainsaw, precision is key to success.

The bubble level is placed so that it’s easy to see and check while you’re working with the machine, although you’ll likely have to stop the saw to let the bubble settle and show you how your cut is turning out.

Rubber grip points also help reduce vibration levels on this model.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Bubble level for precision cuts
  • Powerful battery
  • 4-year warranty
  • Self-oiling
  • Tool-free tensioner
  • Comes with a battery and battery charger
  • Battery wear and tear reduces performance
  • Bubble level hard to read while the saw is running

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Black and Decker 20V Max 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw – Best Compact Saw

The Black and Decker 10-inch chainsaw is small, but it packs a serious punch. Powered by a top of the line Lithium-Ion Battery, this chainsaw is more than able to hold up to household tasks, although the smaller bar size makes it less suitable for professional work.

One of the best testaments to this compact little chainsaw’s power is its ability to cut green wood and aged hardwood with ease. Both the sap and texture of green wood and the hardened knots of hardwood logs can be tricky for a chainsaw to manage.

But this little saw will rip through both with ease, making it a great choice if you’re looking to maintain a solid stock of aged and aging firewood.

The smaller size of this chainsaw also makes it a good option for arborists and those looking to trim and care for their own trees.

While you may sometimes need a larger bar for sizeable branches on the most mature trees, this smaller version is suitable for most branches. It’s also easier to maneuver through the branches, letting you make precision cuts and remove tangled close-grown branches.

Black and Decker adds a primer to this chainsaw’s self-oiling feature. The primer increases the effectiveness of the oil, working to preserve the bar and chain even longer than standard oiling techniques alone.

Black and Decker boast that this chainsaw can easily cut through 10-inch logs, and it does. But, that sort of heavy use will drain even the lithium-ion battery more quickly than lighter use.

  • Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Good cutting power
  • Self-oiling with added primer
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Small size can be limiting, only suitable for some tasks

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Worx 20V Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-Tensioning – Best Ergonomics

Worx 20V Cordless Chainsaw is another small offering. Its 10-Inch bar is a good size for home use, yard maintenance, and small arboreal tasks, but it’s not a great choice for a professional chainsaw in other capacities.

This chainsaw’s auto-lubrication feature is particularly easy to use. The oil reservoir fills from the top of the saw, making it easier to balance while you refill. It also provides a generous level of lubrication, passing the oil splatter test with ease.

However, Worx does not include bar and chain oil in with this chainsaw, so you should plan on purchasing the oil separately, and before you use the saw for the first time.

Worx has done a great job creating an ergonomic, easy to use, chainsaw. The handles are durable and comfortable, with grips that reduce vibration and other stress on your hands.

Most chainsaws provide a good grip, and many are easy to maneuver, but few feel truly comfortable in your hand while they are in operation. The Worx chainsaw is truly comfortable, extending your worktime.

You also have the choice of purchasing this chainsaw with or without its battery. If you use other Worx battery-powered tools, you may already have a couple of these batteries on hand. It’s nice not to have to clutter your workshop with an unnecessary battery.

However, if you do need the battery, it’s cheaper to buy it with the chainsaw than separately.

The one major drawback with this chainsaw is that it doesn’t have a kickback brake. There is a handguard, but kickback can be a serious risk to your upper body even with a brake and is more of a problem without.

Fortunately, Worx has an extensive user’s guide that comes with this chainsaw, including tutorials for the most common tasks, and a section on reducing the chance of kickback and protecting yourself.

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Lightweight
  • Extensive user’s manual (keep this document!)
  • Option to buy with or without the battery
  • Easy to use self-lubricating system
  • No kickback brake
  • Only suitable for smaller branches and logs (up to 6-7 inches wide)

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Earthwise 4 in 1 Multi-Tool – Best Total Package Tool

The Earthwise 4 in 1 toolset is ideal for homeowners with an extensive yard or property that needs regular maintenance. It combines a chainsaw, a pole saw a hedge trimmer and a pole hedge trimmer.

It’s the total package for caring for your trees and shrubs.

Both the chainsaw and the hedge trimmer have good battery lives. The chainsaw offers 10-amp power, while the hedge trimmer’s motor sits at 4.5 amps.

Between the two of them, you have the greater power you need for branch removal, cutting firewood, and other household tasks and the control to trim and shape your shrubs with ease.

The blades both have protective covers included in the main package.

Importantly, this set is also fully equipped with a chain brake system. The chain brake will keep you safer in the case of kickback from the chainsaw.

The pole saw maxes out at 8 feet, more than enough to tend to most common tree trimming.

If you need to change tools on the job transitioning is quick and easy.

  • Everything you need for tree and shrub maintenance
  • Chain brake system keeps you safer on the job
  • Easy to switch back and forth between tools
  • Self-oiling system
  • Both blades come with protective covers
  • Small chainsaw
  • Pole is only good for household use, longer pole needed to commercial applications and tall trees.

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Remington 8 Amp 14 Inch Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw – Best Bargain

The Remington 8-amp corded chainsaw is our best bargain pick for this list. Being a corded chainsaw limits the extra costs in the battery, spare battery, and charger.

The cord also makes this one of the more dependable chainsaws on our list. You don’t have to worry about a battery running out in the middle of an important or difficult cut.

However, a corded chainsaw is limited by the length of the cord and any extension cord you use. For safety reasons, make sure that any extension cord is approved for outside use.

It’s lower price also means one other significant difference from most of the chainsaws on our list. Instead of a self-lubricating system, this chainsaw requires you to press a button to oil the chain and bar at intervals while you’re working with it.

It’s easy enough to use the oiling button, the biggest trick is remembering to do it, and figuring out how often you need to press. Err on the side of too much oil rather than too little. Too much friction between the bar and the chain causes significant damage, and it adds up quickly.

However, this model has been in active production for a long time, and there’s a reason. It’s an incredibly dependable, long-lasting tool.

The user’s manual that comes with this chainsaw is extensive, working through all the basics of care and maintenance (including a warning to take out your bar and chain oil if you’re leaving it unused for a long time).

It’s a good option for users who are looking for a durable and effective tool on a budget, or who prioritize long working times over portability.

  • Powerful enough for most household tasks
  • Don’t have to buy a battery
  • Dependable performance, you can work for hours
  • Time-tested true, this machine has been a market favorite for a long time
  • Requires an extension cord to work further from a building
  • Bar and chain oil can leak over time

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Greenworks 18 Inch 14.5 Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw – Best Environmental

The Greenworks 18 inch chainsaw is one of only two chainsaws on our list with that impressive bar length. It’s a saw made for handling all the chainsaw duties on a large property, from felling trees, regular maintenance and trimming, to removing roots and chopping firewood.

This is another corded chainsaw. The cord is possibly the biggest drawback of this model. It’s up to handling the demands of a large property with many trees, but you need to have an extension cord or other power option available to reach your workspace.

However, the 14.5-amp motor offers impressive cutting power. The extra power in this chainsaw will save you time and energy. It cuts faster and will remove deadfall and chop through wood faster, because of the impressive motor.

Both the bar and the chain on this chainsaw are Oregon products. Oregon is one of the most prestigious and trusted names when it comes to chainsaw components. They’re designed to last and to hold up to wear and tear safely.

This is also an environmental consumer choice. By avoiding gas, this chainsaw contributes less to greenhouse emissions (and prevents your clothes from smelling like gasoline).

Avoiding a battery also prevents the use of rare earth metals and other environmentally costly components.

Greenworks also prioritizes environmentally sound, sustainable production techniques, making this a good choice for a greener planet at all stages.

  • Environmentally sound
  • Large bar for greater versatility
  • High amp motor provides extra cutting power
  • Dependable for even the longest work times
  • Self-lubricating
  • Corded chainsaw can only go as far as it’s cord can
  • No chain brake feature on this model

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Remington 8 Amp Electric 2 in 1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw – Best Reach

Remington’s 2 in 1 chainsaw and pole saw is a good option for users who need the extra height of a pole, but who don’t need the hedge trimmer in the 4 in 1 offering earlier on our list.

This is another corded chainsaw, with a slightly more moderate amp motor. The motor is 8 amps, more than enough to power through most branches and wood types, but moderate enough to offer a little more control.

This is a good chainsaw for first-time chainsaw owners because of that more moderate pace. You’ll have more time to get used to the action of the saw, and you’re less likely to cut something you don’t mean to by accident.

The pole on this chainsaw is also 2 feet longer than the other pole on our list, a full 10 feet rather than 8. Figuring that the user’s height adds to the total reach of the pole, you can reasonably trim tree branches up to 15 feet high, without extending to unsafe heights.

This is also a lighter chainsaw, making it easier to use and maneuver overhead as a pole saw.

Moreover, it’s easier to use on the ground as well. A lighter weight can make tasks like chopping firewood and branches less draining.

Both the chainsaw and the pole have comfortable and secure grip points. The pole also offers anti-twist technology, making it easier to use than a standard pole. It won’t move in an unexpected direction, keeping you, your trees, and your roof, that much safer.

  • Long reaching pole
  • Comfortable grip points
  • Dependable corded electric performance
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to maneuver and control
  • Corded design means you can only go where the cord can go
  • Moderate amp motor means slower cutting speed (can be both a pro and a con)

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Electric Chainsaw Buyers Guide

These may be the best 10 electric chainsaws on the market right now, but you’re probably still wondering why they’re the best. While we did our best to highlight the most important features and considerations for each chainsaw, it still helps to know more in-depth what you should consider when buying an electric chainsaw.

Chainsaw Buyer's Guide
Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

In this buying guide, we’ll cover some of the most important considerations and features, and then we’ll move on to an FAQ to clear up any last confusion.

Chain Brake System (or Inertia Brake)

We’ve talked about them a couple of times, but it’s important enough to mention again. A chain brake system is one of the most important safety features on any chainsaw.

Ideally, you should look at chainsaws with a chain brake system first. We did include a couple of offerings that didn’t have a chain brake system, mostly because they had significant other advantages, but it’s worth asking yourself if you’re comfortable using a machine without this safety feature.

If you’re new or inexperienced with chainsaws, we recommend looking exclusively at chainsaws with a braking feature. Kickback is more common for new users, and accidents with kickbacks can easily end in injury. Better to be safe than sorry.

Oil System

Another feature to consider is the bar and chain oiling system. Oil is critical for safe use of your chainsaw. Without it, the friction on the chainsaw, both from the wood you’re cutting and the chainsaw itself, is much greater.

You can ruin a bar and chain very quickly if you neglect to oil them properly.

Most modern electric chainsaws have a self-lubricating feature. You still have to add oil to a reservoir, but so long as there is oil in the reservoir your bar and chain will be perfectly lubricated.

However, self-lubricating systems can clog just like any other system. Since you don’t have to regularly think about the maintenance on a self-lubricating system it can be easy to let your bar and chain go too long without oil, simply by not noticing that it isn’t working.

You also need to stay on top of filling the reservoir for these systems to work. Most self-lubricating systems work best if they are kept more than half-full.

A manual button system, which released oil when you press a button, may be a better option if you are concerned about not noticing a clogged self-lubrication system.

The Battery

Of course, the battery is one of the most important considerations for battery-powered chainsaws. You should consider not just the battery life, but also, it’s power. You can have a long-lasting battery lithium-ion battery, but if it doesn’t provide the oomph you need, you’ll still drain it just as quickly.

Dewalt Battery
Dewalt Battery – Compatible with All Dewalt Tools

The best test of a chainsaw’s battery is an actual test. Look for user reviews that mention the number of cuts, not just the runtime. Runtime is an okay test of a battery. But a chainsaw cutting pine will have a significantly different runtime than a chainsaw cutting oak.

Cut tests tend to include a variety of woods and widths, which gives you a better sense of what the battery can do.

Bat Size

Bat size is the last consideration we want to talk about. Like several of these considerations, we’ve mentioned bat size in most of the product reviews so far. It’s important because the size of your bat determines what you can do with the chainsaw more than almost any other consideration.

A weak battery may still get the job done if you’re patient enough. A chain brake system will keep you safe but doesn’t have anything to do with the cutting abilities of the saw. But the bat will determine whether you can or can’t cut any given piece of wood.

In general, you should only cut wood that is a couple of inches narrower than your bat. If you have an 18-inch bat, 14-16-inch wood is no problem. But if you only have a 10- or 12-inch bat, you shouldn’t attempt that cut.

Before you buy any chainsaw, regardless of the quality of the reviews, the warranty, or the sale, you should think about what you’re going to be using that saw for.

If possible, measure a few branches or the firewood you want to chop, that’ll give you a good sense of the minimum range you can get for your needs.

Electric Chainsaw FAQ

Do I still need to wear ear protection with an electric chainsaw?

While electric chainsaws are, in general, quieter than gas chainsaws, you should still invest in good ear and eye protection.

The immediate noise of the chainsaw may not be enough to cause damage. But, because you’ll likely be operating the chainsaw for an extended period every time you use it (more than ten minutes) ear protection will preserve your hearing as well as letting you work more comfortably, and for longer.

You should always plan on ear and eye protection both when using power tools of any type.

How often should I replace my batteries?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question. Batteries wear down over time whether they are being used or not, but they do wear down significantly faster if they are being used regularly.

Good battery habits, like storing them uncharged, and only charging them when you know you’re going to use them, and always waiting for a full charge, can extend the life of your battery by a good bit.

And some batteries, like Lithium-Ion batteries, last longer and in better condition than older varieties.

With regular use, we’d suggest that you replace your batteries every 3-5 years to keep them in top condition.

Fortunately, a worn-out battery isn’t usually a danger, they just don’t work as well. So long as you’re getting the working time you need from the battery, you don’t need to replace it.

Are gas chainsaws still more powerful than electric chainsaws?

The short answer is, yes. Gas chainsaws have more power than electric chainsaws, in general.

Fortunately, this power gap is dwindling, and many users don’t notice a difference between the highest-power electric chainsaws and gas-powered competitors.

But there is a wide range in electric chainsaws. Some can compete with gas-powered alternatives, but many are less powerful. In truth, power isn’t the biggest consideration for most household use, and a more powerful chainsaw doesn’t automatically make it a better chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws also have the advantage that they don’t smell of gas and let of toxic fumes in your workspace.

How often should I replace my chainsaw chain?

Like the earlier question about the batteries, there isn’t one solid answer to this question. The lifetime of your chain depends on how you use it, how well you maintain it, and what kinds of materials you’re cutting.

There are some signs that a chainsaw is ready for a new chain, however.

If you notice that there is smoke coming from the wood while you cut, chances are you’re generating too much friction thanks to a dull chain. Scorch marks without smoke can also be a sign that you need to replace the chain.

Uneven cuts are another good indication, especially if the chain seems to be grabbing the wood or getting caught in the grain. This is a sign that the chain isn’t cutting as quickly or as well as it should.

Even before your cuts are affected, you might notice that your chainsaw seems more difficult to maneuver and handle. Just because you can power through some slight wobble or inconsistency doesn’t mean you should, it’s a sure sign that your chain is wearing out.

How many times can I sharpen a chainsaw chain?

You shouldn’t sharpen a chainsaw chain more than 5 times, even with the best tools and expertise. These are high-use, high-friction items, and they can only hold up to so much abuse.

Some chains may only be up to sharpened once or twice, while others are good for 3-5 sharpenings. Use your best judgment and err on the side of caution. If you aren’t comfortable sharpening the chain, don’t.

Robin Watson

Robin owns his own Landscape Gardening company based in the UK and has over 10 years professional experience working outdoors, creating beautiful landscapes for his clients in the UK. He is also a keen garden-grower and maintains his own fruit and vegetable gardens. He also has a level 3 Certificate in Practical Horticulture from The Royal Horticultural Society and is currently working on his first book about gardening. Contact him at

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  1. Black + Decker LCS1240 features a 12” bar and chain that is good enough for handling small branches and trees. It offers an automatic oiling system which adds a lot to the ease of maintenance. You can easily adjust the chain as it comes with tool-free chain tensioning. 

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